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May 26, 2015

IPV4 Box Mod Review

IPV4 Intro

We review arguably the most anticipated box mod of the year – the IPV4 100W by Pioneer4you. Why is everyone raving so much about the IPV4 you might wonder? Well it the first 100W box mod that will include a temperature control system that works well, all for less than $100. There are already some advanced box mods out there referred to as the M class, which have temperature control, but these devices cost around the $200 mark. This is the first box mod that has a good temperature control system, which actually works, for a price of less than $100! It can also be used in normal wattage mode up to 100W as well, which in itself is already worth its price tag. The fact that it also includes temperature control is a massive bonus and something that will make the IPV4 a massive hit this year.

IPV4 Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • IPV4 Box Mod
  • 3 Month Asmodus Warranty Card
  • Instruction Leaflet
  • Please Note: There is no charging cable as Pioneer4you suggest in their instruction leaflet. If you want to charge without taking the 18650 batteries out you need to purchase a charging cable.


  • YIHI SX330 v4S Chip
  • Clip on/slide on door
  • Dual 18650 batteries (not included with mod)
  • Auto ohm resistance meter
  • Mini USB port for updates
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Battery Low Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Overheat Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 3 Month Asmodus Warranty
  • Wattage: 5W-100W
  • Output Voltage: 1.0-7.0 Volts
  • Input Voltage: 6.2-8.5 Volts
  • Resistance: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
  • Input Current: 1.3A-25A
  • Output Current: 35A
  • Output Temp: 5-50 Joules
  • Standard Resistance: 0.1-3.0 Ohms
  • Joules Resistance: 0.12-1.0 Ohms
  • Temp Limit: 200-580 Fahrenheit (93°C – 304°C)

Notable Remarks

How to use the IPV4 screen and menu

  • Hit the button 5 times to turn on the IPV4 device or to enter the menu system
  • The menu consists of 3 options: System On, Mode Power and Exit On
  • To scroll between these options you use the power button and to select one of the options hit either the plus or minus buttons
  • To switch between temperature control mode (joule mode) and wattage mode you will need to select the “mode power” option which will then allow you to set your desired max temperature in either °C or F. The Temperature power mode is in joule and goes up to 50 joule
  • To exit the menu select the “menu exit” option
  • To turn the IPV4 device off, choose the “system off” option
  • In wattage mode, there are 5 pre-set wattage settings (M1-M5), which you can scroll between using the + button. To change a pre-set wattage, select the one you want to change and then hit the – button. You can now scroll up and down to choose your pre-set wattage. To set that as your new wattage then hit the power button once and it will save that wattage as one of your pre-saved settings
  • To lock the IPV4 screen the manual says to hold + and – down together, however this does not work on my device and I have seen it doesn’t work on other reviewers devices either

How to Use the Temperature Control on the IPV4

To use the temperature control you will need to be using a coil made from Nickel (Ni200) wire. You can use the Kanger Ni200 pre-made OCC heads for the Subtanks for instance, or the SMOK Ni200 for their sub ohm tanks. You can of course also make your own build by purchasing some Nickel wire and making your own coils for an RDA or RTA of your choice.

The first thing you need to do when putting on a new atomizer in temperature mode, is to read the resistance of it. You need to do this with every new atomizer you want to use in temperature control mode. You also need to make sure you do this when the atomizer is cool and not after having been used. To read the resistance hit + and – together in temperature control mode and you are good to go.

You can now select your desired max temperature. What temperature you want to vape at will depend on your personal preference and you set the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The next step will be selecting your joules. I would start out low and work your way up. When the IPV4 reaches the max temperature you have set it to, it will cap the temperature at that level by adjusting the wattage. On an RDA if the coil is approaching a dry hit the IPV4 Yihi chip will cap the temperature until the coil needs more e-liquid at which point it will display “dry coil no liquid”. This means you will not have any nasty dry hits which are also known to release those nasty carcinogens. Vapers can now benefit from a much safer vape, which is why so many people were looking forward to the IPV4 temperature sensing box mod.

The temp control on the IPV4 works fantastically well with RDAs, but one or two people had issues using the Kanger OCC Ni200 coils. I can’t comment on those coils, as are ours are in the post and on the way, so will update that once we try them. We used the Ni200 coils for the SMOK Gimlet and the temperature control worked well on those coils and also on our RDA Nickel builds.

