Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping


Drafted on OCT 2015.


We’re taking a little detour from the planned battery safety topics to discuss a question that is asked daily on the online vaping forums… “What’s the best 18650 battery? Or “What is the best battery for unregulated/regulated mods“?

This is a surprisingly hard question to answer! Unfortunately, the answer is “It depends”. Some batteries last a very long time before needing to be recharged, but they can’t handle being discharged at high rates. Some batteries don’t get too hot even at 40 A, but they need to be recharged very often.

So, while I can’t tell you what the #1 best 18650 battery is for the way you vape, I can give you my personal choices for the top five batteries and the reasons why. I hope this will help you pick the one that best fits your vaping style.


What makes for a great battery?

There are four qualities that are important to consider when picking the top batteries for vapers:

  • High capacity
  • High current rating
  • High voltage when vaping (“hard hitting”)
  • Low operating temperature.

Other things like price are part of choosing a vape battery but, in my opinion, aren’t as important. You should be able to use a battery for at least a year before replacing it. A couple of dollars for a better battery is almost nothing when compared to having a better, safer vape for a year or longer.

Let’s explore these four qualities that make for a great vape battery.

High capacity

Battery Safety 3 LG-HG2

This is important because it determines how long you can vape before you need to recharge the battery.

Capacity for vaping batteries is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). It tells us how many milliamps we can draw from the battery for how many hours. For example, the Samsung 25R has a rated capacity of 2500 mAh. This means you can theoretically draw 2500 mA from it for one hour. Or, 5 A from it for 1/2 hour. Or 1250 mA for 2 hours. As long as the current multiplied by the number of hours equals 2500, the battery is supposed to last that long before needing recharging.

Batteries aren’t 100% efficient though so that formula only works for rough comparisons of batteries. You can’t take the Samsung 25R’s 2500 mAh capacity and say it will do 250 A for 1/100 of an hour!

But comparing the capacity rating for two batteries will give you a general idea of which will last longer before needing to be recharged. For example, the 3000 mAh LG HG2 battery should last longer than the 2500 mAh Samsung 25R, which should last longer than the 1500 mAh LG HB6.


Why not just buy the highest capacity vape battery you can find then? Batteries can be high capacity or high current. You won’t find batteries that are both. Battery technology today just can’t fit all that into one small 18650 battery. If you need a high current rated battery, you have to sacrifice some capacity. If you need high capacity, you’ll have to settle for a lower current rating. There are some great batteries in all three categories though; high capacity, high amp, and a compromise between the two. We’ll go into more detail further on in this article.

High current rating

Battery Safety 3 Samsung25R-2

It’s important to choose a vape battery that can safely deliver the current that you need without overheating, whether using unregulated or regulated mods. You would think that it would be best to just buy the battery with the highest (continuous) current rating possible. This would definitely be the safest choice but there are a couple of things to consider that could make buying the highest rated battery not the best choice.

As mentioned earlier, you can have a high current rated battery or a high capacity battery, but not both. If we choose the highest current rated battery then the capacity will probably be a lot lower than other batteries that might still be plenty safe in our device. For example, the LG HB6 is rated for 30 A continuous and can easily be used at 40 A. It is the lowest temperature battery vapers can buy. This seems like the perfect choice! But, the tradeoff you have to make for this high current rating and low running temperature is capacity. The HB6 only has a capacity of 1500 mAh. This means that you will be changing batteries a lot more often than if you used higher capacity batteries.


The key is to pick a battery that has just high enough a current rating to not overheat for the way you vape. That way you’re not sacrificing capacity for a current rating you’ll never really use. For example, instead of choosing the 30 A LG HB6 with its 1500 mAh capacity you could choose the 25 A LG HD2 with its 2000 mAh capacity. Or perhaps even the 2500 mAh Samsung 25R. It all depends on how much current you’ll be drawing.

But, be careful! Many companies exaggerate their battery ratings or just print the pulse current rating on the battery. You might think you’re buying a battery that can easily handle the current you’ll be drawing from it only to find out that you’re replacing the battery every month or two because they’re always running hot. We’ll explore these exaggerated battery ratings in more detail in a future article but for now it’s safest to just buy vape batteries made by one of the Big 3; Samsung, Sony, and LG. Their ratings are accurate and you’ll know what you’re getting every time.

