Vaporshark Minnow preview | Something new or deja vu?

The Vaporshark Minnow looks to be a great device for the beginner vaper, but is this the same as another device?


Vaporshark Minnow Intro

On January 1st, Vaporshark released a new little mouth-to-lung device called the Minnow. This is the second version of the Minnow. The first Vaporshark Minnow (that is strangely still being sold as the “Minnow”) is an ego battery and a CE4-like tank. The new iteration of the Minnow is a tiny MTL AIO mod with an automatic draw and an onboard 2 mL tank. But when you see the device, you may think you are seeing the iCare Mini rebranded with a Vaporshark logo.

It’s gotta be more than that, right? Let’s look closer.

Vaporshark Minnow Gallery

Vaporshark Minnow Specs and Features


  • Top Fill/Top Air Flow
  • Buttonless Automatic Power Draw
  • Refillable 2ml tank
  • SS316 1.1Ω Coil
  • Rechargeable 650mAh Li-po Battery
  • Indicator LED
  • Size: 30 x 14 x 75mm

Vaporshark Minnow preview

First look

When I first saw the Vaporshark Minnow I was intrigued. Not so much by the prospect of a great device but because it looks sweet! Vaporshark devices generally are designed well, and quite photogenic… even if you know the functionality is not really different than what you are used to. It’s just something about that form factor that gets me. I really appreciate the miniature and slender size perfect for slipping into a 5th pocket, and those vibrant colors branded with the Vaporshark logo. As it is, the Minnow looks like something I would want to handle. Hopefully it is something I would want to vape!

How much does it cost?


It costs 2x more than the iCare (the Minnow costs $29.99), so my expectations are that it will perform better. The Vaporshark Minnow should have a blank slate, but it’s so close to the iCare it’s hard not to connect the two. Maybe that will work in its favor? The iCare is definitely well known.

Same same but different?


The airflow on the Vaporshark appears to be much more open, at least when looking at the airflow on the outside of the device. But the chimney likely doesn’t get much more open than the one in the iCare. We recently reviewed the myMini by myVapors, and it’s essentially an iCare too but with a slightly different body and a better refill system. And just like the Minnow, it also uses iCare coils. (Check our review to learn how that one performed.)

It would be nice if the Minnow does outshine the iCare. I love the idea of the device (sans the stupid refill system). Both the iCare and the Minnow basically house the same liquid capacity (.2 mL difference), the batteries are the same (650 mAh), the refill looks the same, and the coils are the same — though the coils now look to have larger feed holes. But I still question how much different it can really be from the iCare. I will give it a shot though, because I did have some good sessions with the iCare. Maybe the Minnow will be all that, and then some.

As I said, I am going to try this device, but I remain a bit skeptical that it will perform better than the iCare.

Let us know what you think!

Jeremy Mann
My name is Jeremy and I am a content manager and editor here at Vaping360. I reside in southeast Michigan and I have been vaping for over five years. Thanks to vaping, I've been off cigarettes since my first ecig purchase in 2010.
  • MaryAnne Lehman

    I’m looking to make the switch to vaping. I think this model would fit my needs. I smoke a pack a day. Would one full chamber be equivalent to this amount? I need help with juices. The only flavor I am opposed to is mint although I smoke Marlboro smooths.

    • Jeremy

      First of all, good for you! I don’t see why this device won’t work for you, but I would recommend you read this here (if you haven’t):

      There’s a lot to discuss, but that article can get you started out with the necessary background of vaping.

      As for juice, please check out this article here:

      After that, please, ask questions. Whatever article you land on, ask questions. I want to make sure you aren’t out there without any help.


      • MaryAnne Lehman

        Hi Jeremy

        Thanks for the reply. I dont like articles i like to get direct feedback from users. What are some of your favorite flavors?