Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA Preview

We take an in-depth look at Geekvape’s Medusa Reborn RDTA. A sleek exterior belies some complicated mechanics under the hood… but is it for you?

Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

Old Snake Hips is Back!

Geekvape is back, this time with the Medusa Reborn RDTA. The look is similar to the original Medusa RDTA, but the build deck has undergone some big changes and capacity has been increased to 3.5 mL. The Medusa Reborn is 25 mm in diameter, comes in four color options, and ships with a few nice extras. This time, an optional squonk pin is included, along with a 510 drip tip adapter. The kit comes with an 810 (or Goon-style) low profile ULTEM drip tip.

Judging by Geekvape’s recent offerings in the rebuildable department, expectations are high. I say we take a look at the Medusa Reborn and see how this RDTA squares up.

Disclaimer: We received the Medusa Reborn RDTA from Heavengifts for the purpose of this review.

Geekvape Medusa Reborn Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Medusa Reborn RDTA
  • 810 ULTEM drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Extras: o-rings | gold-plated squonk pin | T-style screwdriver | 4 x extra grub screws


  • Height: 43.6 mm (including drip tip and 510 pin)
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Drip tip height: 7 mm
  • Inner drip tip diameter: 10.5 mm
  • Outer drip tip diameter: 15 mm
  • Post holes: 3 mm x 3 mm
  • Grub screw type: slot
  • Grub screw size: 3.5 mm x 3 mm
  • Juice well depth: 15 mm
  • Juice well capacity 3.5 mL
  • Threading: gold-plated adjustable 510 pin
  • Available colors: Stainless Steel | Rainbow | Blue | Black

Notable Remarks

Machining / Fit and Finish

Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

The Medusa Reborn breaks down into four main pieces when disassembled: build deck and base, airflow control ring, top cap, and drip tip. Our sample came clean out the packaging, without any traces or smell of machining oil.

The base comes preinstalled with the gold-plated, adjustable 510 pin; this can be swapped out for the bottom-feeding squonk pin, which will deliver e-liquid directly onto the surface of the deck. The base is also fitted with two o-rings to secure the AFC in position. Even before being juiced up, the tolerances feel snug, but good.

The AFC has an outer diameter of 25 mm, and inner diameter of 23.5 mm. This narrows to 18.5 mm about two thirds of the way up – the lower section will hold 3.5 mL of e-liquid, while the upper chamber is where your coils will sit. Airflow comes through two sets of two slots, each 4.5 mm x 2 mm, on either side of the AFC.

The top cap snaps into place over the AFC with the help of a single o-ring. The drip tip slot will fit any 810 (or Goon-style) drip tip, although the RDTA also ships with a handy 510 drip tip adapter. The top cap’s interior is domed. We’ll see how this influences flavor later.

The ULTEM drip tip looks very similar to that which features in the Peerless Special Edition RDA, but stands a little bit taller at 7 mm from the top cap.

Build Deck / Juice Well

Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

The original Medusa RDTA from Geekvape had 3 mL capacity, and featured a velocity-style build deck, with two build posts that secured your coil ends horizontally. This is where the biggest changes have been made for the Medusa Reborn RDTA.

The new build deck is a floating, gold-plated platform that sits above the juice reservoir. It is not removable: completely unscrewing the 510 pin will loosen the positive terminal and insulation, in case you need to clean them. The cross-shaped build deck features a split-post, staggered design, which reminds us a little of the Rashomon RDA from Hop N Vape. The gold-plated grub screws are slotted, and you get a spare set in the extras bag. All the post holes are 3 mm x 3 mm in size. The cross-shaped floating deck allows space for your cotton wicking to hang down in the reservoir beneath. If you are using the squonk pin, juice will be fed directly onto the surface of the deck, thus wicking the cotton before the excess drains into the tank below.

As you can see from the pictures, the “tank” as such is closed off by the base. You won’t be able to eyeball if you need to refill. However, capacity has been increased to 3.5 mL. It’s not clear whether the Medusa Reborn is really an RDTA or an RDA on steroids. Certainly with a juice well depth of 15 mm, it’s at the deep end of dripping atomizers.

Airflow and Controller

Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

The AFC bears the Medusa name branding on it, as well as the signature decorative band engraving. We think it looks pretty sick in blue and rainbow, but the four color options will have most punters covered. As mentioned, the inner chamber features a recess, effectively separating the juice reservoir from the build deck section. This is an interesting design, in that it prevents possible leakage, but it comes with some caveats (more on that below).

You have two airflow slots on either side, which meet up with the larger single slots on the top cap. Although you can close off the AFC slots concurrently, the Medusa Reborn remains a dual-coil airflow RDTA. I don’t see a single-coil airflow option.

Top cap

The top cap snaps satisfyingly into place on the AFC with the help of a single o-ring. Although there’s no knurling here, the top cap is chunky enough to get an easy grip on it. Airflow can be adjusted easily and smoothly.

