Sense Herakles Mini-RTA Review

Sense just put out a new RTA called the Herakles Mini and Bill took it for a vape. Does it perform just as well as its big brother?

Sense Herakles Mini-RTA Colors

Herakles Mini-RTA Intro

The Sense Mini-RTA is a more compact version of the Herakles RTA-2. The Mini is the same diameter as the RTA-2 (25 mm) but it’s smaller in height, with a correspondingly reduced eliquid capacity (3ml).

I’ve reviewed both the Herakles RTA-2 and earlier RTA-4 here on Vaping360. Check out those reviews for the full skinny on this series of RTAs by Sense.

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Herakles Mini-RTA Gallery

Herakles Mini-RTA Specs and Features


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Capacity: 3 mL
  • Feature: Top Filling
  • Colors: Stainless Steel
  • Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Build Deck with TWO Wide Airflow Holes
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Adjustable Liquid Control System
  • Available in Black
  • Stainless Steel
  • and Rose Gold

Notable Remarks


Online prices for the Sense Herakles Mini-RTA range from $25-35.


Sense Herakles Mini-RTA Deck

If you like the bigger brothers of the Sense Herakles RTA — and we do (the Herakles RTA-4 is very good, and the RTA-2 is great) — then you’re likely to be happy with the Herakles Mini-RTA.

What’s not to like? I mean, this is the same tank as the RTA-2, but in a shorter form-factor.


Sense Herakles Mini-RTA Bronze

The Herakles Mini-RTA is identical to the Herakles RTA-2 in every way except eliquid capacity — tank design, build deck, air flow, and top filling are all the same; the only difference is that the Mini-RTA holds 3 mL versus 6 mL for the RTA-2. As a result, performance is identical also — which is to say, brilliant.

Sure, all three Herakles RTAs (the RTA-4, RTA-2, and the Mini-RTA) can produce voluminous, thick clouds of vapor, but where they really stand out is with flavor, especially the Mini-RTA. The entire series represents three of the best RTAs on the market.

The only downside to the Herakles Mini-RTA is that it’s the same price as it’s larger brothers, but that’s hardly a gripe, since the tanks are essentially the same.


If you like the Herakles RTA-2 but feel that it’s a bit too tall, then you’ll love the Mini-RTA. Heck, if you love your RTA-2 but just want another, slightly smaller tank with equally great performance, the Herakles Mini-RTA deserves consideration on your short list of candidates. If you don’t own a Herakles RTA, this is the one to get, since it provides the best flavor of all three in the series.

Strongest recommendation.

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Bill Herbst
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