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January 27, 2016

Uwell Rafale Review - Can It Top the Crown?!

Uwell Rafale Intro

Many of you have probably tried the Uwell Crown sub ohm tank and it remains our favourite tank to date, despite having reviewed over 40 other sub ohm tanks. Uwell have been very quiet and unlike other manufacturers they haven’t released many follow on versions of the Crown, bar a few different colors. In fact there was nothing much to improve upon on the Crown, so there wasn’t any need for any updates. Well Uwell have now broken their silence and have released a completely new sub ohm tank called the Rafale.

We have heard quite a few different pronunciations for this tank, so we had a little Google. I believe the Rafale is pronounced like the French pronunciation: ​[ʁafal], literally meaning “gust of wind”. Others have been referring to it as the “Rafael”, so call it whatever you want, we are sticking to the French pronunciation.

A big thanks to Monica at Uwell for sending us some Rafale tanks for review.

Let’s take a look at the Rafale below and see how it compares to the Crown!

Uwell Rafale Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • One Uwell Rafale Parallel Coil Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 2 ohm Parallel 316 Stainless Steel Coil (Preinstalled)
  • 5 ohm Parallel 316 Stainless Steel Coil
  • Additional O-Rings
  • Additional Quartz Glass Tank Section
  • Uwell Sticker
  • Manual
  • and Authenticity Card


  • Price: $35 – $44.99
  • Wattage Range: 40-80W (0.5ohm) 60-120W (0.2ohm)
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm 316 Stainless Steel Parallel Coils & 0.1Ohm Ni200
  • Wicking material: Organic Japanese Cotton
  • RBA: Vertical RBA deck available (purchased separately)
  • Diameter: 24mm

Notable Remarks

Capture the King

Uwell are doing a golden ticket type experience, whereby you can get hold of one of the 500 limited edition Rafale tanks. There are 500 in the first production run of 100 000 tanks. Make sure to keep an eye out for those special editions!

Uwell Rafale vs. the Crown

Uwell Rafale vs Crown
Uwell Rafale vs Crown

Let’s take a quick look at how the Uwell Rafale differs from the Crown tank.

  • 5ml tank capacity (Crown had 4ml)
  • Larger air flow
  • Vastly improved packaging and documentation (best packaging for a tank I have come across)
  • Larger 24mm diameter
  • New top fill (prefer the one on the Crown though)
  • Non removable drip tip that comes with a removable silicon “condom”
  • New vertical RBA system
  • Nicer aesthetics on the Rafale
  • Rafale kit only comes with two coils (Crown came with 3)
  • New coils (non compatible with the Crown coils)
  • The Rafale is shorter in height than the Crown
Uwell Rafale 0.5 and 0.2 Coils
Uwell Rafale 0.5 and 0.2 Coils

I went through the recommended wattages for this coil and I would recommend vaping it between 60-70W. I had no spit-back issues or dry hits at all.

Uwell Rafale 0.5 vs Crown 0.15 Ni200 Coil
Uwell Rafale 0.5 vs Crown 0.15 Ni200 Coil

I went through the recommended wattages for this coil and I would recommend vaping it between 85 – 100W. Again no spit back issues and the flavor was outstanding at those high wattages.


We are going to talk about flavor in this section as it is neither a “Like” or “Dislike”. The Crown has been our favourite sub ohm tank thus far in terms of flavor, so the Rafale has a lot to live up to. In our opinion the flavor on the Rafale is roundabout up there with the Crown, having used the 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm coils. The coils take a little while to break in, but once they do, the vape is fantastic. We preferred the 0.2ohm coil head when it came to flavor. The flavor isn’t however an improvement over the Crown, so if you are happy with the flavor on the Crown, there is no real need to get the Rafale, unless you are interested in the other improvements that the Rafale offers. This is our personal opinion and as always we would love to hear what our readers have to think in the comments below.


5ml Capacity

The Crown has a 4ml tank capacity which isn’t bad, but having that extra 1ml on the Rafale does help, given that these tanks guzzle so much e-juice.

Build Quality

Uwell Rafale Aesthetics
Uwell Rafale Aesthetics

The Rafale is extremely very well crafted and you can tell Uwell took their time with this tank. The coils and tank itself were all squeaky clean with no traces of machine oil anywhere. The glass is made from Quartz and the tank is made from Stainless Steel. The tank is easily taken apart and overall the tank feels well put together and a lot simpler than the Crown.

