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We review Bogan Brews e-liquids, from the Vaping Bogan himself! Some maxed out VG fruity flavors here, available for the first time in the northern hemisphere.


G’day ya bloody dickheads

Australia’s Sam Parsons (aka The Vaping Bogan) is to vaping what Peter Russell Clarke is to food culture – loud, articulate, and bloody hilarious. He’s the go-to reviewer for many vapers, and has made a name for himself for his honest, unbiased and in-depth reviews. He’s the only reviewer I know of where I can learn about battery safety, vape advocacy, and beer tasting at the same time.

Bogan’s Brews are his own line of max-VG e-liquids, lovingly crafted in South Australia. They hit the shelves down under about a year ago, and as of this week, punters in the UK and EU will also have a chance to pick them up from European Vaping Supplies.

You can buy them either in 15 mL or 60 mL “doubler” bottles. Basically, doublers have been used in Australia for ages because it was and remains illegal to sell e-liquid containing nicotine. However, since possession or import for “personal use” is allowed, people purchase a concentrated form of the e-juice and then “double” it with their preference of VG/PG base and nicotine.

Bogan’s Brews are currently on pre-order over at European Vaping Supplies, and you can pick up the 15 mL concentrates in a 30 mL bottle for £8.95. 60 mL of concentrate in a 125 mL bottle will set you back £19.95. Nic shots and base not included.

Enough chatter – in the words of the great man himself – it’s time to sub ohm me dick off!

Disclaimer: We received the Bogan Brews e-liquid line from The Vaping Bogan for the purpose of this review. Your take on these flavors may differ – opinion is subjective.

Set up

I’ve tried out Bogan’s Brews in a couple of sub tanks – the Cleito 120 (0.16 ohm, 100 – 120 W) and Scion tank with RBA section (0.45 ohm, 50 – 60 W) – as well as on the Nova RDA from BMI (0.14 ohm, 80 – 150 W) and even a cheap NarDA clone from Fasttech (0.5 ohm, 35 – 40 W).

Coorong Cola


82/18 VG/PG

The Bogan says: I wanted to create a decent cola, a tad of hard candy cola and just a smidge of the classic soda drink. Coorong cola to me tastes like cola lolly pops with a nice fizzy, cooling finish.

We say: At first I was expecting something sweeter, like the cola syrup that gets mixed with soda water. Coorong cola is crisp and tart – almost like a sour belts juice, but it never quite hits that sour note. There is a distinct cooling tingle at the end. It feels like fizz translated into a vape. I’d personally like a cola that’s more nectary and sweet – but if you get it as a concentrate you could mix it with as much or as little base as you like. As it stands, I’d say Coorong Cola is a decent attempt at a hard cola taste. Not my all-day-vape, but for what it is, good.

Fair Dinkum


80/20 VG/PG

The Bogan says: I’m a bit of a fruity dickhead and I like fruit vapes, so I created this one as an all day’er. I get a strong green apple on the inhale, a nice white peachy tone in the middle with a fucking medley of berries on the exhale.

We say: Vaping Fair Dinkum I get a weird flashback of being in 1st grade again, drinking an apple’n’blackcurrant juice box during recess. For me the berry note is dominant, with apple coming a close second. I get the sweetness of peach but not really the taste – but you can smell it. The higher in wattage you go, the more the different flavor profiles come out. 80 watts is ok, 120 watts and above is better. But even below 50 watts there’s plenty of vapor.

Six ‘n’ Out


83/17 VG/PG

The Bogan says: This one’s pretty bloody simple, a fistful of lychee flavour to smash ya in the gob and just the right amount of blackcurrants in the background. It’s refreshing and sweet but can be vaped all day fucking long.

We say: He’s right. The lychee flavor hits hard right off the bat, and tastes absolutely authentic to me. Sweet, but not saccharine, the lychee blends into blackcurrant at the end. I get more of that tail note at higher wattages. Six ‘n’ Out is a really juicy vape. I’d pair it with a bitter drink. I don’t know, maybe beer?


A few words from the Bogan

We took a moment to ask Sam to tell us more about his e-liquid line.

What’s the inspiration behind your line of Brews?

Inspiration was pretty basic, just wanted to make some awesome juice with a high VG content designed for high wattage vaping. I really wanted to make a good cola as everything I’d tried was pretty fucken average.

What’s your ideal setup for vaping on these e-liquids?

Ideal setup would be on an RDA at around 100 watts.

Do you have plans to expand the line to sell in other countries?

I would love to have my juice in every country, it’s just a matter of setting up those channels, we’ll be in more and more places soon.

Any last words to people reading this review?

Would just like to say thank you to all my supporters and viewers, I have an amazing bunch of people watching my vids and I’m super stoked with the response to my juice line so far.


Bogan Brews is an e-liquid line I wanted to try out for a long time. We received the 30 mL, ready-to-vape bottles from Australia. So, my take is on the 0 nic Brews with their standard VG/PG ratio.

These e-liquids are suited to high wattages – 80 watts and up. I got best results for flavor and vapor on drippers, without a doubt. There’s no throat hit going down whatsoever, and the vapor production is dense and cloudy indeed. Fruity vapes aren’t my favorite thing but I found plenty to like, particularly in Fair Dinkum and Six ‘n’ Out.

I think flavor intensity could be made stronger on Coorong Cola, but you can mix the concentrates how you like. I’d be interested to see how these flavors fare in a dominant PG base. The crisp, tart nature of some fruit flavors come out stronger when you have more propylene glycol in the mix. But then, it wouldn’t be max VG.

In short: if you like fruity vapes, and you like to take massive rips at 100 watts and over – you should try these out. Get em vaped!

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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