Panasonic is also a manufacturer of high quality, dependable batteries but most of them are rated for 10 A continuous or less. This is why I don’t include them in the list of high current rated battery manufacturers for vapers.

You might have been wondering about vape battery pulse ratings. They seem to make sense. We vape by pulsing the battery so why not select a battery that has a pulse rating that matches (or exceeds) the current you need? Some of these pulse ratings sound great! But the pulse ratings on these batteries are essentially useless.

We have no idea how the pulse ratings we see on so many batteries sold to vapers were determined. How long was the pulse? How much rest time was there between pulses? How hot did they allow the battery to get? All these have to be the same for any two batteries we want to compare. And no battery manufacturer/rewrapper prints this information. Without this information we could be looking at two 60 A pulse rated batteries but one used 3 second pulses and other used 10 second pulses. One could have used 20 seconds rest time between pulses and the other could have used 60 seconds. These differences make those 60 A ratings impossible to compare.

The only way to compare batteries right now by their current rating is to use the continuous discharge rating, or CDR. It’s also called the MCD rating, maximum continuous discharge, or MCC, maximum continuous current rating. They’re all the same and it’s the standard for rating a battery’s capability.

High voltage (hard hitting) when vaping

Why is having a high battery voltage a good thing when we vape?

For mechanical device users it means that it “hits harder”, or delivers more current to the coil, so more vapor is created. For regulated device users it means that the battery doesn’t have to work as hard. The higher the battery voltage is in a regulated device, the lower the amount of current that is drawn from it by the device’s regulator circuit.

Different batteries run at different voltages even if the same amount of current is being drawn from each of them. Choosing the one that runs at the highest voltage for the longest time benefits both regulated and mechanical/unregulated device users.

Getting this information can be tough to do though. It requires that the vape battery be tested and the results posted for you to review. Testers like Torchy the Battery Boy, Kidney Punchers, Liionwholesale, Pegasus Vapor Academy and others have done testing. I’ve also done some testing, as Mooch in ECF and Mooch315 at the /r/electronic_cigarette subreddit.

You don’t have to search too far for the harder hitting batteries though. The batteries that have good capacity, a high current rating, and run at cooler temperatures are typically already the ones that run at a higher voltage.

Cool running temperature

As discussed in my previous article, battery temperature is critical. It is the top cause of premature aging and damage to your battery. If the temperature gets too high your battery can even vent or burst.

To help ensure long battery life and safe vaping we want to use the batteries that run at the lowest possible temperatures. We can run at lower power levels or use higher resistance coils, but this might interfere with the way we prefer to vape. It’s better to find the batteries that run the coolest so we have the greatest amount of freedom when choosing power settings, coils, etc.

Choices for vest 18650 vape batteries

Here are my personal choices for consideration as the best batteries for vapers. The list is divided into three groups so that we can choose the best batteries for different current levels. These groups are not the limits of the batteries, just the level at which they are best used in my opinion.

18650s Up to 20A

Winners Up To 20A = LG HG2 3000mAh and Samsung 25R 2500mAh

These batteries are a fantastic combination of a decent current rating, good capacity, moderate operating temperature, and good voltage while running. Both are rated at 20 A but the HG2 delivers about 15% more capacity than the 25R when running at 20 A. The 25R runs several degrees cooler though.

The VTC5 and HE4 are also great batteries but not quite as good as the 25R and LG HG2. In testing their voltage and capacity at 20 A is a bit lower than the 25R and HG2. The 30Q is a great battery too but the HG2 performed just a bit better in testing. The HE2, while still a good battery, lags behind the others in this group in its performance.

Winners 20A-30A = Sony VTC4 2100mAh and LG HD2 2000mAh

Both of these batteries provide high current at a decent capacity with good voltages and moderate temperatures while running. They tested out very close to each other in performance.

While the HB6 and HB2 can easily handle 30 A, their low capacity compared to our top two picks keeps them out of the running. They easily have the lowest temperature while running though.

Winner 30A and higher = LG HB6 1500mAh

While both the LG HB6 and HB2 have low capacity, they are the only choice for very high current levels. They are the coolest running 18650 batteries available.

