Aspire Nautilus X Review

Nautilus X Intro

Chances are if you vape, you have heard of the Nautilus. Today I am very excited to be taking a look at the latest version of this tank. Last year, manufacturers were mostly focused on sub ohm tanks but perhaps we might see mouth-to-lung vaping make a comeback in 2016. The Nautilus was awesome, but there were still a few things that could have been improved. One, was the rubber insulator on the bottom of the tank, which was hard to clean. Next, was the airflow which made a whistling noise even on the highest setting. They seemed to have improved on the Mini. Last, was the fact that sometimes it was real hard to get it apart. Did they improve these things in the latest version? We will have to take a look and find out…

Nautilus X Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • One Aspire Nautilus X MTL Tank
  • Limited Edition Includes Smoked Glass Tank Section
  • Two 1.5 ohm Kanthal Coils
  • Additional Glass Tank Section


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Full Length Coil Design
  • U Tech Coil Technology
  • Airflow Enters From Top
  • Redirects Down and Back Up
  • Passes through Coil Structure Twice
  • Creates a Flavor Intensive Experience
  • Nautilus X Coil Structure
  • Dual Vertical Coil Structure
  • Organic Cotton
  • 1.5 ohm
  • 14 to 22W
  • 2.5mm Spacing
  • 2ml Tank Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow Slots
  • 4mm by 1mm
  • Anti Leak Design
  • Gold Plated Contact
  • 22mm by 45mm
  • Chassis
  • 10mm by 7.5mm
  • Delrin Drip Tip Sleeve
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Food Grade Delrin Drip Tip Sleeve


Notable Remarks

Aspire Nautilus X UTECH Airflow

The first thing I noticed was how small it really is. The Nautilus X appears to be shorter than even some RDA’s! With its ultra-low-profile design you only get 2 mL capacity, fortunately meeting TPD requirements for UK vapers. I would love to see a bigger version in the future, but at least it still won’t burn through your liquid like a sub ohm tank will.

Aspire is using a new technology with these coils called U-tech. Essentially the air flows down one side of the coil until it passes though the other side in a U-formation before it reaches the mouthpiece. Each coil head comes out to approximately 1.5 ohms and performs up to 22W.

From the outside, they look very much like the original Nautilus coils except you screw them to the top, instead of the base. One of my favorite things about this tank is that filling it is stupid easy. It is like filling a cup, very much like the Cubis. Since the airflow is coming from two small holes on top, leakage is virtually impossible as long as you don’t ever overfill it.

Aspire Nautilus X Packaging

Of course the quality and packaging is mint. If you have ever bought an authentic Aspire product then you know exactly what I mean. They are one of my favorite manufacturers because they obviously have a very high standard for quality control. It comes in a tiny box with a spare coil and glass tank. Very minimalistic stylish and unique packaging and although that has nothing to do with the product itself, it speaks volumes about what Aspire is all about. Oh yea, and the bottom o-ring is removable which solves the original Nautilus/Atlantis issue with that rubber insulator that was essentially the browser history of every e-liquid you have ever vaped.

The airflow controller can be a little bit tricky to find. You have to turn the top part of the tank until you start to see tiny holes open up on the mouthpiece. Seeing these holes in low lighting is extremely difficult. I am using it wide open right now and still getting a mouth-to-lung hit that I am happy to say has a little bit more airflow than the Nautilus Mini. I just think after being spoiled with all these subtanks and rda’s, airflow becomes an addiction. Much props to Aspire for achieving the perfect amount of restrictiveness for a mouth-to-lung tank! One thing I do miss from the old Nautilus was how the airflow locked in place, that was great for us OCD vapers!


Aspire Nautilus X Coils

I am definitely a direct-lung-inhale type of guy but that being said, this is the perfect little tank for me when I am on the go. I don’t like blowing huge clouds in public all the, time that attracts too much attention, which is something I usually don’t have to time deal with. I put the Nautilus X on my Mini Volt on 20W which was more than enough power for this little badboy. The 1.5 ohm coils should get me almost a full day of battery life on this little mod.

The flavor has been great so far. I think the low-profile design paired with new U-tech coils really lends itself to some bold, intense flavor. The clouds have been good for this type of tank also. Unlike the original Nautilus, this thing is completely cleanable so you don’t have to ever taste your last liquid. I have not had any issues changing flavors so far, so that is a big win!