Packaging and Documentation

Uwell Rafale Packaging
Uwell Rafale Packaging

One of the biggest changes came with the Rafale’s unique packaging. The Rafale kit comes in a elegant tin tube and is bubble wrapped to protect it from being damaged. You can re-use the tin tube for other things as well (we will be using it for coils). The documentation is also much improved and the instruction leaflet is well written and covers all the ins and outs of the Rafale tank and its specs. The packaging is really amazing with the Rafale and a step away from the standard packaging we have become used to for sub ohm tanks. We loved the bubble wrap that protects the tank and the contents in the tube and overall the packaging is really unique and noteworthy.

Uwell Rafale Main Packaging
Uwell Rafale Main Packaging

Improved Air Flow

Uwell Rafale Airflow
Uwell Rafale Airflow

The air flow on the Rafale is larger and more “airy” than on the Crown. The slider clicks nicely into place and there are three settings for the air flow. We use it fully open and the draw is similar to that of the Herakles Plus by Sense.

No Leakage

RIP Trippers in his video review of the Uwell Rafale talks about his tank leaking when using the top fill. Whilst we are not the biggest fan of the new top fill system, we didn’t encounter such leaking issues through the air flow holes when using the top fill. Let us know how you have been getting on with you Rafale tank in the comments below!

Anti Spit Back Protection

Uwell Rafale Anti Spitback
Uwell Rafale Anti Spitback

The Rafale implements an “Anti Spit Back” system. We aren’t really sure how it works, but when vaping on both of the coils we didn’t have any spit back issues, so it seems to do the job!


Uwell Rafale vs Uwell Crown
Uwell Rafale vs Uwell Crown

We prefer the looks of the new Rafale tank, compared to the Crown. It just looks slightly more refined and elegant in our opinion.


The Crown chucked pretty big clouds, but the Rafale, especially on the 0.2ohm, chucks even more clouds. If clouds are your thing, then you won’t be disappointed with the Rafale.


24mm Diameter

This wasn’t really an issue for us as the Rafale will sit nicely on most dual 18650 mods without overlapping. You might have an issue using thinner box mods that have a top width of less than 24mm, as the Rafale might overlap. We used the Rafale on our SMOK X-Cube II and it sat nicely with no overlap.

Non Removable Drip Tip

I know a lot of people like to use their own drip tips, so not having a removable 510 drip tip is a bit of a negative in my opinion. The Crown has a removable 510 and it would have been nice if the Rafale had followed suit.

New Top Fill System

Uwell Rafale Top Fill
Uwell Rafale Top Fill

The new top fill system on the Rafale involves twisting the drip tip to open and close it. We used a dripper bottle and it fits nicely into the holes. However, we found that when filling there tends to be some e-juice overflowing and bubbling out of the fill holes, which causes a little bit of leakage. It isn’t anything major, but we preferred the wider filling slots on the Crown.

Rafale Tank Gets VERY Hot

Sub ohm tanks in general all get quite warm especially at higher wattages. However, we found the Rafale got very hot even at its lower wattage ranges.


Uwell Rafale VRBA vs Uwell Crown RBA
Uwell Rafale VRBA vs Uwell Crown RBA

It is a positive that Uwell have released an RBA section for the Rafale, however we would have liked to have seen it be included in the kit given the Rafale’s price point. The Rafale RBA is a vertical RBA and is very different to that of the Crown. We aren’t RBA experts at all, but the new RBA section seems trickier to build on compared with that of the Crown. However, having said that, those who manage to build on the RBA have really enjoyed it.


We have been very critical in this review given how amazing the Crown Uwell tank is. Let us start by saying that the Rafale is a fantastic sub ohm tank and Uwell have done another amazing job. There is however, a few areas we think can be improved upon. The non-removable drip tip, tricky RBA section and new messy top fill, seem to be the main talking points. We do really like the extra 1ml capacity you get with the Rafale, the wider air flow, amazing build quality and lastly the improvement in looks and with the packaging. The flavor as with the Crown was absolutely fantastic (make sure to break your coils in properly before complaining about flavor). However, it didn’t surpass the Crown in terms of flavor, which to be honest was going to be a very tall order.

