YiHi SXmini Q Class and SX Pure Preview

Vaping360 takes a look at two hero products from YiHi.


YiHi Takes Vaping to the Next Level

At TPE2016, YiHi showed off a pair of innovative vaping products — the SXmini Q Class and SX Pure technology. The former is the latest hero mod for YiHi and features the new SX450J chipset, while the latter is the company’s reference tank for its atomizer technology. While SX Pure was interesting, I was completely jazzed by the SXmini Q Class. This is the YiHi vaping device of my dreams! Kindly check out the video above for more details and read on.


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SXmini Q Class: You Can Be My Hero, Baby

YiHi SXmini Q Class

YiHi’s SXmini line of vaping mods have venerably served as hero products for the company’s SX line of chips. In many ways, the SXmini mods remind me of Google’s Nexus line of Android phones; both product lines serve as reference hardware for their respective partners and in both cases I prefer the hero product over the hardware made by their partners.

The SXmini Q Class features the new SX450J chipset. On paper, the SX450J has all the features a vaper could want out of a temperature control device. It fires up to 200 watts and can temperature control commonly used wire material (nickel, titanium, and stainless steel). I believe that YiHi’s SX chips and Evolv’s DNA chips are head and shoulders better than the competition in terms of accuracy and performance.

There are two things that make the SXmini Q Class far more appealing to me than its predecessors. The SXmini Q Class is the first device in the line to use two 18650 batteries. Single-battery variable-wattage mods don’t do much for me and I was thrilled to see YiHi go with two batteries.

Secondly, the SXmini Q Class can be used with the SXi Q Control System software. This expands on the different vape modes YiHi has used before and allows for all sorts of interesting possibilities. While you don’t need to use SXi Q Control System to get a satisfying vape out of the mod, the software appeals to the tech nerd in me.

As I said in the video, the SXmini Q Class is the SXmini mod that I’ve always dreamed about. It’s a must-have device for several people on the Vaping360 team.

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Purify Your Vape

YiHi SX Pure

On the atomizer side, YiHi showed off a reference tank with SX Pure technology. The reference atomizer eschewed traditional wire coils for a proprietary alloy heating element. Whereas traditional coils (both replaceable and rebuildable) last for days or weeks, YiHi claims that SX Pure’s heating element can last for months. Additionally, SX Pure’s heating element can be dry burned to remove residue from cotton and e-liquid.

YiHi claims that SX Pure allows for new levels of flavor clarity and temperature control accuracy. While the coil-less atomizer trend started with Guo Vape’s Altus tank, YiHi aims to use similar technology and expand on it with SX Pure and connectivity with its SXi Q Control System software.

I’m So Excited!

While I’m curious about SX Pure, I’m unabashedly excited for the SXmini Q Class. I strongly suspect that it’ll end up being my favorite vaping device of 2016. After you’ve checked out the video above, please let me know you think of the SXmini Q Class and SX Pure technology in the comments section.

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  • Sam Bass-Cooper

    I cannot wait for that SX Q class to drop! I agree I think it’ll be my favourite mod of 2016!

    • Which color are you thinking, Sam?

  • George

    I won one in a waffle last night, I’m so excited to get it this week. I’ve wished Yihi would offer a dual 18650 mod forever. I’m pumped they’ve finally done it and I won one.