Aspire Nautilus X Front

I have not had any leakage either, aside from when I overfilled it. I did have a bit of gurgling after filling once, but I think that was just because some juice had leaked into the coil while it was sitting. This subsided shortly and it was smooth sailing from that point on. One more thing worth mentioning is the mouthpiece can start to get a little hot at around 20W with long draws. If you’re taking regular sized puffs at 15W this is a non-issue.

I think the tank just looks awesome. They took a lot of design cues from the Cleito, and a few from the Cubis. I think at this point Aspire knows how to pump out high-quality gear. The Nautilus X is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap.

Last but not least, I tried this tank out with a bunch of 70-80% VG blends and not one dry hit as long as I am at 22W and below. The big wicking holes on the coil heads are probably one of the main reasons behind this.


  • TPD Compliant
  • Sleek Low-Profile Design
  • Handles high-VG liquid
  • Improved airflow
  • Great mouth-to-lung draw
  • Super easy to fill


  • 2mL capacity
  • Drip gets hot when taking big draws at 22W
  • Airflow control hard to find/see


Honestly, this was everything I could have hoped for in a new Nautilus. The cons for it are minor, however I still feel that it is our duty to mention them. The best part about this tank is the fact that it is a mouth-to-lunger with big flavor, something you expect from sub ohm tanks. They took MTL vaping to the next level with this one. I would highly recommend it to people who prefer that style of vape, or just smokers who are looking to purchase their first tank. The legacy of the Nautilus continues with this awesome new device, tell us your Nautilus story…

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.

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My coils burn out very fast. 50/50 blend, at 13W (i went up to 18W but when i went through 4 coils in a week, i took it down), primed for 5-10 minutes on first use and still within two days the coil starts spouting out brown. Very unfortunate.


Love my Nautilus X!! However I have recently had a problem with refilling the tank. Curious if anyone else has experienced this, When i take the top off to refill, the coil unscrews from the bottom not from the top. I have cleaned it thoroughly but it continues to happen. Also, I have had two coils fall apart and both have been fairly new.


Grab the 1.8ohm coils and maybe the 4 ml extension tank adapter. Totally changed my outlook on this little dude. I didn’t mind the 1.5’s but compared to the 1.8’s it’s like a new atty. The 4ml tank extension also helps keep the drip tip cooler for those longer puffs:)


Just wanted to say that I too recently purchased a nautilus x and so far I’m not really impressed, the problem being I have two of the Aspire Pockex pens and once you try them nothing really compares. I thought with the nautilus x being the same idea as the pockex it would be an excellent buy but for me it’s not I’m afraid ?


I’m new to vaping and the past week I spent more and more money discovering what I needed and wanted. I bought a couple eleaf istick basics to start with and planned to give them as gifts to friends. They have also quit smoking and started vaping now I was first upgraded to the eleaf istick 20 W with a nautilus mini tank I was happy with it except the battery was not impressive neither was the basic they never lasted for me, and it didn’t do nautilus justice the seal gasket was gunked so bad from absorbing liquid it just made everything taste nasty. I received it as a gift from my boss who was not fond of vaping, but I guess it was not taken care of. After replacing the coil tank and gasket I bought a second nautilus mini tank. I generally carry 2 now for different flavors and how I feel, I was still unhappy with my mod and didn’t understand much about them. I did some research decided to stick with eleaf and even tho I didn’t understand the other modes of the istick power 80W i bought it for the sustainable life, I keep learning and testing new things everyday but I finally ended up with what I feel comfortable with. I purchased the Nautilus X tank, I also got the 4 ml extension for flavors I love I generally use the 1.5 coils I’m not very fond of the 1.8 for my coils, and depending on the flavor I generally use it between 17 and 20 watts. I now puff all day almost everyday and love it, I work on a construction site and to say this tank and new battery makes me feel great is never enough to me. It’s easy to fill and understand and with my istick power makes and amazing combo I won’t ever put down or give away. I don’t find any cons with what I vape with and I love being able to have the simple battery mod. I wish I knew more when I started but I’m happy where I am at now.


Hello, I have had the Aspire X for a total of 1 week and 3 days……I am soooooo disappointed in this tank. First and foremost I went thru 4 coils within this time frame because after 1 – 2 days the tank wasn’t producing any vapie. I started using the tank with a brand new eleaf ipower at 14W. The flavor pay off is non existent and it has been gathering juice at the top of the coil…which then gets in my mouth when I go in for a drag….


