Royal Hunter X RDA preview

Council of Vapor releases the Royal Hunter X, an RDA with similarities to the Goon


Royal Hunter X RDA Intro

Council of Vapor is hoping to build on the successful Royal Hunter RDA with the release of the Royal Hunter X (RHX), which more accurately could be called the “Goon X” as it borrows heavily from the design of the wildly popular Goon RDA from 528 Custom Vapes. While not an actual clone of the Goon, the RHX copies some key features from the Goon and adds more.

The Royal Hunter X features the same two post design as the Goon, complete with the staple clamping system, which we know will eagerly accept the fattest wire you can imagine. In addition COV has added four holes in the RHX posts that can alternatively be used to secure your build. Holding it all tightly together is four slotted screws, which should allow some serious torque without stripping.

The 24mm stainless steel RHX looks awesome with the deeply engraved X pattern on the sleeve and deep angled grooves in the top cap, which should be easy to grip when adjusting airflow. Topped with a wide bore drip tip and the look is all cloud-chucking business.

The Royal Hunter X will be available in black and stainless steel. The RHX should be competitive with a street price of around 45 bucks.

Royal Hunter X RDA Gallery

Royal Hunter X RDA Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Royal Hunter X RDA
  • Screwdriver
  • Spare o-rings
  • Spare screws


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Height: 30.5mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Dual post with clamps and post holes
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Adjustable airflow

Wrap it up


Like the Goon, the Royal Hunter X should be a fire-breathing cloud machine, with great aesthetic appeal.

With the deep engraving in the top cap it looks like the RHX may be heavier than the Goon, which should give it a good heft and quality feel. The colors are a nice touch, and I love the slotted screws; torque these screws with a good fitting screwdriver there should be no camming out, or any doubt that the coil leads are secure.

It remains to be seen if the Royal Hunter X has what it takes to overtake the Goon in popularity, but its got enough of the “X” factor to make it a real contender.

Gary Joseph
Gary is a retired technical writer residing in the metro Detroit area. Besides vaping, and writing for Vaping360, some of his other interests include motorcycling, watch collecting, bicycling and fitness.
  • Kevin Schwandt

    Complyfe battle X cap meets goon.Interesting deck,would of liked to see gold plating or a more conductive material other than SS.

    • Gary Joseph

      Wow, you’re right – the X pattern does resemble the Comp Lyfe RDA. Good catch.

      And now I’m wondering if the clamps will be rattling around when you have some heavy wires mounted in the post holes…interesting. I hope we get one soon to check it out more thoroughly.

  • Mirza

    And the knurling with on top cap plus diagonal side airflow reminds on Wotofo Troll v2. Anyway looks like an nice cloud chasing RDA.

  • Kevin Billingsley

    The pictures you have posted with this article are of clones. What is the point of doing that? Here’s what it will look like if you buy a cheap clone of this RDA from a Chinese website?

    • Jeremy

      It was a mistake. That’s all. We’ll fix it. Thanks for pointing it out.