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The Wotofo Flow is next in line of the ever-growing tank category from Wotofo

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Wotofo Flow subohm tank Intro

The new Wotofo Flow might sound like a style of Asian hip-hop, but it’s just a new vape tank. The Flow is a 24 mm subohm tank that has a 4 mL juice capacity (and a TPD insert) for use with 0.25-ohm coil heads up to 60 watts. A threaded top-fill cap with a wide-bore 510 delrin tip, and dual-adjustable airflow slots measuring 12 mm x 2 mm. The tank is also Baby Beast compatible which adds to its versatility.

But since the Baby Beast has already been tested to death, the real question is: how well does the Wotofo Flow perform with the Wotofo heads? That’s what I will be testing. So here’s what you need to know about the Flow!

Price: $29.90 (across various sites)

Colors: Silver and black


Wotofo Flow subohm tank Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • One Wotofo Flow Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Two 0.25 ohm Flow Coils
  • Spare O-rings and Glass Section
  • Giveaway Card
  • User Manual


  • 24 mm Diameter
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • Two Fill Ports
  • 4 mL Maximum Capacity
  • Capacity Reducer for TPD Compliance
  • Wotofo Flow Coil Family
  • 0.25 ohm (35 to 60 watts)
  • Compatible With SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Coils
  • Sold Separately
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • 12 mm by 2 mm Each Airslot
  • Fully Closeable
  • SS 316 and Pyrex Glass Construction
  • 6 mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Silver Plated 510 Connection

Notable Remarks

Atomizer construction/design

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It’s standard fare.

The Tank itself is well made though. The top cap unscrews easily with help from little divots around the edge that aid in grip. They also provide an aesthetic touch because of how the light hits the different surfaces. It almost looks bedazzled around the top cap… but thank god it’s not!

One oddity is the TPD reducer. Apparently, those affected by the TPD are supposed to leave in the reducer… which means it’s removable. C’mon! It’s just a rubber insert. Is anyone really going to leave it in? I don’t know if this really constitutes a “TPD-compliant tank”, but I guess it’s cool to have such an easy fix for greater capacity if this does constitute “TPD-compliant”. Otherwise, either make a TPD compliant tank or don’t.

Coil heads

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If there was anything about this tank that piqued my interest, it was the coil heads – rather, it’s the wick holes on the coil heads. Where most coil heads for tanks of this nature have large slots for optimal wicking of high viscosity liquids, the Wotofo Flow use four equidistant vertical rows of three small wick holes, each measuring ~1.4 mm in diameter.

Seeing these wick holes in person, you’d likely not believe this tank was built for DL performance with high VG liquid. But, looks can be deceiving.

Wotofo Flow performance

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First things first: these 0.25-ohm Wotofo Flow coil heads work really well! I have had zero problems wicking high VG liquids (up to 80%), spittiness, leaking, or flooding. They take little to no time to saturate (without priming) and require nothing more than a few hits to “break-in” the coils… but the flavor will improve more by the second tank.

Technically, the max wattage I have taken the coils to is 60 watts, but it really depends on the mod since 60 watts may not always coincide with the watts setting. In general, the coils are for a mid-wattage setting and I’ve had good success hitting them with a higher initial wattage (65 W) from a watts curve on my Tarot Nano from Vaporesso. On my Aspire Speeder, I just keep it at 60 watts and chill.

The Flow stands up well to chain vaping too. Well, kinda. In general, I can get about 5 x 4-second consecutive hits before I taste toastiness. The more I drop the time of hit, the more hits I can take in a row with no worries of a dry hit. For me not being a big-time chain vaper, that is plenty good. And since the tank doesn’t guzzle juice, one refill lasts me a fair amount of time (maybe a few hours of casual use). And when it’s time to refill, the flavor-carryover lasts around 10 hits (depending on previous juice).

Flavor and Vapor

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A solid-performing sub ohm tank for flavor! The vapor on the Flow is good, but it’s not meant to be a showstopper. It’s a mig-wattage tank for flavor. I think the flavor is about a solid 8 out of scale of 1-10 of sub-ohm tanks (vs. RTAs it’s about a 7 out of 10).

The Wotofo Flow is not spitty either. It vapes with enough moisture to give good flavor, but not so much that you’re spritzing e-juice in your mouth.


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Quantifying airflow is difficult. I’m not sure there has been a standardized way to actually measure it. Based on my subjective experience, the airflow of the Wotofo Flow is beyond a restricted direct lung hit, but barely. It’s not got “massive airflow” or anything like that. I’d say it’s similar to the Troll RTA.

The quality of the draw is pretty smooth and easy. You don’t have to take a huge draw to get a decent-sized hit. The vapor rushes out easily. At 60 watts and taking short 2-second rips, it keeps on “flowing”.


  • Consistent performance
  • Very short break-in period
  • Quality flavor and decent vapor
  • Easy and no-mess refill
  • Baby Beast compatible
  • Efficient wicking for thick juices
  • 4 mL juice capacity


  • No RBA deck


In the ever-populated marketplace of vaping, sub-ohm tanks are still a hot item because of their ease of use and performance capabilities. But we all know they don’t all perform welll. The Wotofo Flow does!

I’ve had an on-again off-again relationship with sub-ohm tanks because of inconsistent coil-head performance. If the Wotofo Flow continues to perform like it has, I may be on again! While it’s not the best tank I’ve ever used, the coil heads seem to perform consistently with every button press of my mod. I’ve had tanks that perform great for flavor and vapor, but perform poorly with consistent hits. The Wotofo Flow has not slipped in performance from the two coil heads I’ve tried so far, with each lasting over a week before I noticed a drop off (but vaping a “clean” juice like Naked 100’s Sour Belts, I’ve gotten longer life on my current coil).

Shout out to Heavengifts for sending me this tank for the purposes of a review. I don’t know if I would buy another one if I lost or broke it, simply because I prefer RTAs (like the new Advken Manta RTA – incredible!). That said, although I got this tank for free, I will be buying more coil heads for it. Actually, it’s right about time for me to do so.

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