Also…the drip tip is proprietary…you can’t use your own tips, which is a big fail on Aspire’s part. And the air-hole is just one extremely tiny airhole. But this is my favorite of all the tanks I have. NEVER leaks, vapes beautifully and the 2 mls lasts forever. Hoping price of coils goes down and I WANT an RBA deck for this one for sure!


I wanted a stealth MTL outfit & the NX fit the bill almost perfectly. I have it on an eleaf ipico & it makes a very small form factor. I vape high vg & it’s no problem for the x. Vape around 16 to 18 watts & get a nice throat hit. The vapor is just right for not causing any undue attention. The whole setup disappears in my hand. A plus is if I want a nice subohm vape I can just put the Melo Mini that came with the ipico on, the ipico goes to 75 watts, it’s a nice tank to with 0 leakage. My only complaint is that a lonnggg draw at 18w makes the mouth piece to hot & there are no other choices available for the tip as it’s not a standard 510.


Iv bought this and it is terrible, the flavor is not there at all it’s like puffing on cardboard and it gets very hot even at 14ohms as well as the fact that the airflow is not worth a bollux for mouth to lung hitters because you take a pull and automatically want to lung inhale because it’s to airy! Yes it’s easier to fill and clean and it never leaks but it pails in comparison to the nautilus mini.


I’ve just began using this tank a few days ago. This thread is right on time.


Hi all
I love my Nauti mini, it has helped me reduce my cigs from 30 a day to 10 a day over the last 3 months and it’s getting better day by day. So when I found out about the X and read all the positive reviews I enthusiastically went and got one.
I was crushed!!!
At 14w the tip burned my lips after the first draw.reduced it to 12w and it still was uncomfortable to use . I pushed myself to use it for a day and the flavour was muted at first until it completely disappeared.
I have shelved it ever since. Using a joytec evic mini and a 60/40 vg/pg juice.
Any thoughts, am I doing anything wrong?
Thanks and peace to all.


i agree with all this naut x is overrated muted taste , doesnt even compare to mini naut


I find the taste in the Naut X the best I’ve gotten since the Crown tank, which is famous for flavor.

Dave @ Vaping 360

Hey Sherif, first of all congrats on cutting down smoking. Hope you can quit some day. I can’t tell you if you did anything wrong because I wasn’t there. Did you prime your coil? Did you try the replacement coil? What position was your airflow? Wide open or closed?

That is crazy, 14w?! I did write how the mouthpiece gets hot at higher temperatures when chain vaping but definitely not below 15 watts. Did you try the replacement coil it comes with? Sometimes these pre-made coils are not perfect, that is what I don’t like about ’em.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting back to me. I did not try the replacement coil, but I did take everything apart and put it back together and that did not change anything. It did not occur to me that the coil could be defective since I’ve had excellent performance from the BVCs I have been using on my Nauti mini.

I’ll try the replacement coil and let you know what happens but it will take a couple of days since I am on the road this week.

Thanks again for getting back to me.

Peace to all

Dave @ Vaping 360

Ok nice, best of luck to you Sherif!


Hey Dave,

Hope all is good on your side.

Ok, so I washed out the tank, reconnected the same cool and filled her up with 60/40 vg/pg . Hit the button and had a nice 3 second draw @ 14 w ,, not as bad as the first time I thought ,,, cranked it up slowly to get my sweet spot,, hit it @ 15.5 w,,,very different experience,,, I now crave vaping on the Nauti X.

I think you need to break in the coils first,,the tip started to get hot at 16.5w,, the flavour is pretty decent,, but best of all the draw is so smooth,, I alternate between the mini and X but I’m slowly developing a preference for the X for function and performance,, still luv the mini though,,thanks and have a great one,,,

Dave @ Vaping 360

Nice! Thanks for the feedback, glad you are enjoying both of your Nautilus tanks, Sherif.


