SMOK X Cube BT50 Box Mod Review

SMOK xCube
SMOK xCube

SMOK X Cube BT50 Intro

In this review we take a look at the SMOK X Cube BT50, a limited edition 50W box mod by Smok. The X Cube BT50 is a very interesting little box mod and has some very unique features. The X Cube can be used with Bluetooth and you can connect it to an app on your phone. The app lets you control the wattage/voltage and the color of the long led light on the side of the device and a lot of other things as well. The app also has an analytics area which allows you to track your puffs and lengths of each puff when using the X Cube.

The X Cube doesn’t feature any buttons but instead you squeeze the side of the device to fire it. I really liked this feature and it is something unique to this box mod. You also use this “side button” to change the wattage manually when not using the app via Bluetooth.

I must give a big thank you to Johnson from for sending us this device to review! Do head over and check out their fantastic range of vaping gear at great prices!


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SMOK X Cube BT50 Specs and Features

  • 1 x Smok Xpro
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • Dimensions: 156 x 112 x 91mm
  • Bluetooth: Android 4.3+ and iOS6.0+
  • Maximum Wattage: 6 – 50W
  • Minimum resistance: 0.2ohm
  • Battery capacity: 2400mAh (Dual built-in batteries)
  • Thread: 510 threaded (fixed pin)

Notable Remarks

How to use the SMOK X Cube BT50

SMOK xCube Settings
SMOK xCube Settings

There are two ways to control the settings on the X Cube:

  • Using the SMOK BEC app, which you can download for free on either Android or iPhone. To turn on the Bluetooth on the X Cube, click the side button three times. This will select the menu. The first option is a “B” which stands for Bluetooth. Leave the menu on that setting for a few seconds and then hit the button once to switch the Bluetooth on. The main screen will show a B indicating that the Bluetooth is now on. You can now connect it to the app on your phone and set up and control the X Cube using the app!
  • Using the side squeezy button to manually change the settings. 3 clicks of the button brings up the menu which is made up of 8 options:

Menu options:

  • Bluetooth on or off
  • +, to turn the wattage up
  • -, to turn the wattage down
  • Mech Mode or Wattage Mode (mech mode will mean the X Cube will work like a mech mod). The main screen will show an M when in mech mode.
  • This is the LED light setting. You can switch between colors and shade and jump mode. Shade will fade slowly in color when firing the device. Jump mode jumps between colors when firing. You can also turn off the light if you want. You can also change the strength of the lighting of each color by changing its RGB value once you select a certain color. If you want to play around with those values this link will help with choosing the correct values.
  • This sets your max puffs per day. So if you want to limit your vaping, you can do so with this option.
  • Option 7 is different screen options like how long it is on for or screen orientation.
  • This is to turn off the device. 5 clicks to turn it back on and whilst it is on 5 clicks will lock the screen.

All of these options can also be changed over the app. I would recommend using the app as it is a lot easier than scrolling through on the device with the one button.

I am not going to go into detail on the app, but there are loads of setting and options to play around with. It is all pretty self-explanatory in my opinion and the app works very well.


Design, Looks & Size

SMOK xPro M65. iStcik 50W and xCube
SMOK xPro M65. iStcik 50W and xCube

This is the best looking box mod we have tried. It looks stunning in my opinion and looks like such a high quality device. It is all made out of a stainless steel and zink alloy and feels so so solid. No plastic there and no rattling, just a really nice solid feeling box mod. It is also very small in size and the same size as the Eleaf iStick 50W, albeit slightly heavier because of the stainless steel casing. It feels a lot more solid than the Xpro 50W that we have also tried from SMOK.

I love that it features this squeeze button with the light running down it. It sits comfortably in your hand and you just squeeze it to fire the device. This works really well and the side bar is fairly solid. You can change the LED light running down the button as well to different colors and flashing lights.

I love the screen on the top as well and it also looks really sleek. Overall it is my favourite looking box mod I have come across so far!

Bluetooth Feature and App

SMOK xCube App
SMOK xCube App

Techies will love using this Bluetooth app and controlling the device from the app. There are so many options and analytics tools for you to tailor your vape and track your vaping habits. The app is really easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the app store or Google play.


SMOK xCube Screen
SMOK xCube Screen

The X Cube just vaped really well. It reads ohmages well and seems to fire at its actual wattage. There is a slight delay when squeezing the fire button but less so than on my iStick 50W and nothing to moan about. The screen shows a lot of information and isn’t missing any crucial points. The battery life is pretty decent with its 2400mAh battery. It isn’t quite as good as the iStick 50W, but I don’t think you will have any issues with it. We used it on our sub ohm tanks at low ohmages and still got decent vape time from it. It also fires down to 0.2ohm, so you can use all the new low sub ohm coils with no issues.

Lots of Features and Menu Options

As mentioned above there are a plethora of things to play around with on the X Cube and specifically on the app that you use with it. Have a play around and you will find a host of things you can change!


Honestly the below points are me nit-picking, as overall there wasn’t much I didn’t like. It’s a mod that techies will love, but if you aren’t using the app it is slightly cumbersome to switch wattages using just the one button and menu.

Fixed Pin

SMOK xCube and the Uwell Crown
SMOK xCube and the Uwell Crown

The X Cube comes with a fixed pin and whilst I didn’t really have any issues with any of our many tanks, an adjustable pin would be preferred. The tanks always look like they sit flushly on the mod as there is a slightly raised side which stops the tank going down fully. From the side of the device the tanks looks like they sit flush, so it wasn’t an issue for me. Have a look at the pics to see what I mean by this.

Turning Off Using the Menu

I would have preferred if you could turn off the device by hitting the button five times. Hitting it five times locks the device and means you can’t use it. To turn it off just takes a little longer as you need to go to the menu and to option 8 and then turn it off, which is slightly cumbersome in my opinion. Again nothing major but a little thing that could be improved upon.


I think if you want a stunning looking box mod that works well up to 50W, then the BT50 is a very solid choice. I am sure techies will love it and love using the app with all its nice features. Using it manually without the app is tiny bit cumbersome, as you only have the one button, but if you are vaping at one wattage for a longer period of time this won’t really matter. It only becomes an issue if you are constantly changing tanks and wattages and aren’t using the app. However, if you use the app, it is really easy to change and play around with.

My brother and I absolutely loved the design of the Smok X Cube and the squeeze button on the side. This makes it a very unique and stunning looking mod that is really small in size. It is the best one we have tried from SMOK and just feels so good in your hand when vaping it. I love that it is made from stainless steel, as it makes it feel very solid. The iStick 50W for instance is made from plastic and you get that rattling of the buttons and plasticky feel to it. You don’t get any of that with the X Cube.

I really enjoyed using the X Cube and would definitely recommend it for those looking for a unique and great looking 50W box mod.


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