Wismec Centurion 100W TC Box Mod Review

Our review of the Beyond Vape designed and Wismec manufactured Centurion box mod

Wismec Centurion
Wismec Centurion

Wismec Centurion Intro

From the Beyond Vape web site:

The new Centurion 100W TC Box Mod gives you the clean, compact feel of a smaller device with the prolonged battery power of a 26650 powered unit. Accommodating a standard 22mm up to a 30mm atty or tank, the Centurion looks great no matter what you’re running on it. With its ergonomic, contoured design and trigger-style fire button, the Centurion is all about comfort, grace, and power.


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Wismec Centurion Specs and Features

Wismec Centurion Package Content
Wismec Centurion Package Content
  • Designed by Beyond Vape, manufactured by Wismec
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Accommodates 22mm to 30mm attys or tanks
  • Decorative 22mm beauty ring
  • Springloaded 510 connection
  • Trigger-style, fire button
  • OLED Screen
  • Conveniently placed + and – buttons
  • Bottom-loading, threaded battery cap – no battery rattle
  • Micro USB cable included (for firmware upgrades only,
    not recommended for charging)
  • Single 18650 battery sleeve adapter for use with 18650 batteries
    (max output 75w)
  • Includes Brillipower IMR 26650 3500mAh 60A
  • Cell Type: Single High-Discharge 26650 (above 35A)
  • Will read kanthal, nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire
  • Output Wattage: 1-100w
  • Resistance Range:
    • 05–1.5ohm for TC modes
    • 0.1–3.5ohm for VW/Bypass mode
  • Temperature Range: 100–315C/ 200–600F (TC modes)
  • Stealth Function
  • Resistance Lock Function
  • Wattage Lock Function
  • Left/Right Screen Mode
  • Temperature Protection
  • Weak Battery Alert
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Temperature Alert: If the internal temperature of the device is over 70C, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display, “Device too hot.”

Notable Remarks


Wismec Centurion Pin
Wismec Centurion Pin

The Centurion’s MSRP is $90.00, with some vendors asking as much as $101 during the initial roll-out. Online prices should drop considerably after a couple months, however. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $50-60 fairly soon.


Wismec Centurion Screen
Wismec Centurion Screen

The Beyond Vape Centurion has one glaring problem: it’s badly over-spec’d in terms of power. The Centurion is marketed as a 100-watt device, but it’s unable to provide 100 watts in actual vaping, at least not for more than a few seconds. Depending on the strength of the particular battery used, the Centurion generates considerably less than 100 watts in consistent, real-life use.

Does that mean that this review should end here? No. First, the vast majority of vapers don’t ever reach 100 watts — many never come close — and second, most popular high-wattage box mods fall short of their advertised power ratings. A dual-18650 regulated mod that claims 200 watts has to pull off miraculous feats of magic to achieve that exalted power output. At more typical vaping levels, say, up to 75 watts, the Centurion performs without a hitch. So, while noting that manufacturers’ power ratings are often false, and that Beyond Vape is guilty of this exaggeration with the Centurion, let’s continue.

The Centurion is powered by a single 26650 battery. Beyond Vape’s decision to bundle a Brillipower 3500mAh 26650 battery with the tank is wise, since few of us have any of those extra-large batteries lying around. The standard battery for most higher-power mods remains the high-drain 18650 rated at 20 amps continuous and 35 amps pulsed in single, dual, or triple battery configurations. A plastic adapter sleeve is included that allows the use of an 18650 instead of a 26650.

The manual advises against recharging the battery via USB, stating that the micro-USB port is only for upgrading the firmware.

Wismec Centurion 18650 Holder
Wismec Centurion 18650 Holder

The Centurion’s firm metal case has an ergonomic, contoured design that feels comfortable in medium-to-large hands. On the down side, the Centurion is fairly big and hefty (233 grams without a battery, and a whopping 413 grams or 14.5 ounces with a 26650 battery and a full 4ml capacity tank. To call it “compact” because it uses only a single battery is somewhat misleading. While the  Centurion is larger and considerably heavier than its fraternal twin, the Vape Forward Stout, I appreciate the Centurion’s more sculpted shape and better fit in my hand.

The firing switch isn’t a typical button. Instead, it’s a plate, an upside-down triangle, that conforms to the shape of the body. The plate is hinged at the top and fired by pressing at the bottom. That sounds awkward, but the placement is a perfect, natural fit for thumb firing that works almost as well for trigger firing, and with either hand. The firing switch isn’t clicky, but it’s not mushy, either. While not a world-changing innovation, it’s a thoughtful design.

The tank’s girth accommodates 30mm diameter atomizers with no overhang, so it’s a good choice for oversized tanks or RDAs. A “beauty ring” plate is included that improves the aesthetics when using the Centurion with 22–23mm atomizers. All the tanks and RDAs I tried fired dependably and sat flush on the spring-loaded 510 connection. The battery is secured by my least favorite method — a screw-on cap, but the threads are smooth, it works well (no battery rattle), and the cap isn’t difficult to take off and put back on.

The mod feels sturdy, well-made, and heavy-duty, with no misaligned seams or ill-fitting parts. The buttons are metal, dead quiet, and don’t rattle at all.

The Centurion is available in two low-luster finishes: either all-black or white with black accents. The black version I was sent is simple and plain, while the white is boldly striking and quite attractive. The name “Centurion” is almost certainly a Star Wars reference based on the white version. The finish is smooth, but I wouldn’t call it “slippery” because of the curved pistol-grip shape.


Wismec Centurion Front
Wismec Centurion Front

As I wrote above, don’t count on getting 100 watts from the Centurion. At the 50-75 watts where I typically vape, however, it performs beautifully. In wattage mode, I have no complaints at all up to about 85 watts. Firing is immediate, ramp-up is fast, and the vape is terrific. This is the standard for current-generation regulated mods, and the Centurion passes with flying colors.

The display is only average size, and the smaller numbers are tiny, but the blue-on-black LCD screen is bright and clear.

All the expected protections are built into the chip: 10-second cut-off, low resistance, atomizer short, reverse battery, and overheating shutdown. The lower limit of one watt output implies that the chip can buck as well as boost.

Temp control is state of the art for a mid-priced chip (apparently this is the same proprietary chip Wismec uses in the Stout and RX200), with adjustable temperature and wattage, fixed settings for nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire, plus three user-programmable custom TCR settings. No, temperature limiting on the Centurion isn’t as complex or sophisticated as on the high-end Evolv or Yihi chips, but it’s user-friendly and accurate enough for all but the most demanding temp control vapers.

Battery life with the included 26650 is about what one would expect. I’ve been vaping the Centurion for four hours at 65 watts on a 0.5 ohm Starre Pro tank while writing this review, and the battery bar is down to half. That’s reasonable.


  • well-designed and precisely manufactured
  • solid and sturdy
  • very ergonomic and easy to use
  • accurate temp control with numerous options
  • includes 26650 battery
  • accommodates both standard and extra-large atomizers


  • Exaggerated wattage rating
  • quite heavy
  • a big large for small hands


The Beyond Vape Wismec Centurion has only one real flaw: it cannot provide the 100 watts claimed. That exaggeration is common among higher-power regulated boxes, so it’s more a criticism of the vaping hardware industry in general than of this particular mod.

Overall, the Centurion is a solid, well-designed temp control box mod, and a very capable performer. It’s not particularly innovative, with the exceptions of its sculpted shape and unique firing switch, but we’ve reached a plateau in this product category, and the Centurion deserves a place in the class photo.



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