While the HB2 is a great vaping battery, the HB6 runs a bit cooler and has a bit more capacity and voltage at the higher current levels. This makes it the number one choice above 30 A.

The top five 18650 vape batteries

18650 Winners up to 20A

*You can exceed the current levels listed in this table. These are the levels that still give you a decent safety margin in case your regulated device malfunctions by not stopping when you release the button, i.e., it “autofires”. Or if your mechanical device’s button breaks, gets stuck on, or is accidentally pressed in your pocket.

When vaping we pulse our batteries. This means they run a lot cooler than they do when discharged continuously. This is why we can use them at current levels higher than the continuous rating. But if you do, be aware that there is a risk of the battery overheating or venting if you use them at current levels much higher than the ones in the table and you have a problem with your device.

Why didn’t any rewrapped batteries make the list?

Orange PVC Shrink Wrap for 18650s

You may have noticed that only batteries from the Big 3 manufacturers are listed; Samsung, Sony, and LG. Why? The other vaping battery brands are usually just “rewrapped” cells from one of these three manufacturers. Some are from battery factories located in China though and aren’t rewraps because they don’t use batteries from the Big 3.

The big problem is that some of these rewrapped batteries can be lower grade batteries rejected by the Big 3 as not meeting the ratings during testing. These lower grade batteries are purchased, a different wrap placed around each, and they’re sold under a different company name. Often with exaggerated ratings and at a higher price than batteries from the Big 3 manufacturers.


You might have seen the “authentication”, or anti-counterfeit, stickers on some rewrapped batteries lately. The only thing these stickers guarantee is that the battery is a rewrap of something else of unknown quality/grade. They don’t mean that the battery has met any type of testing or quality standard.

Not all rewraps have exaggerated ratings or use low grade vaping batteries though. And some rewraps are perfectly ok to use. Perhaps not at their ratings, but at a lower current level that doesn’t really stress the battery. We’ll cover the issue of rewrapped batteries in more detail in a future article.

Get your 18650 chargers at IMR Batteries

Nitecore Chargers

Make sure to get yourself a high quality multi-port battery charger for your vaping batteries. We recommend taking a look at the wide selection of 18650 chargers at IMRbatteries below.

Reliable vattery vendors

It’s important to buy from well known vendors who only carry authentic batteries. There are a lot of fake, “counterfeit”, batteries out there that not only perform badly but can be dangerous to use. Here are a few reliable sources for authentic batteries:

In the United States:

In Europe:


A lot of batteries were considered for this list, over 40, and there are some good batteries that don’t appear here. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are poor performers. This list was just my personal choice of the best vape batteries and many of you will have your own favorites that have served you well. Share your choices with us in the Comments section!

Next week we get back to our battery safety article series

Drafted on OCT 2015.

Since 1992 I have been working as an electrical engineer designing battery related products like chargers, dischargers, and battery management and protection systems. A lot of that work involves researching and testing batteries for my clients. Over time I have acquired a lot of knowledge about how to choose batteries and use them safely. Through these articles I will be sharing what I've learned.


  1. Have 2 pairs of Samsung 25Rs swapping em out on a X Cube II . Great batteries run at around 4.1 volts at 80 watts on a .2 ohm coil.

      • The XCube 2 is a regulated device with two cells in series. On a regulated device, atty resistance is irrelevant. 20A would be the output from the board. The batteries deal with the wattage you have set, and the current drawn depends on that wattage and the cells voltage at that time only.

        Worst case, 80W ÷6.4V (minimum cell voltage before the mod stops firing), so at 80W, 12.5A is drawn from the XCubes cells. This is on that 0.2 ohm coil, or a 0.5 ohm coil, or a 0.7 ohm coil, or any other resistance where the mod can hit 80W. The cells aren’t connected to the atty, so it’s resistance doesn’t matter to the cells.

  2. Another excellent article Mr Mooch.I really enjoy reading them as i learn something new everytime (i dont’t always soak up everything the first time round so i usually reread when i have the time).I also appreciate how you explain things on a level that i can understand.Keep it up mate,you’re doing a great job!Cheers!

