Sigelei Moonshot RTA Review

We take a look at the Moonshot RTA, a collaboration between Sigelei and Suprimo Vape.

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA

Moonshot RTA Intro

The Sigelei Moonshot RTA by Suprimo Vape is a collaboration between one of the largest vaping manufacturers in China and a popular American hardware designer. Designed to be usable up to 200W while maximizing flavor and vapor, the Moonshot RTA has an atypical design that stands out from the glut of RTAs with Velocity-style decks that have hit the market in 2016. While it definitely has some quirks, this atomizer succeeds in its goal of offering both great airflow and flavor.

Without further ado, here’s a closer look into this interesting RTA.


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Moonshot RTA Specs and Features

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Packaging
  • One Moonshot RTA
  • One extra glass tank section
  • Hex keys, extra screws, extra o rings
  • Stylized tin packaging
Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Take Apart
  • 22 mm diameter
  • 2ml capacity
  • Dual adjustable 13 x 1 mm airslots
  • 5 mm below coil airholes
  • Dual coil design
  • Two post deck with 2 mm post holes
  • 3 mm wick ports
  • PEEK insulator
  • 9 mm diameter competition bore delrin drip tip
  • 32 mm height without drip tip

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Front

The Moonshot is very well made, which wasn’t a surprise given my experience with previous Sigelei products. All the parts fit perfectly together. The threading is buttery smooth. The AFC ring has the right amount of resistance to stay where it’s set while still being easy to adjust. The outside machining is mar free and attractive.

Build Deck and Ease of Build

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Deck

Here is where I have a love/hate relationship with the Sigelei Moonshot. I am always intrigued by an unusual and creative deck, and the Moonshot RTA doesn’t disappoint. However, this was one of the most difficult builds I’ve done, and I must caution new builders to possibly shy away from this RTA. I think I might be able to shoe my horse faster than I coiled the Moonshot. The deck has a two-post design, with a 2 mm hole per post. The post holes are also located below the area of the deck where the coils sit.
My first issue involved the location of the post holes. I did put two 90-degree bends in each coil lead to allow the coils to sit above the huge, 5 mm air holes and slide easily into the post holes. My second issue was that I wanted to use a build I could test to 200W. 200W requires some large coils. Fitting the leads for 2 large coils into the same post hole requires some patience (and a little cursing doesn’t hurt either!)

The deck of the Moonshot RTA does not thread into the 510 base, nor an ohmmeter. So the coiling does require the builder to hold the deck in his/her hand. Moreover, to pulse or dry burn your coils, you will need to put the chimney barrel on, or make your electrical connection with a screwdriver.

The good news is (that after I taught my parrots some new, choice words) that the Moonshot RTA is relatively easy to wick. My 3.5 mm diameter coils offered me plenty of wick tail to fill the huge 3 mm wick slots. I trimmed my tails to the bottom of the deck and made sure they adequately covered the juice feed holes in the chimney.

Airflow and Controller

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Juice Flow

The Sigelei Moonshot has huge airflow. This is an RTA for the direct to lung (DTL) crowd and it won’t disappoint. The air slots on the airflow control (AFC) ring are an enormous 13 x 1 mm each, feeding five mm air holes beneath each coil. The chimney stem has a large diameter so it does not choke off the airflow in any way, all the way to the nine mm diameter “competition bore” delrin drip tip. However, despite the airflow on this tiny powerhouse, the Moonshot is designed to be a 200W flavor atty — and it is!


Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Black - Silver

The Sigelei Moonshot is a diminutive RTA and, honestly, I think it’s cute. Don’t worry guys, it has a utilitarian look and no one is going to poke fun at you for having a cute RTA, especially once they see the clouds it pumps out.


Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Top Fill

The Sigelei Moonshot is very easy to fill through its two generously sized top fill slots. it doesn’t have juice flow control (JFC), but with its two mL capacity, it doesn’t need it. (Which is a good thing because you are going to fill it a lot.)  Because I was pumping the wattage through this little guy, my initial few minutes with it actually made me think I may have bunged my wicking and had a leak. Nope, I was just vaporizing a ton of juice, and with the small capacity I had drained it rather quickly.


Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Top

So, the big question: Can the Sigelei Moonshot RTA handle 200W?  Yes, it can because it has adequate airflow to do it. Maybe the more appropriate question is: Do you want to vape at 200W with only two mL of eliquid capacity? I’m running a measly 85W now and am happier to not fill it every five minutes. Okay, I think I’m filling every 10 minutes instead.


  • Tons of airflow
  • Ease of wicking
  • Ease of filling
  • Fantastic flavor
  • Excellent machining


  • Time consuming and difficult to coil
  • Small capacity
  • Drip tip is very short


The Sigelei Moonshot RTA is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced builders that want a small atomizer with a bit of capacity that offers fantastic flavor and outstanding airflow. Novice and impatient builders should probably pass this one up, due to its difficult build deck.


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Audrey Saccogna aka "Roxynoodle" is a retired math teacher who enjoys art, music, and remodeling her old farmhouse. While she is devoted to her horse, dog and four parrots, she is also dedicated to helping others discover the miracle of vaping because she kicked a 35 year smoking habit.