Switch Mods v2 Interview

Learn about the high-performance Switch Mods v2 from company CEO Andrew Richard.


The Cloud Chasers Choice

The Switch Mods v2 is the choice for many top cloud chasers around the world. Its combination of maximum conductivity and a relatively low price has made it the preferred setup for many vapers that compete in cloud contests, including one of the best cloud blowers I’ve ever seen. At SoCal Vape Convention, I caught up with company CEO Andrew Richard to learn more about the Switch Mods v2, the latest cerakote finishes the mod comes in, and upcoming designs. Check out the video above for all the details.

Switch Mods v2 Specs

If you want the raw and dirty info on the Switch Mods v2, here are the official specs.

  • 24mm body – 24mm atomizer cap
  • 510 hybrid body with direct atomizer to battery connection
  • Venting holes to reduce battery heat by 60%
  • Adjustable delrin to completely eliminate battery rattle
  • Beryllium copper silver plated loaded spring
  • Maximum copper contact to battery surface area
  • Innovative easy to clean button housing
  • Silver plated atomizer contact
  • Stainless steel atomizer
  • Dual negative poles machined into the base
  • Large juice well
  • Matching wide bore one piece drip tip

Making the Switch

Switch Mods v2 Cerakote
Switch Mods v2 Cerakote

If you’re looking for a high-performance hybrid vaping setup then you ought to consider the Switch Mods v2. Its raw power is impressive and the mods start at a relatively low price of $120 (aluminum version). If you’re looking for pricier metals, the brass model lists for $135 and the copper model lists for $145. Naturally, the limited edition cerakote models cost more, starting at $175.

To learn more about the Switch Mods v2 and to hear about some upcoming editions of the mod, check out my chat with Richard above. Although variable-wattage box-mods are the rage these days, I’m curious to hear if any of you are interested in the Switch Mods v2. Kindly let me know in the comments section.

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