I am glad I was introduced to vaping 3 1/2 years ago when it first started to become a thing. The guy working the kiosk in my local mall was the one who got me to notice it. Volcanoe E-cigs was the brand. This was during the heyday of vaping when the pens were all the rage. I used 32mg strength tobacco flavored liquid believe it or not! I was smoking about a pack a day for 18 years until then, so I needed the closest thing to a cigarette I could find. It worked and somehow I was able to put down the cigarettes that day and never look back. I have been cigarette free for 3 1/2 years thanks to ecigs. Vaping has come a long way since then. Aspire Nautilus has been my tank of choice for the last 2 years of vaping. It has given me the feeling of smoking because of its excellent mouth to lung hits it provides. I do have to use 12mg strength eliquid though. I am vaping at 13 watts as well.
I am interested in knowing if the Nautilus X would help me lower my strength from 12mg to 6mg? Is it possible to get a similar MTL hit with the X? Maybe if I vape at a higher wattage, like 18 or 20w? Thank you for any answers.
-Dave S


the coil lasts about 5 days before its like vaping a bus exhaust


Bring temp coils for the nautlius x already the coil lasts about 5 days before itsl ike svaping a bus exhaust


Hello to you guys 🙂
I read the review and become interested in buying one of these.
My question is.. I am a MTL guy, until now, my main tank as been the kangertech AeroTank (both versions) and using the 1.5 or 1.2 coils. About 2 months ago i switched to Eleaf Gs-Tank with 1.2 or 1.5 colis.
What i am feeling now is that the Gs-Tank does not give me that much flavor as the AeroTank’s give, although it gives more air flow.
Do you think this could be an upgrade? Or is it better to go for something like the Cubis Pro?


Dave @ Vaping 360

The Nautilus X and the Cubis Pro have a lot in common actually, both good options. Sometimes too much airflow can destroy your flavor, whereas less can increase it. All I can say is that I am a bigger fan of Aspire’s atomizers than Joyetech, both good though. (Joyetech may be a little bit better at creating mods however in my opinion)


Dave, This is my second Aspire tank. I had the original Nautilus, and when I saw the Natilus X at VPX Vegas, I got one right away. After using it daily for over a month, I have two comments.

First, I agree that this redesigned Nautilus provides an excellent draw. I have dropped down to 6mg and don’t crave nicotine at all, even though I’d been on 12mg for over a year with my old tank.
Second, and most importantly, since the tank is a bit smaller than the original Nautilus, I am adding juice more often. The top of the tank is quite a pain to get off. There is a row of non-functional scoring marks running vertically on the top ring of the tank and the bottom. This scoring is useless if it was put there to help get the top off. More often than not the entire tank wants to unscrew, rather than just the top coming off.
I can crank the tank tightly to my mod using pliers, which prevents the whole tank from unscrewing when I try to unscrew the top. But this is ridiculous. Had the same issue with the first Nautilus.

Aspire needs to make usable ‘grips’ so the top comes off easily.

Other than that, it is a great tank. But I’m afraid I’ll be looking for a new tank like the SMOK TFV4 with a hinged top, so I don’t have to mess with a top that is such a pain to get off.

If you have any suggestions on how to get the top off easier, or a suggestion for another easy to refill tank, let me know. 🙂


I coat the threads with ejuice and don’t tighten it very tight. seems to help,

Alex Kendell

Hey Mary, I too have had this issue. Sometimes it unscrews the coil with it and sometimes it just doesn’t come off (what where you thinking Aspire?). I don’t have the issue anymore since I put a vapeband around the top cap. It works out really well, you just have to hold the tank in place otherwise it will unscrew from the mod. If you are going to use a vapeband for the Nautilus X make sure the top cap is dry otherwise the vapeband will slip. Oh and I suggest going for the thinnest vapeband you can find. Let me know if you try it!


Good review of the tank thank you, I got mine today and plan to start using it tomorrow, I did see on the aspire site that there is a 4ml extension kit for this so that might be worth looking into depending on how quickly it goes through the juice

Dave @ Vaping 360

Nice! I didn’t even know about the extension. Sounds good. You can probably get around a day out of it with the extension. You might need to refill once but it’s super easy to do!


A few days in and:

1. I’m a weenie.
2. I’m a weenie.
3. I’m a weenie.

Still smoking. Damn.

I do love the X. The vape is magnificent and at 12MGs, I am not spinning out of control.

It’s me, all me.

Dave @ Vaping 360

Hey Barry hope you are doing well, it is not easy at first for everyone. Best of luck!



I think I’m good, but am still in the cig reduction program. I am working on it and WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

I’ve been smoking since I was 15 and am reimaging my brain.

Dave @ Vaping 360

You got the right attitude Barry, stick with that vape life! Best of luck to you.



Thank you Dave…. I ended up not liking the X because of the low juice capacity and odd, intermittent tastes. Switched tanks.


