V2 Vertx Plus Preview

The V2 Vertx Plus is the company's most powerful e-cig yet. While it offers more power and capacity compared to other V2 products, it's still easy to use.

V2 Vertx in hand
V2 Vertx in hand

All-New, All-Different V2

The V2 Vertx Plus is the latest device from one of the biggest companies in the cig-alike game. While V2 has enjoyed great success with its cig-alike products, it’s attempting to appeal to more vapers with its most powerful device yet. While the Vertx Plus is certainly more powerful than V2’s basic offerings, it’s still extremely easy to use. Here’s a closer look at the company’s latest and greatest closed device.

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V2 Vertx Plus Features

V2 Vertx internals
V2 Vertx internals

Here’s the official features list of the V2 Vertx Plus.

  • Touch screen controls for variable voltage settings
  • High-capacity cartridge reservoir
  • Reimagined, lightweight construction
  • Battery charge LED indicator
  • Magnetically connected charger & cartridges
  • VERTX can be used even while it’s charging
  • Longest battery life of any micro-cig
  • Up to 650 puffs per cartridge
  • 420 mAh

V2 now offers blank Vertx pods that can be used and refilled with an e-juice of your choice!

The Future of Vaping or a Glorified eGo?

V2 Vertx cartridges

V2 is touting the Vertx Plus as the most powerful “micro-cig” on the market. It claims that it has the same power as its V2 Pro product, but in a much smaller form factor. On paper, that seems to be an accurate assessment. For its size, the battery capacity is decent and many vapers will appreciate the three voltage settings. The design is attractive, with a unique and practical magnetic cartridge system that couldn’t be easier to use.

All that said, the Vertx Plus certainly has a bunch of challenges. While V2 has been one of the dominant brands in closed-system e-cigs, many players are about to jump into the game. This year, I’ve seen products from Kimree and XOLO that aim to bring a superior vaping experience to the starter market. Vape Forward is getting into the space too, with its Cync line.

If you're looking for a sleek and discrete vaping device with decent versatility, the V2 Vertx Plus is certainly worth a look.

While those products are larger than the V2 Vertx Plus, they’re also generally more capable. In many ways, they make the Vertx Plus look like a glorified eGo e-cig. Another big difference is that those companies are partnering with popular e-liquid manufacturers to offer pods with well-known flavors. As expected, V2’s product will use V2’s flavors, which are fairly unspectacular. (Though as Vaping360’s Jim McDonald always says, “Taste is subjective.”)

Although the competition in this market is getting fierce, V2 has several advantages. It’s a deeply established brand in the cig-alike space, with broad marketing reach. It also has an attractive, though expensive at $89.95, product in the Vertx Plus. If you’re looking for a sleek and discrete vaping device with decent versatility, it’s certainly worth a look.

V2 now offers blank Vertx pods that can be used and refilled with an e-juice of your choice!

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