  3. Very good article Mooch. It’s funny that many websites state the Sony VTC5 as a 30A batteri
    Many think it’s the same as VTC4 just with more mAh
    I just think it’s misleading they should change that. Actually is one of the few ( that I know of ) in europe that state it right

  4. Nono you can’t past over the Mxjo batteries man, especially the last released, 3000mha 35A(elec mods using)20A(continuous discharge like all other batteries)

    • The purple 40A 3000mAh battery?
      I just finished testing it yesterday. I haven’t posted the results yet but it tested out as a 17A/3000mAh battery that was damaged by a single 30A discharge.

  5. Hmmm..Eifan 60A not in the list even though the price were higher than LG HG2 here at my place~ anyone know this Eifan batteries??

  6. Sony batteries are fakes, they stopped making them years ago. No you do not have real ones, and no your fake ones will not produce the results of the old ones. They should be removed from this article, not knowing this and keeping it in the piece made me discount everything I just read.

      • Sony sent out a letter to at least one vendor recently warning of the danger of using them for vaping and also stating that they are made for the oem channel only. So there we have an admission that they are still making them or at least were until recently.

  7. I just bought a kooper plus box mod so would u say the Samsung 25r are the best choice for this

    • The 25R’s are great if you’re under 130W or so and not chain vaping. Otherwise I would recommend VTC4’s.

      You could even go to HG2’s if you’re under 130W, and not chain vaping, amd enjoy the extra time before needing to recharge.

          • Arrgghhh….my aplogies. I though your message was in a new thread. Yes, two batteries in that mod. The HG2 is a better choice since it will last longer before needing charging. At only 45W per battery you don’t need the VTC4’s higher current handling ability.

  8. Mooch, big advocate on your testing and emphasis on battery safety. Always show people your charts and work. I have gone the route of just using VTC3’s purchased from IMRbatteries… I got 3 sets actually in rotation all married A,B,C….. running in my RX200.. I’m a big builder and usually run dual builds beween .1-.2 and never exceed 130 watts. Typically get a full days worth of vaping with one set but the question I haven’t had answered is with running 3 batteries in series opposed to parallel, does it mean each battery is taking a 1/3 of the watts and when it comes to figuring out my load on the cells? At .1 and 130 watts just for the high side I’m figuring each cell is handing roughly 43 watts/ 2.1V and 20.98 amps… Am i wrong with this figure? I got some HB2’s coming from Illumn because I can’t seem to find HB6’s or Hb4’s anywhere when they are in stock… My main concern is I like to use tops 80% of my batteries CDR and with 3 cells I don’t want to be overdrawing.

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  10. Thanks for your outstanding comparisation. I do not vape on very high power and calculating the maximum amp draw when using my Silo Beast with a Ni200 0.15 ohm coil at 40 Joule, it doesn’t get any higher than 16-17 amps. Everything else on other tanks and coils stay well below 10 amps. I use a SXmini M-class and have 5 batteries with it: 1 Samsung 25R and 4 LG HG2’s. Both are the best I think and deliver long runtime. I only charge them with 500mA in a extremely simple but good charger (Xtar MC1) so I don’t have to worry about them getting warm whatsoever which is very safe for overnight charging. All have been in use for almost a year without much loss of capacity (Samsung: 2360mah after 5.5 hrs charge / LG: 2940mah after 6.5 hrs charge). I store the batteries in special waterproof boxes for safety reasons while on the move.

  11. Hey. I recently changed from a istick 50w to a Sigelei 200 Fuchai & was wondering if you could help regarding my choice of battery. A friend recommended the Aspire 2500mah 18650s but according to a few reviews, these appear to have been a bad choice. With hindsight, I’d have looked online first but considered the advice I got as gospel. My current builds are dual coils @ around .4ohms, I just wanted to venture upto twice what my old eleaf could go to, say around 100-120w Max. So many shops in the UK sell Aspires, Efests and such like but can’t find anywhere that sells Sony, Samsung or LG. Any known suppliers would be hugely appreciated. As for the above guide and everything else on here, it’s great to see things that have been written so informatively without the need to mock beginners like so many online seem so fond of. Many thanks

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      I don’t know much about suppliers over there but perhaps you could check in with one of the UK forums? They would probably have some great suggestions.