You have the Crown, should you get the Rafale? Honestly, most vapers won’t be able to resist trying the Rafale given the Crown’s mighty reputation. Our recommendation is that if you really enjoy your Crown for flavor and aren’t impressed by the extra 1ml, spit back protection and wider air flow, then stick with your Crown. If you really want more clouds, a wider air flow and that extra 1ml of e-juice capacity, then we can whole heartedly recommend giving the Rafale a try.

We look forward to hearing what our readers think in the comments section below!

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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Kazi Zainul Islam

When ever I charged it all of liquiids dryes even I can’t see any leakage why is it happening


Ok so i just bought this rafale tank and the darn thing keeps leaking juice out of the air flow holes. Someone please help. Im at my wits end with leaking tanks.


You can only fill from one hole! The other hole will act as airflow, but if you switch holes you will have a bubbling mess. This is the solution!!


Will this work well with Heatvape Vmesh X1, basically a regulated mech mod (you can’t adjust the voltage/wattage)? Thanks.

Jonathon Veltri

I just realized
This forum was form the rafale not the crown lol

Jonathon Veltri

Hi i just recieved 2 packs of .25 u well crown coils i brought them
Off ebay they have the scratch authenticity and everything i primed them up right and everyrhing but for some reason anything above 30w im getting dry burnt hits???
I have 2 crown tanks ive been using for months and never ever had this problem idk whats going i was hoping somebody on here can help with advice or anything thanks vape fam


It’s either a duff coil, or was fired before it was ready.


I’ve been playing with this tank for a cpl weeks now. Visually I love the tank. I prefer the shape n weight of the tank. Sits nicely on my mods. I think the tank performs nicely as far as clouds and flavor. It is definitely the best performing rba I’ve used so far. A little more challenging to build n you have to have omh lock capability. It constantly changes ohms for some reason. Factory built head n my rebuild both had issues maintaining resistance. But I’m a chain vapor. Neither the factory coils or the rba can keep up in heavy vaping sit downs. Tank has a huge amount of airflow. But still for some reason builds a lot of heat. Even if u go thru the risk of removing the anti spitback fin. Also had wicking issues when u get into the higher vg or darker liquids. It just can’t keep up. I think it will b a great tank for light to medium vapors. As much as I want to love it, it comes up short on performance in my book.


I have to agree about taking out the anti spit back plate. Once removed it brings this tank into an whole new catagory, vastly improves flavour, cools it down considerably, and easily makes it one of the best tanks on the market.


there is barely any flavor from this tank. the crown was much much better in my books


I just received my rafale. They went the extra mile with packing that is sexy! I’d say it rivals or even beats the zamplebox presentation. With that being said, I’m using the .5 ohm SS coil and vaping around a flavorful 50 watts. The build is rock solid and air flow is on point. I do dislike the top fill hole. Dislike it so much that I’m not even gonna use it. However, with the tank capacity I’ll have no problem juicing from the bottom of the tank. It’s bulit in a way that makes it easy to fill from the bottom and almost fun. Non replaceable drip tip is fine for me. The tip is designed for the functioning of the top fill method. Honestly, replacing a drip tip in my opinion is taking away from the integrity of the makers design. I’ll be honest. It’s not the tfv4 by any means. I find that it’s more practical for a daily user who wants a good days battery use.
Vape on and keep it classy!


what uses more e-juice this tank or the smok tfv4

Alex Kendell

That will depend on what coil you are using. An octuplet coil would use more liquid than an single or a dual coil. From my personal experience I would say the TFV-4 uses up quite a bit more, especially using the quad, octo and the clapton coil series.


Removing the anti spit back piece from the chimney is the key in taking this tank from just another piece in the junk drawer to a top of the line vape experience. I received my Rafale just over a month ago and was immediately turned off by how muted the flavor was so it just as quickly found itself with the rest of my equipment that never gets used. Fast forward to today and I found myself stumbling across a how to video on YouTube showing the removal of that anti spit back spiral. Long story short, the flavor has increased exponentially and I just finished ordering replacement coils! I’m even considering buying a second Rafale as I keep two mods on me at all times. I highly recommend purchasing this tank!


Ok someone tell me if this goes through a lot of juice or not?


Alex Kendell

Sadly it does.


I just got one of these over the weekend and am excited to try it out. The Crown is a really impressive tank as far as performance goes, but I find it very ugly. I greatly prefer the aesthetics of the Rafale. I’ve set up the tank and will let the coils soak for a bit before putting it on a temp control box. Am excite!


