SMY 170W Box Mod Review


SMY 170W Intro

Today we’re taking a look at the SMY 170 TC from Simeiyue. A sleek 170 watt, temp control mod, with a large color LCD that will not only grab attention, but also allows for easy to read out of settings and power. The SMY 170 TC has an MSRP of $99.99.

Thanks to Johnson from ecigarettelobby, for providing a SMY 170 TC for review.

At the time of this review ecigarettelobby has the SMY 170 TC on sale for $79.99.


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SMY 170W Specs and Features

  • SMY 170 TC
  • USB to Micro USB cable (approximately 8in – 20cm)
  • SMY branded cleaning cloth (for keeping the nice LCD smudge free)
  • SMY 170 TC User Manual (14 pages)
  • Output power: 3 – 170w
  • Resistance: 0.05 – 3.0Ω
  • Nickel/Titanium resistance: 0.05  – 1.0Ω
  • Temp range: 90~315c – 200~600f
  • Battery: Dual 18650 (not included)
  • Height: 106.6mm
  • Length: 60.3mm
  • Width: 29.1mm
  • Power saving mode (stealth)
  • Auto power-off (adjustable timer)
  • Resistance down to 0.05ohm
  • Large color LCD
  • USB charging
  • High-precision resistance detection
  • Spring loaded 510 connection
  • Channeled magnetic battery cover
  • Anti-reverse protection
  • Over-charge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Nearby IC temperature protection
  • Low resistance protection

Notable Remarks

SMY 170W TC Black Front (Screen) and Back
SMY 170W TC Black Front (Screen) and Back

The SMY 170 TC is a fully equipped temperature control mod. It comes with a nice large color LCD, spring loaded 510 connection, and a sliding battery cover that’s held in place by two magnets. The LCD is clear and easy to read, and allows for quick and easy changes to settings without the need to scroll through lists of options. It also does a great job of letting you see what all the current settings and readings are. Things like puff count, on most mods, you would need to access menus to check, can be checked just by looking at the screen.

While it’s become pretty standard, not all mods have a spring loaded 510. so it’s nice to see the SMY with one. The advantage of a spring loaded 510 is there’s no need to adjust a screw. This also means that most drippers, tanks and clearomizers will work without fuss. The sliding off battery cover makes changing the battery a snap, and because of it being channeled, there’s no need to worry about the door popping off in the event that the SMY 170 TC is dropped.

The SMY 170 TC is solidly built, and feels as such, the buttons are all tightly fitted so there’s little to no perceivable rattle. The sliding door however does seem to have some rattle, but it’s very minor. The battery compartment is a little bare, and it would be nice to see a plastic battery channel. However the battery terminal springs are doubled (both positive and negative) and they fit the batteries very snug. Initially there was some concern about the battery terminals possibly damaging the battery sleeves, but it soon became clear that no matter how the batteries were slipped in, that no damage would come to the sleeves.

The SMY 170 TC also features atomizer detection and will verify if the atomizer is the same or a new one with the user. The confirmation screen however lacks consistency with other similar menu options. This made the atomizer confirmation take a little testing to confirm which button to press. (left button for left option, right button for right option) Other options allow you to use the left and right button to scroll through the available options and confirm with the fire button. With that said, the rest of the menus and options felt very intuitive to access and use.

The SMY 170 TC also features titanium temperature control, which I was unable to test, and a stealth option. The stealth option works well for extending battery life and times when it might be a bit blinding. However due to the clickiness of the buttons and size of the SMY 170 TC, it wouldn’t be my first choice of stealth vaping.

Overall the SMY 170 TC is a well designed and constructed mod that will more than cover most everyone’s vaping needs.

The Look

SMY 170W TC Black and White
SMY 170W TC Black and White

The SMY 170 TC comes in two flavors, a sleek black with white emblem and a clean white with black emblem. The body is a lightly textured aluminium, with rounded sides for a comfortable grip. The large [size] color LCD clearly displays settings, temperature and other info. Below the screen rests the + and – buttons, and on the side is a medium but comfortable fire button, all a nice bare metal finish.

The Feel

The weight and size of the SMY 170 TC is about the same as most dual 18650 mods. With it’s rounded sides the SMY 170 TC is a bit more comfortable than mods with one or both sides squared. While it lacks a rubberized coating, the texture makes it fairly slip free, even with a light grip. While the buttons aren’t badly placed, it would be nice, for them to be within thumbs reach. The buttons all have a short travel distance, but also have a clear click to them. This aids in knowing the button is pressed without having to apply greater pressure.

How does it Vape

The SMY 170 TC does a great job of vaping, it does however lack dry coil detection. Dry coil detection allows a temperature control device to cut off, when the wick is dry. Even without a cut-off the SMY 170 TC, does a great job of vaping. Both drippers and clearomizers with kanthal and nickel worked like a charm.

Who is this for

The SMY 170 TC is for anyone that uses a dual 18650 mod or looking to upgrade to one for carefree vaping over an extended period without the need to swap batteries frequently. With 170 watts, temperature control and 0.05 minimal resistance, the SMY 170 TC will handle everything but the most extreme sub ohm builds.


  • Dual 18650
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • 170 watts
  • Temperature control
  • Spring loaded 510 connection
  • Large color LCD display
  • Stealth display option

The SMY 170 TC is a great looking mod, solidly built and it’s comfortable to use. The LCD shows all the values I think we could possibly want to see, and allows for easy navigation of the menu options. Support for both nickel and titanium is a plus in my book, as well celsius and fahrenheit are separate which I prefer over the cycling from high celsius to low fahrenheit, which many mods use.


  • Minor control discrepancy (new/same coil resistance option)
  • Lack of dry coil detection

While minor, I’m not a fan of the bare circuit board inside the battery compartment. Also minor, is the placement of the + and – buttons, while not bad, they would be easier to access for one handed adjustment if they were above the LCD.


The SMY 170 TC is a great mod with several nice features, and very few cons. While it’s slightly more expensive than other dual 18650 temperature control devices, the SMY 170 TC is a solid value for what you get.


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