The ULTEM drip tip is almost identical to the Peerless Special Edition’s. I personally find it a little narrow. However, you can fit any 810 (or Goon-style) drip tip, as well as any 510s with the included adapter.

Ease of Build

Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

With its spacious deck and top-screwing post holes, the Medusa Reborn RDTA is pretty easy to build on. It’s certainly an improvement on the velocity-style design of its predecessor. The slot grub screws are large enough to get a good grip on, and the T-style screwdriver that comes in the kit is ergonomic and sturdy. My only real complaint here is that it can be tricky to cut your wire leads on the second coil once the first is installed. There’s no easy way to get to the leads without lifting the first coil out of place. And even then, your standard-issue wire cutter is too big to easily get close to the posts.

Wicking is straightforward. I’d cut your cotton just long enough so it hangs in the reservoir.

What annoyed me about building on the Medusa Reborn was that recess in the airflow control ring. You have to be quite exact, positioning the coils so that they sit directly over the deck. Too far out, or to one or the other side, and that recess hits them when it gets pushed down. Although this is a 25 mm atty, you’re working with about 18 mm of space to get the build right.


Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

I really like the look of the Medusa Reborn. On a 25mm mech mod, it’s a perfect continuation of the tube the whole way to the drip tip. There’s something understated and elegant about that – sleek outer appearance, with all the complicated stuff out of view.


Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA

For this review, I used some of Geekvape’s own coils – dual fused Claptons (3 strands of 26 gauge Kanthal with a 36 gauge Nichrome wrap) at 0.14 ohm. The juice I vaped on was Cypher Breeze, an apple/cucumber/mint concoction from Auster Vape. 3 mg/mL nicotine and a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

Starting out around 80 W, airflow was too much, wide open. For me, this vape works quite well with the airflow closed off halfway. If you do that, it’s a good idea to turn your AFC a bit so that the open airholes hit the coils squarely. That closed-off airflow has a bit of whistle to it though.

I prefer the Medusa Reborn cranked up a little higher on a regulated box mod. At 100 W it’s a flavorful vape. Although with the airflow wide open, you could certainly go higher.

I can taste all the flavor notes of Cypher Breeze, along with the nicotine punch, that I would on a go-to RDA.

Although it’s sold as an RDTA, it’s not a truly “set it and forget” type of device. A little bit of tilting is necessary to make sure the cotton stays saturated. In spite of the super-deep juice well, I find myself re-dripping directly onto the coils fairly often.

The recess in the AFC is a blessing and curse. It stops juice from flooding the deck, true, but it also restricts the up-take if your wicking is too thick. Whatever you do drip onto the deck is absorbed there first, before any extra seeps through to the reservoir.

The ULTEM drip tip does get hot at higher wattages, and you’ve got to pucker a little bit. I would go for a more wide-bore drip tip, but that’s just personal taste.

The biggest deal-breaker for some people will be that you can’t see how much juice is left in the tank. I find that a little bit annoying in an RDTA, but the taste intensity does gradually change. I use that as a rule of thumb as to when I should re-drip.

Taking the whole AFC off and refilling directly into the reservoir is cumbersome. Most people will probably just drip directly on the coils. Besides, every time you take the AFC you’re potentially messing up the wicking.


  • Complete redesign on the build deck
  • Build quality
  • Hybrid safe (but check yours first)
  • Sleek aesthetics (subjective)
  • Compatible with 810 and 510 drip tips
  • Squonk pin for the squonkers


  • Dual coil only
  • Recessed chamber reduces the possible size of your build
  • Cutting excess leads can be a chore
  • No way to eyeball how much e-liquid is left in the tank


It wasn’t long after the release of the original Medusa RDTA that the “Reborn” edition came around. I think there are some good reasons to look out for this RDTA over the original. The new build deck, and the (marginally) increased capacity are two factors. But perhaps the Medusa Reborn is at its best as a squonking RDTA. With the standard 510 pin installed, it’s a bit of a hybrid, somewhere between an RDTA with an inaccessible tank, and an RDA with a ridiculously deep juice well.

Having recently reviewed a couple of Geekvape products (Peerless Special Edition, Ammit 25, and now this) I am eagerly waiting for the atomizer that comes with 510 and 810 drip tips, and an adapter. At least this is a step in the right direction.

In conclusion: it’s a Geekvape product, so build quality is high and performance is there to match. It’s not quite my go-to RDTA (I like mesh too much for that), but I would still recommend it.

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Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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I will say the v1 desperately needs a revised edition. There are a couple things wrong that looks to be fixed on the v2. One, current juice filling on the v1 sucks because – Two – the middle Airflow is a pain in the ass if the RDTA is wicked. You have to turn it to remove which catches and pulls the wicks. Also, it tends to weep e-juice from the gaps at the bottom when removing/installing (and will push out juice if overfilled). This new version acts more like an RDA with the revised middle section. I loved the look of of it (though I wish I had a black version with silver medusa snakes at the bottom) and the fact they are 25mm for my Rig v3s. I wish they changed the airflow to cyclops, but hey that’s what a dremmel is for:) Vape On!