Overall, I was very impressed with the temperature control system on the IPV4 given its very low price tag. Of course it isn’t quite comparable with something like the SX Mini M, but for the price tag, the temp settings works surprisingly well. One thing I would like to have seen displayed on the screen is the actual temperature when firing, which is shown on the SX Mini M for instance. Apart from that though, there isn’t that much of a difference between the temperature control on the IPV4 and the SX M Mini, apart from the fact that the SX Mini M will go up to 60 Joule and the IPV4 only 50 Joule.

How to use wattage mode on the IPV4

Using the wattage mode is pretty self-explanatory and the wattage range on the IPV4 is from 5-100W. It works very well in wattage mode and there is no firing delay at all. You can save 5 custom wattage settings and scroll easily between these using the M1-M5 settings.


Temperature Control and Yihi Chip

We talked about the temperature control on the IPV4 in depth above and we were very impressed with it and it does the job it is meant to do. The fact that you are getting temperature control which isn’t that far off the SX Mini M, all for $80 is absolutely crazy! This device is really setting the bar high when it comes to a temperature controlled device at a budget with 100W of power. You also have the two 18650 batteries which will give you a longer battery life than the SX Mini M. Overall the YIHI SX330 v4S temp sensing Chip works really well with this device.

Amazing Price

You can get the IPV4 for just $72 from Vaporizerchief using our coupon code, through the link at the bottom of the page. For $72 you get a 100W box mod that works fantastically well in wattage mode and that would have already justified the price tag in my opinion. However, you then also get a fully functioning temperature control mode, which actually works very well on the YIHI SX330 v4S Chip. I wasn’t really expecting much on the temperature control side of things given the price tag of the IPV4, but boy oh boy did it really impress!

Aesthetics and Feel

iPV 4 Handcheck with the iSub G
iPV 4 Handcheck with the iSub G

The IPV4 looks a lot nicer than the IPV3 in my opinion and is about the same size. The IPV4 does however; have a lot more rounded, smoother edges making it sit much more nicely in your hand. The rubber battery cover, whilst feeling a tiny bit flimsy, feels really great in your hand when holding the IPV4. The brushed metal finish on the device looks and feels great and the buttons feel nice and sturdy and don’t rattle at all. I don’t like the screen cover at all, but I will get to that later.

Battery Cover

iPV 4 next to the Sigelei 150W
iPV 4 next to the Sigelei 150W

The battery cover comes off really easily. I can’t see any magnets though and everywhere I look online it says the cover is magnetic. It clips nicely into place with little ball bearings and will then only come off again if you apply a good amount of pressure to it – so it won’t be falling off accidentally. The big question is how long the battery cover will last and stay in its original shape. It feels a tiny bit flimsy to me, and it could over time potentially not sit as tight on the mod. Overall though, I love the rubber coated feel on the battery cover and it is super easy to take on and off.

100W and 0.1Ohm Minimum Resistance

If this was a 100W box mod without temperature control, I would be pretty happy. The IPV4 goes from 5-100W and has a lowest resistance of 0.1ohm, perfect for those low ohm builders amongst you. One or two of you might be annoyed that the device isn’t 150W, but to be honest we hardly ever vape above 100W and only do so when reviewing low ohm sub ohm coils. This therefore isn’t an issue for us, but some vapers might have preferred a 150W box mod.

Two 18650s

iPV 4 Battery Compartment
iPV 4 Battery Compartment

One thing that annoys me on the SX Mini M is that you only have the one battery, which means it’s nice and small, but the battery life therefore isn’t the longest. The IPV4 is a lot bigger and heavier, but you can vape away for a good day or two, depending on your build and not have to charge the batteries. You can then easily take your 18650s out and charge them or you can purchase a charging device (doesn’t come with the kit as it says it does!) and charge the device through the charging slot on the back. I like to charge my 18650s in a normal charger as it’s quicker, so I won’t be buying a charging device for mine. As mentioned above the battery cover on the IPV4 comes off really easily, which is great for swapping out those 18650s.

Great Safety Features

The IPV4 comes with a whole plethora of safety features that you would expect from a regulated box mod:

  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Battery Low Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Overheat Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


There is so much to like about the IPV4, but also a few areas that I wished they had sorted before they started selling it. I know companies are always in a rush to be the first on the market with a certain product, but still a little bit of quality checking would be appreciated.