Today i removed the anti spitback protection as been showed on some reviewers site, honestly, this is a completely other tank. Flavor wise it got boosted incredibly, i really enjoy this tank so much now.
Another benefit of the removal, the tank wont get so hot now, mainly because of the better airflow.
Really can’t understand why Uwell made such a mistake considering the tank is so beautifully build (except for the spitback piece in the chimney)

The process of removal if done well is almost painless, I recommend it to all (at your own risk)
You wont regret it!


agreed . doing this made this my new fav tank . and it has better flavor to me than the crown now


How do you remove the spit back protection?


google for ‘UWELL RAFAGAN Tank, Rafale Fix’ 🙂
It may not be appropriate for me to link from here directly to an other reviewer.

It mainly involve in removing the twisted centerpiece from the chimney.


Going to try this tomorrow. Love this tank so far!


You wont regret it 🙂


i just did it. the flavor is better but miles away from the crown IMHO

Christian Garnir

Glad you did it, still using this setup everyday 😉


Has anyone used the .1 coils for the uwell rafale? And if so whats ur recommended watts/degrees?


I have 4 crowns all used in rotation so naturally bought the Rafael. Uwell have spent time and thought on this tank. Excellent packaging and presentation but you dont vape that. Better looking than the crown it has to be said and the new top fill once you get used to it is not really a problem,just a little slower to fill. Take your time bedding the coils in because it is totally worth it. Great flavour and clouds from the increased airflow and ive had a coil in there 2 weeks now and its still chucking. Fixed drip tip I though would be a drawback but I can live with it. Quality build and product from Uwell again.
Thanks to Vaping360 for the review, great site for valuable information.

Alex Kendell

I completely agree. Thanks!


I have a couple Crowns that are in the daily rotation and was excited about the Rafale. Now I am really disappointed. Using the .2 ohm coil it took 5 tanks to finally break in the coil. Also the coils taste like crap until they are broke in. With the crown I usually can break them in with half a tank to a full tank. The top fill on the Rafale really is a pain. If you try to fill it any more than slightly squeezing the bottle, juice will come out the other hole. And I am getting some weepage around the air intake.

I really can not recommend this tank for I feel it falls far short of the bar the Crown has set. Once the coil breaks in it does deliver awesome flavor and clouds, but so does the crown. It vapes great at 80 to 90 watts, but so does the Crown. Yet the Crown is far easier to fill and I have yet to have either one of mine leak and there been at least 1K ml of juice vaped thru each of my Crown tanks.

I will continue to use the Rafale that I have for I bought it, with a 5 pack of coils but I will not buy another one nor tell anyone they should get it.


After a week of use I am stunned with this tank, I started vaping this tank with the 0.50omh @35watt slowly building up just as I am used to with the Crown coils. I’m vaping the tank @60 watt which is my preferred setting for the moment. Pretty sure it can go higher.

The build of the tank is solid, clean and the parts are easy to disassemble for cleaning, just as the Crown is!

After a 20 ml of breaking-in the tank produces dens and huge clouds with lots of flavor. Airflow is the best ever experienced and perfect for a big lung-hit. I dare to say it’s at least on par with the Crown, but I feel that with the super airflow the flavor is more intense.

Topfill I must say that first I was skeptical about the top fill, the fact is, it’s so easy to fill that I keep filling here by the top. I filled this tank from the bottom for my first use, filled from the top for my next refills, left it overnight laying horizontal with no leaks whatsoever. I made a small clip, filling the tank (topfill) with just one hand, just to show you guy’s how convenient and simple the filling is.

The tank gets warm, slightly warmer than the crown especially at higher watts but nowhere near that its untouchable.

I need more days to learn the different aspects of this tank and coils, time will tell if this is a better tank than the Uwell Crown, but for now it’s my daily n°1 next to the Uwell Crown and an Sense Herakles Plus.

Alex Kendell

Hey Christian, thanks for your detailed insight! Much appreciated! I am glad you enjoy the Rafale. That is a nice set-up of tanks you have there, probably my favorite 3 tanks!


I have the crown, but this or the mutank? Hmmm…..


I really didn’t like the mutank, it can’t handle the wattage it claims, it dry hits for me around 80 watts, and the wicking isn’t very efficient.

Chris Kendell

I haven’t tried the Mutank yet so cannot comment on that one. Hopefully we will get the Mutank soon, as it looks like a great tank!

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