      Those Aspire batteries aren’t a bad choice but there are better ones if you wanted to change batteries. The 3000mAh LG HG2 or Samsung 30Q are a great choice for 120W vaping (with two batteries).

  12. Any recommendations for best battery to run in the mini snow wolf. Running a .2 at about 60-70w. It’s a new purchase for portability put a vtc4 in it and it gets a little too hot for my liking. I chain vape too which I guess doesn’t help. I was thinking the HB6 might be a good choice although I’ll probably go through about 4 in a day!

    • If a VTC4 is getting hot then about your only other choices are the HB series (2,4, 6). They’re the coolest running 18650’s available. All three tested out very close to each other so it won’t matter much which one you buy.

  13. I vape at .12ohms. Ish 150watts on a dna200 device. Currently using vtc5. Was wondering what battery would be best for the mah and amp it’s about 4.1-4.3volts that I like.

    • For any wattage on a triple 18650 200W device you can use the 3000mAh HG2 or 30Q and enjoy the extra time before needing to recharge.

  14. Hi Mooch,

    I need some urgent help. What batteries would you recommend for mech mods. If the built is more like .4 or .5 ohms. I am confused between vtc4 and aspire black batteries. Please help.


    • For a single battery mech at 0.4 ohms I recommend the 3000mAh HG2 or Samsung 30Q. You’re drawing less than 10A so you don’t need the higher current rating of the Aspire or VTC4. You can use a 20A battery and enjoy the extra vaping time before needing to recharge.

      The VTC4 or Aspire 1800mAh will hit a bit harder than the HG2/30Q but will need recharging much sooner. I recommend the VTC4 over the Aspire unless you have experience using ICR/LiPo batteries.

      • Thanks for the article Mooch, maybe i can add some insight from experience…

        (Disclaimer: I’ve got no affiliation I just love these guys. Don’t waste your time with the the little guys. You will lose sleep over the possibility of getting sued because a batt explodes… Vape and be safe!)

        BUY FROM Battery Bro…

        Actually I own 3 vape shops in Florida and have gotten quotes from 100s of different suppliers over the last 3 years and BB are always cheaper. The other point is those guys are in ASIA, not the US. Think about it! Take Liion wholesale for example, where do you think they get their batts? o.0 Pretty obvious right?

        Guys, where you get your batteries is critical. I have never had ONE customer complain since using them.

        Battery bro gives me:

        Free safety pamphlets / they test batts (send me reports when i ask…hello? no one else does this! Why not? Think about it!) / they have cheaper prices / they guarantee the batts are REAL

        Everyone else listed just sells rewraps or buys from Efest. If you guys want really legit batts GO WITH BATTERY BRO there really should be no comparison.

  15. Hi Mooch,

    thanks for that very very huge article.

    I’d like to ask if I may translate and publish it in german with linking to this original article?

    Would be very great to hear from you!

    Best wishes,

  16. Im getting a sigelei fuchai 200W TC and im not sure exactly what batteries i should get. I thin vtc4’s would be good. What do you suggest?

    • VTC4’s are a great choice for that device.
      If you’re using it at about 150W or less then you can use HG2’s or 30Q’s for a bit more vaping time before you need to charge.

      • I just ordered ipv5 people tell me I cant get 150+W with any dual 18650. Well I have samsung 25r batteries I use in my sigelei spark 90w device which holds one 18650 and I vape at 80w on that. Chain vaping.however I’m not too experienced and I just do it because I know other who do.. but your the pro so please tell me. I’d probably use 150 watts max ever.. but what’s the safety zone of the 25r used in a series. The mod holds dual 25r’s.

        • Any good 20A batteries can be used as a pair at 150W as long as you’re not chain vaping and/or take crazy long pulls. If you are then check the temperature of the batteries every once in a while. If they’re more than very warm then slow down some.

          • Alright thanks man just wanted to be sure people were saying I’d be using way too many amps. But I’ve heard the green 25r batteries are some of the best so that’s why I bought them. Didn’t wanna have to find out I needed to buy more already lol. I’ll probably stick around 120 watts anyway

          • And the ohm build is not relevant to how many amps being used in a regulated mod correct? I think that’s what my memory says but just want to clarify.