The Screen Brightness

iPV 4 Screen
iPV 4 Screen

This has been picked up on by every reviewer so far and is something that is very annoying. The mirror finish on the screen makes it almost impossible to read sometimes.

How can you make your IPV4 screen brighter? Vapnfagan has a nice little trick in one of his videos, but it involves removing the mirrored protector screen altogether. You can see his vid here for the screen fix. There isn’t any other way of fixing this that I have come across yet. If anyone knows of a trick do let us know!

Poor Manual

The manual on the IPV4 is pretty bad and doesn’t explain how to use the temperature control feature at all. Those new to temperature control will have to read around to work out how to use it. The manual also states that the kit comes with a charging cable, which unfortunately it does not. The IPV4 manual also states that if you hold + and – together it will lock the screen; mine does not lock. These are little things and they are not by any means a deal breaker. They do however give me the distinct impression that they rushed the launch slightly. Having someone re-read the manual would not have hurt!

The Air Flow Slots on the Top Cap

iPV 4 Pin
iPV 4 Pin

A few people have pointed out that the air flow slots on the top cap of the IPV4 are not long enough for tanks that need to get the airflow through the bottom. I won’t be using any such tanks on this mod, so this isn’t an issue for me, but it is something to bear in mind.

The top cap for those who are wondering is 23mm wide and features a spring loaded pin. Don’t try to adjust it with a screwdriver, because you can’t, despite it looking like you can! The threading is buttery smooth and looks like it is fairly high quality that will last for a while.


The IPV4 temperature controlled box mod has lived up to its massive expectation and I can see this device flying off the shelves. Price wise the IPV4 is just unbelievable when you consider the capabilities you are getting. As I said above, I would have been pretty impressed with the IPV4 as just a standard 100W box mod, but the fact that it has a good functioning temperature control chip in it, is the absolute icing on the cake! This is exactly what thousands of vapers have been waiting for.

Many vapers want to enjoy a safer vaping experience using temperature control, but aren’t willing to pay $200 for a temperature controlled m-class device. The IPV4 has absolutely set the bar in terms of price and temperature control and is an unbelievably good value for money device. It has a few little things that can be improved upon, but I am sure they will iron those out in future production runs.

If you are looking for a box mod that can fire up to 100W and has temperature control, then the IPV4S by Pioneer4you is a must have device!

Updated IPV4S:

Pioneer 4 you have now released an updated version of the IPV4 called the IPV4S. The IPV4S can fire up to 120W and comes in a black finish with a screen that no longer has that mirrored finish. It is a much improved version of the original IPV4 and would recommend the newer version over the original.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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This box mod sucks. I was with iPV since iPV3, they are decreasing in quality. Every mod I bought from them dies a year later and goes faulty. I’m sorry, but fuck that. The last mod I couldn’t even update the firmware, no wonder they didn’t do it themselves, it’s impossible, lol. Their customer support are all foreign and so there in lies huge problems if you ever need to reach out to them. After their last mod crapped out on me I went and bought a Tarot Pro Vaperesso. Ir even senses the max wattage and determines what type of coil. After buy my new mod the ‘Vaperesso’ it makes me realize I was a moron for going with such a flawed unit. If you enjoy wasting your money then search no further. Not to mention this mod is ridiculously large in comparison and not very sleek looking, not even the IPV 5 I saw at the vape shop I went to lol. They will not last long.


I have a IPV4s and i want to upgrade my tank into a uwell crown tank, i usually use the mod in watt mode. Is there anything i need to change in the mod setting when i am using a ni200 from uwell crown?

Alex Kendell

You would need to set the IPV4 into TC Ni mode to vape it in TC.

Please take a look at our TC article before you start:


i have been stuck deciding whether to get ipv4s, or the smok xcube 2. please help. i plan on using the uwell crown tank

Alex Kendell

Both are fantastic box mods! The choice is up to you! If you would like further information on the xcube 2 then be sure to check out our review.


I have the IPV3 LI and my boyfriend wants to upgrade from the Magneto 2 to a box mod….
Is this a good choice for him or should we keep looking?

Chris Kendell

Hi Jordan. If he wants TC then the IPV4 is solid cheap option. The Cloupor GT is also another good TC option. If he isn’t fussed about TC, I’d recommend the Eleaf 100W.


