The Stillare V4 RDA Review

Cartel Mods are back with another version of their insanely popular Stillare RDA, the V4. We take a look!

Stillare V4 Upright
Stillare V4 Upright

The Stillare V4 Intro

Guess who’s back?! Cartel Mods! Coming with another version of their wildly popular Stillare RDA, Cartel Mods has released the Stillare V4. I saw it, I bought it.

Let’s take a look at the new Stillare V4.

Note: I will use ‘Stillare V4’ interchangeably with ‘Stillare Mark IV’ since I am seeing both names being used.

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The Stillare V4 Specs and Features

Stillare V4 Packaging
Stillare V4 Packaging
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
    • Two 2mm Diameter Terminals Per Post
    • Side Tension Applied
    • Channeled Juice and Wick Well
    • 5mm Deep Juice Well
    • Flathead Screws
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Dual O-Ring Seal
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
    • 7mm by 2mm Each Airslot
    • Elliptical Shape
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow
    • 7mm by 2mm Each Airslot
    • Tension Secured
    • Can Be Throttled Completely Closed
  • Reduced Chamber
    • Superior Rate of Airflow Delivery
    • Superior Flavor
  • 12mm Competition Bore 304 Stainless Steel Drip Top
  • 510 Threaded 304 Stainless Steel Adapter
  • Silver Plated Copper 510 Contact
  • 304 Stainless Steel

Notable Remarks

Stillare V4 Pin
Stillare V4 Pin

The Stillare V4 has a lot that many RDA users want. The ability to use and adjust top- and bottom-fed airflow, or to just use the bottom-fed airflow, and it comes equipped with a 510 drip tip compatible top cap and a wide-bore solid-state tip. The machining is well done and the tolerances are really nice and snug (no top cap accidentally coming off). Add all that with the ability to easily use almost any exotic coils and it was an easy decision to get this RDA.

Build Deck/Ease of Build of the Stillare Mark IV

Stillare V4 Deck
Stillare V4 Deck

Well, it’s almost cliché now to say this, but we have another RDA with a ‘Velocity-Style’ deck. On the same token of being cliché, it’s at a point where if an RDA does not have this deck, it almost seems like something is missing. There’s almost no need for me to rehash the ease of build with this deck as it’s generally the same as with all others that have it.

  • It’s remarkably easy to build on
  • Large 2 mm post holes that can accommodate damned near any wire you can throw at it
  • Flat head screws for trapping wires (not my favorite, but better than most grub screws)
  • Easy to install quad (dual-stacked) builds
  • Adequate room for wicking

Note: I am not a fan of the flat-head screws in the deck because it’s harder to get a good, solid twerk vs. Phillips heads screws because of the small size of the screwdriver needed. But, they won’t strip like grub nuts can, so they’re better than grubs, but not as nice as Phillips head screws (IMO).

Juice Well

A deep 5 mm juice well, but it’s not excessively deep (like in the Magma Reborn) where you’re going to have to have ungodly long wicks. And not only is the deep well (IMO) the optimal depth, there is adequate room for wicking of large, exotic coils. You won’t have to have your wicks choked off due to a lack of space. No point in having exotic coils with gagged wicks!

Airflow Controller

Stillare V4 510
Stillare V4 510

The Stillare V4 has two different air controllers; one for the top airflow and one for the bottom (both of which have good tolerances; no accidental adjusting of a setting). The bottom-fed airflow is the easiest to ‘control’. All you do is turn the drip tip (when using the solid-state tip) or by just turning the outside barrel (when using the 510 adapter cap).

The top-fed airflow is a tiny bit more difficult as you have to unscrew the upper-most cap to adjust the airflow. As long as you are using the solid-state tip, it’s easy, but the 510 cap is a bit hard to adjust the top-fed airflow because there is nothing really to grab on to unscrew.

I only use the solid-state tip, so I am good; plus, I don’t like the top-fed airflow at all, so I never use it. I don’t mind top-fed airflow, but not when I am forced to have to use as part of a combination with the bottom airflow.

Airflow of the Stillare V4

It’s a lot like the Hatty RDA, but the Stillare Mark IV has a much less turbulent draw; it’s a very smooth. And I get no leaking, but you will have to keep into consideration that it is bottom-fed airflow.

One small issue with the airflow is that you want to use the top-fed airflow, you will have to use it in conjunction with the bottom-fed airflow (though you can just use the bottom-fed airflow by itself). To me, both top- and bottom-fed airflow is just excessive. I guess it’s good for ‘competitors’ or just vapers that vape with very hot builds.


Stillare V4 Display
Stillare V4 Display

Look at it! If you like what you see in the pics, that is what you’ll get. I liked it so I bought it. It looks good, it’s machined well and it has (to me) an elegant look. No awkward or goofy logos and no toy-like qualities; just crisp and clean stainless steel with subtle details.

Performance Stillare Mark IV

Stillare V4 Top Caps
Stillare V4 Top Caps

Flavor and vapor are generally dependent on the build of the atty, and, with the Stillare Mark IV this is no different. In my experience, this atty does the best with exotic coils and with just the bottom-fed airflow. Build for flavor and this RDA will give it. Build for vapor and this RDA will give it. How much is harder to say with this atty.

If I had to classify it, I’d say the flavor I get out of this with fused Claptons is in the mid 80th percentile of the ‘best’ RDAs I’ve used.  That’s the best I’ve been able to get (which is pretty good), but I obviously haven’t tried every type of build. I am sure I can get even better flavor from it.


Look, Cartel Mods know what they are doing with machining, aesthetics and overall modding. In conjunction with making high-quality gear, Cartel Mods was also known for producing expensive products. The original Stillare RDA was close to $130 shipped, but now with the Stillare Mark IV, the price is half of their original RDA (though the original was much more solidly built).

I think this is a good atty due to its machining, options and the performance you can get. For me, the price is in the middle of the road.  Not cheap and not expensive. It could be less expensive, but it could be more.

Overall I think it’s a decent buy. If you build right for the atty, it should perform nicely for you.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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