  17. I have the Samsung 25r and the lg hg2 batteries for my regulated hexohms, which of the 2 are best for my mods or would you recommend a different battery altogether?

    • It all depends on your power levels and how much current you’re drawing from the batteries. If you’re within the ratings for the 25R and HG2 then the HG2 can be a better choice due to its higher capacity.

      There’s no battery with a higher capacity that can be used above a few amps than the LG HG2 or Samsung 30Q.

    • Hey mooch. Out of curiosity I have a 200w ipv5. Its dual 18650 series. If I wAntes to go to 150 watts or so. What battery would be the safest? I prefer samsung batteries. But just wondering.

    • Hmm…I don’t see my earlier reply here Amy Ballard. Sorry about that, I don’t know what happened.

      I don’t remember the power levels for the different Hexohm’s but if you’re under about 75W for each battery then you can use the HG2 and get the extra vaping time before needing to recharge.

  18. Hey mooch, I just want to be able to fire anything safely. If I have a triple parallel box, what batteries would you choose. I don’t really care too Mich about battery life! 30 a plus?

    • You can’t fire any possible build safely with the batteries that are available to us but the best choice for high amps is the LG HB Series. The HB4 is looking a bit better than the others right now but the HB2 and HB6 are still great. Probably about 75A max.

  19. Quick question, I had a pair of 2500mah batteries (brand Unknown) and I was running them in my eleaf 100w with a ud bellus at 0.2ohms vaping at 55-65 watts depending on my mood, then I got a kanger Kbox 200 and used the same batteries and same tank and vapes at the same wattage, why then does the eleaf 100w last almost half a day longer than my kanger Kbox on the same build? My eleaf will last almost a day and a half but the kanger will run out by the end of the day?

    • I can only guess because I don’t have either mod but the Kbox might have a higher cutoff voltage (weak battery voltage) than the Eleaf. Or, the actual wattage in the Eleaf might be lower than what is saying. The last possibility is that you vape differently with these mods. You might take one with you to places you don’t take the other. Or you’re in a different mood typically when using one vs the other. Somthing that causes you to vape differently without even realizing it.

  20. Bought Eleaf100 from eleafusa batteries are supplied and said to be vtc4 w/ mah in the 2000-2500 (forgot). Mine had stickers on batt that said voltage 3.7, capacity 1800mah and 6.66WH. Company said wrong sticker was used. How can I confirm?

      • Is the printing on the wrap or on the metal can itself? Not the white label, that’s just added to comply with shipping regulations.

        • The batteries were wrapped (cellphone) and were in a box. Both had white paper stickers about the size of a return address label. Looked like typewriting. When I called Eleaf the guy looked at his personal batteries. He had sticker identical in style except his cap:2100mah and the 6.66WH was higher. I have photos….

          • In your photo you show, on the left, a battery without the white sticker. For this battery, is the printing on the green plastic covering the battery? Or does it look like the printing is on the metal can of the battery and you’re able to see it through he green covering?

        • I see. It’s on the green wrap. Besides the fact that I like to get what i pay for, and let others know if bad business around; do these specs relate to the function of the device…my first mod w/ “batteries”. Is USB port healthy for charging these?

          • I don’t know how good or bad that USB port is for charging. It’s usually recommended to use an external charger though.

            If the printing for that VTC4 is on the green wrap then it’s counterfeit. Genuine VTC4’s have the printing on the metal can itself.

            I don’t understand what you mean when you ask if the specs relate to the function of the mod. The battery’s specs? The white label’s specs?

          • Meaning “does it matter” “is it relevant” I’ve read stuff like don’t charge over 4.2….that’s relevant and the info I’m ignorant to. If battery A will malfunction at 3.8 and battery B will tear up at 3.4….these are specifics I need to know. I’m a physical science major but I don’t know this stuff. I would love if someone could email me a link to the exact battery for a istick100w. I need 2 of them. [email protected]

          • There’s no specific battery choice for that mod. You can use any decent 20A battery in the iStick 100W. The two I mentioned earlier are the best choice in my opinion though.

            There are general battery safety and care recommendations and then there are specs that are tied to each individual battery. Both can be found on the web.

