Kanger Ceramic Coils Review

Sam Bass-Cooper
June 2, 2016

Kangertech Ceramic Coils Intro

Today I am taking a look at the latest vape coils for the Subtank series from Kangertech, this time with new ceramic wicking technology. A lot of ceramic coil tanks have hit the market lately and Kanger didn’t want to miss the party. And with the release of the GCeramic coils from Atom Vapes, Kanger have now released their very own ceramic coil head. Let’s take a look at how they perform.

Kangertech Ceramic Coils Specs and Features

  • 5x Kangertech ceramic 0.5Ω coils
  • 5Ω coils
  • Porous ceramic wicking material
  • 35-60w

Notable Remarks


Kanger Ceramic Coils

The coils come in a neat presentation box with each coil in its own foil pack, similar to other coils and almost like a pack of pills, which has always puzzled me but hey it is what it is. A nice presentation and with no damage I can’t complain. Simple but effective.

Offering a new form of wicking utilising porous ceramic as a wicking material rather than cotton these coils come as a direct competitor to the GCeramic coils manufactured by Atom Vapes.

Vaping the Kangertech Ceramic Coils

Kanger Ceramic Inside of Coil

These coils have a very smooth draw to them, a very pleasurable vape experience. Whilst they are most certainly not designed for cloud chasing, the vapour production is okay. Nothing special but it’s okay, nice and dense just not huge amounts.

As for flavour, that is where these coils shine. They really bring out the flavour in your e-liquids. Using a Subtank Mini, (a tank known to be a beast for flavour) these coils complemented the set up fantastically! In comparison to the coils from Atom Vapes they didn’t quite match up though.

If the Atom Vapes coils were a 10/10 for flavour, I’d put these at an 8-8.5/10. Not far behind but just about noticeable. That isn’t to say the flavour is bad, far from it. These coils are far superior to the standard Kanger coils in terms of flavour; they just don’t quite match up to the GCeramic coils.

As for wattage; whilst these coils can exceed their wattage rating, it is rather hot. I really liked vaping these coils at around 50w a nice warm vape with plenty of flavour and ok vapour production.

If you prefer to vape at higher wattages, these would be your best bet out of the Kanger coils and the Atom Vapes coils as the GCeramic coils are 0.9Ω and don’t vape as well at higher wattages.



  • As I’ve stated, the flavour I get from these coils is fantastic! Much better than the stock Kanger coils and better than almost any other coil on the market right now.

0.5Ω coils

  • I like how these are standard 0.5Ω coils, I found the AtomVapes coils to be a little too restrictive being 0.9Ω so having these as more of a standard sub ohm resistance worked really well for me.


Leaking issues

  • I have found these coils to leak a little more often than some other standard coils; especially if you get the priming wrong. Instead I prefer to fill up the tank and let it sit instead of priming the coil. I’d like to see the leaking addressed.

Ramp up time

  • These coils do have a significantly longer ramp up time than other standard coils, the first couple of hits don’t really perform but once the ceramic heats up the performance starts to really shine!


These coils are a fantastic addition to the subtank range. Rivalling the AtomVapes GCeramic coils in terms of flavour and having beaten them in cloud production, these coils have impressed me!

Unfortunately the leaking and ramp up time leave me thinking it is better to stick with cotton wicked coils but these were definitely a strong first attempt from Kangertech.

A great coil for the subtank and slightly cheaper than the AtomVapes coils if you have a Kanger Subtank and want to give ceramic a go, these would be my recommendation.

Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.


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The old BDC coils for aero tank are also so packed like big pills. Nice review.

Jason George
Jason George

Most kanger coils are packed like pills… OCC, SSOCC, VOCC, EVOD coils, all come in pill type packaging…


Indeed. Few days ago I bought to my brother Joyetech AIO and some spare BFSS316 coils. Guess what. They came same packed like Kanger coils.

Eric Austin
Eric Austin

Every Kanger tank I have had… Had a leaking problem.. An my last Kanger was 2 years ago. So I guess the leaky Kanger tank problem will never be fixed. Seeing that even with the production of a new ceramic coil they still leak. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s hit or miss with Kanger products. I prefer SMOK.. Never had an issue with leaks.. An I drive up and down a mountain regularly. Altitude change can cause a vape to leak. Again never had a problem with SMOK. Maybe someday I could enjoy Kanger.. But for now in my book… Read more »

Rizky Syazuli
Rizky Syazuli

I agree with most of the things reviewed here. But in terms of flavor, these ceramic coils have this weird taste of ceramic when you first inhale.

Sure it takes some time to heat up the coil as the review mentions. But that taste still sticks. Definitely prefer the cotton coils.

Btw. I’m using the protank that comes with the subox mini-c.

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