Here are my first impressions from a sub ohm(er) and MTL novice.

1. Finding a sweet spot to enjoy a visual vapor trail has been difficult. I understand the atomizer is not going to produce clouds, but also expected more vapor

2. The coil produces an odd metallic taste if the wick is not completely saturated with juice. Again, this is because I am a novice. I don’t know if the coil is ruined, but am a bit frustrated.

3. Vaping 18MG is my sweet spot. Yes, it is mildly peppery, but I need to power through and avoid cigarettes.

4. The air flow control is damn near impossible to see using the black unit. I need a light and my bi-focals. Oh age, please take me back!



You’re doing something wrong…and believe me it’s hard to do something wrong with this tank because it’s the simplest tank I’ve ever seen. Mine produces big clouds…maybe your juice is all PG? And bring down that 18mg! ha


You vape 18mg sub ohm!? Jesus christ man

Alex Kendell

I think he is talking about the Nautilus X. MTL and not sub ohm.


When using the Nautilus mini i use 18mg liquid, would 18mg in the Nautilus X be too strong? I had to lower the nic in the Triton Mini


No sir. 18 MG is going to feel the same I believe. I pulled out my mini, while waiting for the X. It is similar.


Thank you for replying and have just primed my tank. Once it sits for a few, I’ll be ready to go.

I’ll let you know. Barry


The throat hit you get using a 50/50 liquid, rather than the 80/20’s used in sub ohming is much more akin to the feeling from smoking. Have tried a sub tank too, and although the taste is much better, found it less satisfying, so went back to my Aspire clearomizer, until I upgraded to the Nautilus Mini, which I have been using ever since…so if the X is an upgrade on the Mini it should suit you much better than a sub tank.
I’m 9 months without a cigarette now…happy days! 🙂


Hi – I am so happy for you. The 50/50 was a little too harsh on my sinuses and ended up gong to a 60/40. For me, it makes a difference.


pg/vg ratio

70/30 nautilus & nautilus mini
60/40 nautilus & nautilus mini + triton mini
50/50 nautilus x
40/60 atlantis evo & cleito rta
30/70 cleito


How did you power through without a cig?


Because I wanted to quit…after a week on a decent e-cig, the novelty of the flavours, plus the fact I had no craving, plus the fact it’s saving me about £200 a month meant I had absolutely no wish to go back to smoking…it stinks, it’s expensive and it will probably kill me.

Think I’ve tried a fag twice in the last 9 months, and both were horrible!!

Am a few weeks in with the X now…took a while to get used to it, and out of the box it has quite a plastic/metallic taste, but this goes quick enough…and you need to get the right flavour as some of my old faces weren’t as great. Am now smoking a 10mg Rhubarb and custard flavour and it’s lovely on the X, I am very much so sold.

Only major complaint is how quickly I’m getting through the liquid, but that’s the price you pay for the increased flavour. I prob need to drop my nicotine strength a little more bearing mind how quickly I’m going through the liquid…

Otherwise happy days!!

Brandon Based Devonte Holden

Same as this guy. I picked up an ecig starter kit, 12 MG strength extreme ice juice and cigs were history for me.


I also have ordered. I have 2 Crowns and am anxious to compare the taste.

For me, I have been trying desperately to quit smoking, find that using a sub ohm is NOT the way to go and believe the X will make a significant impact.

Why? Because it will help reproduce the MTL like a stinky.

What do you think?

Dave @ Vaping 360

Sounds like a good plan Barry. The mouthpiece definitely will give you that cigarette-like draw but the airflow is actually quite nice for a mouth-to-lunger. Hope you enjoy it!


Just ordered my Nautilus X, and looking forward to seeing how it compares with my Nautilus Mini. I have both a Pegasus Mini mod (which I got when I tried the Triton 2 Mini only to find I’m not really into sub ohming…much prefer MTL), and a CF VV 1600mAh ego battery, and the only shame is the new X won’t fit on the CF battery…no vanity ring is included and its several mm wider, which is a shame as I use the Cf VV as my every day day battery.
Otherwise can’t wait…be interesting to see how much better the flavour is compared to sub ohming, whilst still getting that throat hit us MTL’s like…:-)

Dave @ Vaping 360

The Nautilus X definitely has that little throat hit you are looking for in my opinion. I actually have it on the original Pegasus right now and I gotta say it looks pretty sweet.

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