          • Thanks again. I could tell when I found this site, u were the guy to ask. And I took ur word for it about the batteries u recommended. I am glad that you added the 20A info. Just cause I was curious. Whatever battery powers my 50w is a beast. I’m can’t wait to get some legit batteries

  21. Incorrect. The LG HB6 performs (mostly) better when discharged continuously at 30A or higher. But when pulsed the LG HB4 runs at higher voltages, i.e., has a lower voltage drop, and runs longer than the LG HB6. The LG HB4 is the better performing 18650 cell for vaping.

    • Thanks for your feedback!
      Those are my test results you’re quoting so I’m pretty familiar with them. 🙂

      When this article was written, just over 6 months ago, I had not yet tested the HB4. The article’s conclusions are correct for Oct 13, 2015.

      If someone was looking for tbe best performer now for 30A+ I would recommend the HB4 for the reasons you mentioned.

  22. Hi Mooch, just wondering what your thoughts are on 18350 batts. Personally I don’t trust them, none of the 3 Big manufacturers make them as far as I am aware. I believe they are some kind of cut down/rewrapped 18650 & only seem to be used in vape mods. I know a lot of vapers like their short mods & 18350 size batts fit that bill nicely but until I know where they are made I won’t trust them & do not recommend them to anyone.

  23. Hi Mooch, I have recently purchased the new Smok H-Priv Mod 220W. I am currently looking at the LG HB6 batteries, but I’m confused. Only 2 18650 batteries go inside the mod. I have a 0.3ohms coil and 0.25ohms. Which battery should I buy to run the mod at 220W?
    Can you also tell me how all of it works, I’m very confused. As all these batteries show 3.7V and if I double that I get 7.4V, but if I’m running 0.3ohms and 220W then I need 8.12V and 27.08amps right?
    But I won’t have 8.12V on my 2 HB6 batteries, I’ll only have 7.4V, what is up with that?
    If there are two batteries, does everything gets doubled in output?
    Also, if I change by coils and I go with lower resistance coils then how can I vape at higher wattages?

  24. Hi Mooch, I have recently purchased the new Smok H-Priv Mod 220W. I am currently looking at the LG HB6 batteries, but I’m confused. Only 2 18650 batteries go inside the mod. I have a 0.3ohms coil and 0.25ohms. Which battery should I buy to run the mod at 220W?
    Can you also tell me how all of it works, I’m very confused. As all these batteries show 3.7V and if I double that I get 7.4V, but if I’m running 0.3ohms and 220W then I need 8.12V and 27.08amps right?
    But I won’t have 8.12V on my 2 HB6 batteries, I’ll only have 7.4V, what is up with that?
    If there are two batteries, does everything gets doubled in output?
    Also, if I change by coils and I go with lower resistance coils then how can I vape at higher wattages?

    • hey i am getting the same h priv kit and was wondering if you figured out the best battery/ battery charger to get

      • Hey Anthony, so after my research online this is what I’ve figured out:
        1. The H-Priv Mod runs batteries in series. That means that the CDR Amp rating and the mAh rating will remain the same as on battery, e.g, The LG HB6 has 30Amps and 1500mAh, so even after putting two batteries that will remain the same. But because of it being in series the voltage doubles (in this case as there are 2 batteries). So at peak you get 8.4V that is 4.2 on each.
        2. I have bought the LG HB6 battery, the ivory ones as these batteries run the coolest and are tested at 30Amps CDR which is a must to run at 220W in the H-Priv. Also, I’ll suggest you buy 4 batteries so that you never run out of battery as it has a lower capacity rating. (You can also buy the LG HB6 Pink as it gives better results of voltage compared to the Ivory, I bought the Ivory ones before knowing this fact, so I’m stuck with Ivory ones.
        3. I chose the Nitecore i4 Battery charger as it is a reputable device in the market and is compartible with all IMR Li-on Batteries, it has a lot of safety features and it stops cahrging as soon as the battery hits the 4.2V charge. You can also see the i2 the only difference is that of charging 2 or 4 batteries.

        Hope this solved your query.

        P.S – Where did you buy your H-Priv from, what is the estimated delivery if you know that information?

