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September 18, 2015

Innokin iSub Apex Sub Ohm Tank Review

Innokin iSub Apex Intro

We take a look at Innokin’s latest iSub sub ohm tank, the Apex. The Innokin Apex is a top filling sub ohm tank that features their new Prism convection air flow system. The air flow draws air from the top as opposed to drawing air from the bottom. This is apparently meant improve flavor and also reduce leakages.

The Apex uses the same coils as on the previous iSub tanks. The Apex continues to use the ‘No Spill Coil Swap System’ that really impressed us on the other iSub tanks. This allows users to take out and swap the coils without any major spilling.

A big thanks to Innokin for providing this tank for review!


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Innokin iSub Apex Specs and Features

Innokin iSub Apex Package Content
Innokin iSub Apex Package Content
  • 1x Apex Sub Ohm Tank
  • 2 x 0.5 ohm coils
  • 2 x Drip Tips (stainless steel and pyrex)
  • Various spare ‘O’ rings
  • User manual
Innokin iSub Apex Disassembled
Innokin iSub Apex Disassembled
  • Price: around $30
  • Wattage Range: 0.5ohm (20-35W)
  • Tank Capacity: 3ml
  • Coils Available: 2.0Ω, 0.5Ω and 0.2Ω
  • Wicking material: 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • RBA: RBA coming soon
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.5ohm Coil

Innokin iSub Apex 0.5 Ohm Coil
Innokin iSub Apex 0.5 Ohm Coil

20W – Cool whispy vape
25W – Cool vape with decent vapor. Flavor is lacking slightly
30W – A nice warm vape with nice plumes of vapor. I am still finding the flavor slightly muted
35W – My preferred wattage. A nice warm vape and massive clouds of vapor. The flavor was better at 35W, but still didn’t compare to some of my favorite sub ohm tanks.

The Apex vaped very solidly when used on the Innokin Disrupter and with a 75% VG e-juice. We didn’t get any dry hits at the recommended wattages, even when chain vaping. I would recommend using the Apex between about 27W – 35W to get the most flavor from your e-liquid.


Easy to Use Top Fill

Innokin iSub Apex Top Fill
Innokin iSub Apex Top Fill

Having reviewed other more complicated top fill systems like the Triton and Sense Cyclone, it was refreshing to experience a really easy to use top fill with the Apex. It is simply a case of twisting the top open and filling the tank through the two holes that appear on either side of the lid. The holes are big enough to not spill any e-juice when re-filling. Twist the top back to closed and you are good to vape. It is very simple to use and makes re-filling a piece of cake. We really enjoyed using this top fill system.

No Leakages

The Prism convection system seems to do the job on the Apex. Previously, we have had issues with leakages with some top fill sub ohm tanks and it seems to be a recurring issue. The air flow from the top, seems to help eliminate leaking on this sub ohm tank. We didn’t have any dreaded leaking through the air flow holes!

No Spill Coil Swap System

Innokin iSub Apex Easy Coil Swap System
Innokin iSub Apex Easy Coil Swap System

The Innokin Apex uses the same coils as the previous iSub tanks and uses the same no spill coil swap system. This works really well and makes swapping coils much easier than on other sub ohm tanks. It’s a really nice hassle-free way of swapping coils and I really enjoy using this feature.

Prism Convection System

The Apex uses a slightly different air flow system to the other sub ohm tanks and Innokin calls it a prism convection system. Here is an explanation from their site:

"Innokin’s advanced new design, Prism Flavor+, boosts flavors to bring out the best in your favorite eliquids. The patented Prism convection airflow system draws in air through the dual, raised, adjustable intakes, down into the heated outer chamber and then back up through the vaporizer coils, delivering maximum flavor and also minimizing leakage. The interior design of the iSub-Apex Prism system further focuses and enhances your eliquid vapor, delivering an exceptional burst of flavor with every vape."

As I mentioned leaking wasn’t an issue and this is probably down to the new Prism convection system used on the Apex. However, I didn’t really notice the flavor to be any better than on the other Innokin iSub sub ohm tanks.


3ml Tank Capacity

Innokin iSub Apex Plastic Drip Tip
Innokin iSub Apex Plastic Drip Tip

I was really disappointed with the 3ml tank capacity. I know the Apex has a really easy to use top fill system, but I would have still preferred a larger tank. 3ml is nothing when chucking out clouds on those 0.5ohm coil heads. I think 4-5ml needs to be the minimum tank capacity on a sub ohm tank, as otherwise you just spend all day re-filling with e-juice.

Steaming up of Glass

When vaping the Apex the pyrex glass on the inside of the steel casing fogs up. This makes it a little tricky to see how much e-juice you have left in the tank. You can rinse the tank out after you have finished vaping and this will remove the condensation built up on the glass.


Innokin iSub Apex
Innokin iSub Apex

I am not the biggest fan of how the Apex tank looks. In my opinion it looks a little bit ugly! I don’t really care about the looks of a tank as long as it vapes well. However, I felt compelled to voice my thoughts on how it looks, as it’s a bit of an ugly duckling in my opinion.

The Tank Can’t be Fully Taken Apart

The Apex can’t be fully taken apart, which for me isn’t really an issue as you can still rinse it out easily. However, if you are one of those people who likes to give the whole tank a really thorough clean out, then the Apex might not be for you.


The Apex sub ohm tank is a very solid sub ohm tank and vapes very well. It has a really easy to use top fill system that works well. Innokin’s Prism convection system provides great air flow and ensures the tank doesn’t leak. If you are tired of leaking top fill sub ohm tanks, then the Apex could be worth a try! The “no spill easy to swap coil system”, we are used to from the original iSubs, is also a fantastic feature that we really enjoy using.

The flavor is pretty decent on the 0.5ohm coil head. It isn’t going to blow your mind like the Crown or TFV4, but it’s pretty solid and provides an enjoyable vape. The coil also does a great job of wicking max VG e-liquids.

The 3ml tank capacity might be a bit off putting for some.

Due to its ease of use, I’d recommend the Apex for those looking to try out the world of sub ohm clearomizers for the first time.


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Hello. Any other tanks that have easy coil swap system?

Alex Kendell

Innokin seem to be the only ones doing it at the moment.


Interesting, I just ordered one to try it for myself, as the reviews are conflicting. Some say it lacks flavour, some say it comes close to the Crown, others say it beats the Crown. What flavours did you try in it?

Alex Kendell

Hey, we used Fa-Q Funky Monkey like we do with all of our sub ohm tanks. I would not say that the flavor is better than the Crown, but that is just my opinion. The Crown still is the best tasting tank on the market.


The Crown is my favourite tank too. Although, with a few certain citrus and berry flavours, my iJust 2 tank outperformed the Crown, flavour-wise. Have you ever tried Cosmic Fog’s ‘The Shocker’ in the Crown? It literally tasted worse in the Crown than all my other tanks. Just goes to show, the juice being used really matters.

Alex Kendell

We try and use intense flavored e-liquids to see how the flavor comes through on different tanks. The iJust 2 is a fantastic device and we loved the flavor. We have tried quite a few e-liquids using the Crown and they were all fantastic but then again it all comes down to personal opinions.

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