This may have already been pointed out (I was only able to scroll through half of the reviews) but, when it comes to locking the device using the + – buttons, it needs to be done when the screen is not lit. When you do so, it will display the ohm resistance & quickly go away before 5 seconds. When you see it go away, release the buttons & try to fire; you’ll see that it won’t fire 🙂

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the info Mrs Moodles!


Why does my mod taste burnt after I put new cotton and coils in it?

Chris Kendell

Are you saturating those coils before using them iszlyynnn? Also what coils are you using in what tank?


When I clean the coils I am putting them in water to clean them, I’m not sure what tank or coils I use. My local vape shop does my coils and I got the tank for free.

Alex Kendell

That is an RDA you have there. The best way to clean the coils is to take the cotton out of the coil and dry fire the coil to burn off all the gunk build up. Once the coil starts to glow you should be good to go. No need to put it in water just dry burn it and leave it a bit to cool off. Chuck in some new cotton and you are good to go.


Just use an alcohol based wipe. The mirror came right off. Tip- mask off all the mirror but where the screen is.

Chris Kendell

We will give that a go and see what happens! Thanks for the tip!


Good enough mostly because of the price, but if you are considering this, with coupon codes the IPV3 LI is out, and under 100, and in every way possible, especially build quality SUPERIOR. I don’t see ANY reason unless this was 49.00 to get this or spend 20 more and have the IPV3 LI . I have both right now, it’s not the SX but the IPV3LI blows the doors off the ipv4 is going to be 49.00 soon, but with any of these to OPTOMIZE , you are looking at a TC tank, nickel refills, and it’s not going to be inexpensive. That , the long term cost should have been addressed in the review. TC is the wave, but it comes at a price, and if you aren’t going to use it, there are many different vapes out there without it that are far better. I buy every new vape that comes out , but I was spending 300-400 on Marlboro monthly so F it, and I have a nice collection of cool things, not cigarette butts..research and wait for the next thing to come out, let the price plummet, and get a deal on things. GREAT ARTICLE VAPE ON.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for your comment Bill. Box mods are coming out so quickly right now, it almost isn’t worth buying one, as soon as you do a better and cheaper one comes out straight after! I am looking forward to trying the IPV3 Li!


That’s for the round robin answer. Hopefully someone can help with the button issue soon…


I was given an ipv4 by a shop owner as a moving away gift. My + button has quit working. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Also, does the wattage round robin if I hold the – button down? I figured I’d ask before I tried and was stuck at the lowest setting. Thanks for any help guys.

Chris Kendell

Hi Rick. Unlucky about the button. I not sure how you can fix it tbh, but perhaps someone else has an idea. FYI the wattage does not round robin on my device, so wouldn’t try that!


I just got mine from Vapor Range for $79.95 (minus 5 bucks in rewards points) yesterday. I agree about the manual being pure trash, however mine came with a six inch long mini USB cable to charge and update firmware with. Seriouly though, who doesn’t have a half dozen mini USBs of varying length sitting around the house?

Mine is a two tone, as pictured in the review, but doesn’t have the reflective screen. The display is nice and bright, even in direct sunlight, while wearing sunglasses.

If you plan on using your own builds on temp control, seek titanium wire. The Ni 200 has a distinct metallic flavor. I fought with some 26g Temco pure nickle wire earlier and even though the coil was .73 Ohms, I kept getting “coil dry” and “short” error messages. The build was a single coil in a Meph, wicked with organic cotton and well wetted with 100% VG juice.

In my Subtank Plus, I’m trying temp control with the Ni 200 OCC Kanger coils. I’m trying to figure out the Joule/temp relation, but it isn’t giving me the warm, moist, flavorful vape that the wattage mode was giving me with the factory .5 Ohm OCC kanthal coils.

My final verdict is that it is well worth it, just for the wattage. The temp control feature is novel, but the learning curve is steeep for a temp control newb. I’d drop $80 on it again, without a question.


What amazes me more than anything else, is the fact that I’ve vaped *at least* 25ml since first getting it yesterday and I still have 1/2 battery life left available if the battery life indicator on the display is to be trusted. Batteries are a pair of two year old MNKE IMR-18650s.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the additional info and your thoughts Matt. Interesting what you say about the Nickel wire having a metallic taste. The temp control definitely takes some time to get used and needs some playing around with. Appreciate your comments and enjoy!


Sure thing. It helps to have feedback from people who have experience with what is being shipped, so I figured my input would be helpful.