      • Can you tell me if it’s safe to use your mod in outside temperatures higher than 40 degrees celsius. Here in India the summer temperatures are outrageous and I want to be safe while using my mod after hearing so many stories of vape mods exploding in the US.

  25. im confused, i thought the 30q was essentially equal to the HG2 and the 30q was in every way an upgrade from the 25r. infact i own all 3 and my hg2s and 30qs are my go to over the 25r, tho the 25rs are older. but in your shootout round 2 of the 30q and HG2 i see they are equal and i find it stated threw out multiple sites and multiple statements of by you stating these as the best 20A batteries, with the 25r and VTC5 being the runner ups, and older technology and once best before the 30q and HG2 came out. i find this guide to be very confusing as the 30q is, from my prospective, the next battery you should buy if you cant get the HG2, not the 25r, tho that’s the third if your outlet doesn’t have ether of the 3kMaH.

    • Absolutely not. there is no 18650 battery in the market that can store 6000maH. Much less in a high current form. those could be anything inside, my bet is around 1000mah. they will get extremely hot and fail guaranteed.

  26. im going to be picking up the h priv kit but wasnt sure what kind of 18650 batteries to get ie 1500mah 30-40 amp, 2100 -1500mah 20-30 amp, or 2500-3000mah 20 amp…. the h priv maxes out at 220 watts and it is a sub ohm kit so coils go to around .3, .25 could really use the help also with a nice battery charger

  27. Hi mooch. Are E-fest batteries legitimate or just rewraps of the big three? ive always sworn by efest and they seem to be great

  28. Hi mooch. Are E-fest batteries legitimate or just rewraps of the big three? ive always sworn by efest and they seem to be great

    • im going to be picking up the h priv kit but wasnt sure what kind of 18650 batteries to get ie 1500mah 30-40 amp, 2100 -1500mah 20-30 amp, or 2500-3000mah 20 amp…. the h priv maxes out at 220 watts and it is a sub ohm kit so coils go to around .3, .25 could really use the help also with a nice battery charger

    • E fest are rewraped LG from what I have read and been told. Pegasus Vapor Academy has a breakdown of all the batteries and who makes them

  29. I use ehpro 3000 mah 35 amp. I have tried everything out there. In my opinion during my 7 years of vaping, ehpro is King

  30. Hey all. Can anyone advise me about a SONY US18650-VTC5A 2600mAh 35A Li-ion Battery? I bought 4 from Insat International via Amazon, charged them straight away and my charger states their capacity is only 1500mah each at full charge? Insat state they are ‘genuine’. I have emailed them asking for a new set assuming they must be randomly faulty. If you can give me some advice id really appreciate a bit of ammo when they get back to me with some bull? Cheers

    • I was a bit hasty to suggest they would give me some bull as I don’t actually have any knowledge on batteries! But anyway, here is the reply I received –

      Hi Chris,

      Sony VTC5A is an industrial product made for professional use and as such go through the most stringent tests. I use thousands of cells monthly in making ebike and other lithium batteries and have yet to find a single cell that did not perform as per specification.

      For a start the capacity of a cell or a battery is not measured by measuring how much charge has been absorbed. You would have to know what the charge level of the cell or battery was in the first place. These cells are at storage voltage which is around half the capacity. Your cells will deliver the full capacity as per specification which is at 0.2C discharge.

      If you wish to see that these cells will perform exactly as the specification states, by visiting us when we will charge and discharge the cells on our high quality DC electronic load. I would recommend you visit where you will find a wealth of information about lithium ion cells and how their capacity is measured.

      I also have Cadex battery analyzer to run capacity tests and IR measurements etc. if you wish to have the test on more than one tester just to put your mind at ease.

      Best regards,


      Best regards,

  31. Great work here Mooch, a lot of good info here for a vaper to use just before choosing a battery. As you mentioned that suggestions for other batteries are welcome I would also like to suggest the LG MJ1 3500mah for up to 5 amps for anyone who vapes like this. I am using one at about 3 amps for a few months and just enjoying the run times :). Thanks for the article. Best

  32. I just got an iStick Pico and was wondering what the best battery would be for it? It’s a single 18650 mod that goes to 75w.

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