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Innokin: A Vaping Pioneer

Vaping360 Team
December 3, 2019

Innokin: an overview

Innokin was founded in 2011, with the goal of combining innovation, design and the highest standards of quality to create the best electronic cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers in the world. The founders of Innokin had worked in the industry for many years, and collaborated with the goal of creating a better future for smokers with vaping.

Innokin has grown to be one of the leaders in innovative e-cigarette technologies and takes pride in creating top quality vaporizers and promoting a smoke-free lifestyle. Innokin’s products are intuitive and easy to use, making them popular with vapers and transitioning smokers around the world and sold in more than 10,000 vape shops.

The company operates its headquarters and a 10,000 M2 factory in Shenzhen, China, and offices with affiliated after-sales services and repair centers in the USA and the UK. Their products are available all over the EU, USA, Canada, Oceania and the Middle East. To ensure that their production facilities and products are of the highest quality, Innokin strictly adheres to ISO9001 & ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, FCC and more.

Innokin employs a team of 1,100 employees, including engineers, sales representatives, marketers, sourcing agents, quality inspectors and more. The company currently holds 11 invention patents, 111 design patents, 106 patents for utility models and 123 processing patents.

Best Innokin Products

Innokin Zenith Pro

Innokin Zenith Pro

The Platform team listened to the community and redesigned one of the best MTL tanks on the market. The 24 mm Zenith Pro fits up to 5.5 mL of juice and comes with replaceable glass, a decorative beauty ring and a leakproof coil-replacement system. The mouthpiece riser is ditched, and two new coils are introduced—including a coil designed for RDL vaping!

Innokin Proton Ajax

Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Kit

The Proton Mini is a compact mod with a 3400 mAh battery. It goes up to 120 watts, has a colorful 1.45“ TFT screen, joystick functionality, customizable graphics, and an intuitive menu system. The kit comes with the Ajax tank which utilizes the Plex3D Matrix coils for intense flavor. It holds up to 5 mL of e-juice.

Innokin MVP 5 Ajax

Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit

The MVP5 is the latest iteration of the MVP series and quite possibly the best mod for outdoors usage. The mod functions also as a power bank, a LED flashlight, and an all-in-one barometer, altimeter, thermometer and compass! The mod houses a 5200 mAh battery and is paired with the Plex3D powered Ajax tank.

Innokin Adept Zlide Starter Kit

Innokin Adept Zlide Kit

The Innokin/Platform Adept kit pairs the best-selling Zlide MTL tank with the Adept, a rugged and easy to use mod with a 3000 mAh internal battery. The mod features eight wattage levels in two modes, tailormade for the Z-coils. It is IP67 rated, while a silicon protective layer makes it shock-absorbent.

Innokin Zlide Tube

Innokin Zlide Tube Kit

The Zlide Tube kit pairs an internal battery pen-style mod with the 24 mm edition of the best-in-class Zlide MTL tank. The mod regulates its output depending on the coil used and provides a consistent wattage throughout the charge of the battery. With a 3000 mAh battery and a 16-watt max output, the Zlide Tube is tailor made for the Z-Coils.

Innokin Zbiip

Innokin Z-Biip

The Z-Biip is the first AIO of the Platform line. Its pods are powered by the reliable Z-coils and the device operates in three pre-set power levels that change automatically depending on the coil used. The Z-Biip features a 1500 mAh battery, has adjustable airflow, and a beeping sound will let you know when it’s time to charge it!

Innokin I.O

Innokin I.O

The Innokin I.O is designed for nic salt and regular e-liquid. It’s draw-activated and easy to use. The I.O utilizes both ceramic and Kanthal pods, 1.4-ohm coils and hold 0.8 mL of liquid. The device has a body made of stainless steel which houses an internal 310 mAh battery. It comes in five different colors.

Innokin GoMax TUBE

Innokin GoMax Tube Kit

The GoMax Tube delivers big flavor in an affordable kit. It comes with the GoMax disposable sub ohm tank with 0.19-ohm mesh coils that uses wood-pulp and cotton wicking. The tank has a 5.5 mL capacity. The GoMax Tube features a 3000 mAh built-in battery, is made of stainless steel and comes in five colors.

Innokin’s impact on the industry

Innokin is committed to bringing innovation to vaporizer and e-cigarette technology to help smokers quit combustible cigarettes and live happier and healthier; the company’s mission is to make lives better.

Innokin currently has a wide range of products ranging from easy to use beginner kits like the Endura and Platform/Zenith series to more advanced, higher wattage devices like the Proton and MVP5. While the company offers e-cigs for every type of vaper and vaping style, their main focus has always been creating devices for smokers who want a better alternative. Innokin is proud of the many millions of people around the world who have quit smoking and maintains its commitment to tobacco harm reduction by designing products that are easy to use and satisfying for the smoker.

The first Innokin products ever were the iTaste Leo and Lea kits, and the iClear Inno. The first products to become market hits were the iTaste VV series, the original MVP vape mod, the iClear30 and the SVD kit.

As technology progressed, Innokin products became more advanced but without shifting the focus from beginner vapers. The Endura T18 refocused the industry to creating vaporizers designed to help smokers at a time when the majority of manufacturers were focused on sub ohm cloud-chasing. The Endura T18 continues to be a bestseller and the T18.II Mini is the latest (and smallest) device of the line. The CoolFire IV sold millions and inspired a range of continued success in the CoolFire series. Its compact and ergonomic form factor, great quality and affordability made this mod a bestseller. The MVP2, a durable vape mod that doubled as a power bank, was also a great success. The line recently got its latest member in the MVP5. And last but not least, one of the product lines that had a great impact in the vaping industry is the Platform Series, which includes a wide array of beginner-friendly products designed by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (the VapinGreek).

The Platform Series

Innokin was founded with the vision of making a better world through offering great alternatives to cigarettes that improve the lives of smokers. Phil Busardo and VapinGreek have been reviewing products and promoting vape advocacy for many years. The shared values had been recognized and appreciated by both sides, and the duo had been providing valuable feedback to Innokin’s products long before their collaboration.

Phil and the Dimitris approached Innokin with the proposal for creating expertly designed coils, tanks and vaporizers with the Platform series. They began traveling to Shenzhen regularly to work closely with the engineers and marketing teams to create the Ares, Z-coils, Zenith, Zlide, Z-Biip and more.

Their expert input into coil and tank design and their tireless efforts to promote vaping advocacy and research have been invaluable to Innokin and to the vaping industry. The Platform Series has sold in the millions and its products have won many awards for being some of the best devices for transitioning smokers. The latest Platform product is the Zenith Pro, a 24 mm edition of the best-selling Zenith MTL tank.

The long-term collaboration on the Platform Series has reached smokers and vapers around the world with the important message tobacco harm reduction through top quality, easy to use vaporizers that can be relied on to deliver a great experience.

Innokin’s plans for the future

Innokin’s teams of engineers are working tirelessly on improving battery technology and coil design, and creating advanced and intuitive user interfaces. Improving battery safety as well as coil efficiency and longevity are keys to improving vaping technology and moving the industry forward.

Innokin is staying strong to its core mission of improving the lives of smokers. The company will keep working closely with labs and researchers around the world to improve scientific knowledge in tobacco harm reduction and making devices more effective for smokers.

Vaping is facing a coordinated assault of misinformation in order to discredit harm reduction and spread fear. The true costs of these initiatives are the well-being and health of long-term smokers. Innokin is working closely with advocacy groups around the world to promote the truth about vaping and to fight against campaigns of misinformation.

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