I do need to say that, contrary to my previous statement, the USB does *not* charge anything and is used solely for firmware updates.


My buddy got me hooked on the IPV3, so when he walked into my work with the IPV4, I had to try it.
It felt good in my hand with it’s rounded design, much more than the 3. The weight and stiffness felt good as well. I can see some of the concern about the plastic door, but I also love the ease of switching batteries. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some 3rd party colored options. (hoping to put a nice purple cover on my black ipv4)
With a price as cheap as $75, it could easily be double and still a good value.

I’ll try and remember to post an update after mine arrives and i’ve had a few days to try it out.

Chris Kendell

Look forward to seeing what you think of it Wasa!


My ipv4 just arrived today. It I the black model, and it doesn’t have the mirrored display like the silver one. It appears to have a black coating with a clear window and not tinted as I thought it might be.

I’ll post more in a few days and again when I get in my n200 coils.


Okay, been vaping on the iPV4 for 3 days now.
My first impressions are good, a nice and stylish design (other than mirror finish on silver model). It fits comfortably in the hand especially if you like to keep a firm grip.
While the cover is plastic, it seems to be made of ABS which tends to hold up pretty well overtime, and makes changing the batteries a snap (literally).
One improvement I noticed after changing the batteries is that it saves your memory settings, unlike the iPV3. (this was a pet peeve of mine with the iPV3)
One thing that went away, but hopefully will return with an update, is locking the device. I’m still figuring out temp coils, mine just came in today, so I’ll update if I run into any issue/solution that might help others.

pro/con compared to iPV3
Comfortable to grip.
Easy battery swap. (no magnet mods required)
Remembers settings between battery swaps
Temp control.
Easier to change settings (doesn’t jump to even faster speed)
Less expensive than the iPV3 (though I did find one place selling them for $1 possible error or dumping inventory)
Buttons are nice and clicky, and fire button is now a nice size.

No button locking (sorry you’ll have to turn it off or wait for an update)
Thumb firing (it’s slightly less comfortable in my opinion)
Buttons reverse (+ on left, – on right, I seem to already be used to in in 3 days time)
Joules mode, but no option for watts (this is more of a nit pick, but some n200 coils give optimal settings in watts)

While the iPV4 does have some cons, the pros currently outweigh them, and many could likely be fixed with an update.

Some may wonder why I didn’t list the plastic door as a con. My reasoning is that my iPV3 door is already in bad shape due to aluminium being so soft, so they are about the same imho. Also it’s likely we’ll see someone make aftermarket doors in a selection of colors which is a pro in my eyes.

If you have any questions that Chris’ or my short review didn’t answer, feel free to ask.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for sharing this Wasa. Some great additions and things I missed in my review!


No problem Chris, I think each of us are going to focus on some things more than others.
I did find one thing interesting, when I first tried temp control I started on a low temp, like 250f, and by 30j it was throat burning, and it ended up burning the cotton. After checking to see what other people were running at I ended up vaping at 450f and 27j.
I’m not sure if this is due to my lack of knowledge with temp control, or if there is an issue with the temp control.

Chris Kendell

Glad they fixed the mirrored finish on the screen! Enjoy!


To my knowledge the silver model still has the mirrored display. So not sure if we can call this fixed. But hopefully they are taking notes and have a v2 out shortly.


It’s easy. Use any alcohol based wipe after u remove the screen. Mask off all but the display. Just keep rubbing-


A lot of criticism on the build quality of this device as it’s just not as solid feeling as previous P4U offerings in my opinion , especially when comparing it to my iPV III. Disassembled it’s a real mess with mediocre at best part quality.

For the price though it fits , it’s cheaper than some previous offerings so it makes sense corners were cut somewhere , very much looking forward to the new temp controlled chip in the iPV III with a larger fire button and capability to upgrade to 200 watts .

P4U ‘s new D2 looks great as well , Sig will be releasing a new temp controlled 150 watt which will also be upgradable to 200 watts soon.


They actually feel nice and solid. The rubberized plastic battery cover is thick enough that it doesn’t at all feel flimsy and does much more ergonomics than a block of aluminum could ever hope to achieve. I’m not going to void the warranty just to see how the guts look, though. Time will tell about build quality, but initially, I’m happy to be a long term guinea pig.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for your thoughts Chris. I am very looking forward to the Sig 150W temp control! I need to take a look at the P4U D2, as haven’t read to much about it yet.

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