iJoy Combo RDTA Preview (Modular Atomizer)

The iJoy Combo RDTA is a modular atomizer that can be used with a replaceable coil and six different decks for a crazy amount of versatility.

iJoy Combo RDTA expanded
iJoy Combo RDTA expanded

Co-Co-Co-Combo Breaker!

The iJoy Combo RDTA looks like the company’s last few atomizers, like the iJoy Limitless RDTA and the iJoy Limitless XL, but it’s quite different. This atomizer can be used as an RTA, RDA, or sub-ohm tank. In addition to a replaceable coil, this atomizer can use six different decks. With products like the Aspire Quad-Flex popularizing modular atomizers, the iJoy Combo RDTA takes this type of versatility to new heights. Here’s a closer look.

[This section heading was inspired by Killer Instinct.]

iJoy Combo RDTA Specs and Features

iJoy Combo RDTA two shot

Here’s the features and specs list for the iJoy Combo RDTA.

  • Height: 53 millimeters
  • Diameter: 25 millimeters
  • Building Deck: 20.5 millimeters
  • Capacity: 6.5 milliliters
  • Delrin Chuff Cap
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Adjustable Gold-Plated Pin
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Side Filling System

The Magnificent Seven

iJoy Combo RDTA decks

The photo above shows the six decks and one replaceable coil that can be used with the iJoy Combo RDTA. The kit comes with the second and third decks, as well as the replaceable coil. The second deck is clamp-style, with two screws. The third deck is of the popular Velocity-style variety. If those two choices don’t accommodate your building style adequately, one of the four optional decks should do the trick. In addition to the optional decks, there’s a optional ceramic drip tip available for the tank.

Aesthetically, the iJoy Combo RDTA follows the same design language as the company’s other 2016 RTAs. I’m a fan of the general design, but find the logo a bit funny. The cap features a crest with the letters CR and what appears to be a wolverine or an extremely angry raccoon. The graphics kind of remind me of a crest from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Ravenclaw 4 life!!!)

The iJoy Combo RDTA offers potentially great value to vapers by being able to serve different needs at different times.

As I mentioned in my preview of the Quad-Flex, I’m generally wary of products that try to be several different things. In most cases, they’re not great at any one thing, while being average or worse at everything. That said, I’m looking forward to trying out the iJoy Combo RDTA. I’ve enjoyed several of the company’s 2016 vaping products and expect another strong atomizer from iJoy.

With six decks and a sub-ohm coil to choose from, as well as the ability to be used as a dripper, the iJoy Combo RDTA offers a ridiculous amount of versatility. It also offers potentially great value to vapers by being able to serve different needs at different times. Being able to get a versatile RTA, a sub-ohm tank, and an RDA in one package is a fantastic value proposition.

What do you think of the iJoy Combo RDTA? Which of the six RTA decks appeals to you the most? Kindly share your thoughts on this versatile atty in the comments section below.

Raymond Padilla
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I’ve got the Combo, and for me its amazing guys! you should get one if dont have the limitless plus yet. !


hi guys, I’m relatively new to vape, I’m currently using a Plume Veil (the very first one) as my go-to atty, (I actually having tfv 4 mini, but its always not delivers T.T) . I’m looking to buy and RDTA as my upgrade, and actually have made up my mind at Limitless +, but seeing this guy coming out just before I bought one? DANG. 😀

I’m just afraid to get this one and it just Flunked (like the TFV4 Mini I owned, just a huge turnoff!!)

I just want to ask u guys for opinion, does a product produced in the brink of divorce like this can still delivered better than its big brother?

coz regarding what i see, visual-wise this is a sexy as hell atty (i think only seconded by the Petri RDTA by DOTMOD). but its much more affordable than the Petri.

P.S please2 kindly give me your opinion regarding this (I’m so freakin confused) coz Im living in a third world country, and even for device in the price range of this one is gonna be a HUGE pain in the d!ck if it flunked (money-wise speaking).


I don’t think that the breakup is relevant. Only one of the companies was handling manufacturing and nothing has changed there.


true, but what I’m concerned about is that the development of this RDTA itself is put in the rush just to messing with Limitless regarding this separation. the analogy is kinda like this RDTA is the “rebound guy” for the separation to make the opposite party jealous or to make the producing party feel satisfied. this is just my opinion though.

so my issue with the product itself is just the “rushing” itself so it is not “matured” yet to release to the consument


Does anyone really care if This is just by ijoy or by limitless mod company , since we care more about it doing its job as a RTA an its orice since limitless can mean more orice , then being u joy makes it more affordable , an in uk its pre sale under 30£


Wow just missing a kitchen sink as they say ,or a squonker pin , but this looks interesting its like a tornado had a baby with a limitless rdta then decided to adopt a few more kids from other continents
Looks very interesting i hope it works out .
I will deffo buy it an tbe ecmxtra decks since tbey have them all an clap decks for fat builds an wires


So that would make this the Angelina Jolie of atomizers?


Will have to see , from what i gather online ,they parted ways with LMC after using all tjere design s an wont part eoth shares of profit so they will also not be permitted to sell in usa either if not sold pre sale Before the aug 8th ive heard , so can come to EU but fda wobt allow in usa , this explains the lack of limitless plus tags , but deffo a bit of limitless an tornado in there i own both , tornado got a bum wrap due to people not knowing how to wick it , if in doubt put more wick in there an get s dentist tool to pack them juice hole channels ,works great for me i even use it tbe fluff the cotton out , but very interested in them clamp decks available will get some sick builds in there with all the possibilities of thoses different decks.
An when in a rush you can bang a pre made in there too so best of everything then an rda too , They just done limitless rda too ,but as the LMC say they got greedy an telling everyone not to buy it hell every will buy it theres no loyalty in anything , just what people want no mater the brand this try to incorporate everything you could need ,You can spends weeks testing new coils with each deck , its on heavens gifts site now, pre order but says cannot do delivery to USA ,ah im in UK so not restricted yet ha Ha im getting this 28.99£ in uk pre order sites ,but only 2 decks an pre made coil ,but if they make other builds in pre made will appeal to those whom like the smoke beast an kangers an cleito so can get a lot of new customer as well as builders too


OMG and I’ve just got the Limitless Plus. Each month something new. I’ll use cartomizers until they get final product ?. Man uber hyper ultra giga mega Limitless RDTA and more.


I’m waiting for a company to release an “Ultimate” atomizer or mod…then follow it up with Ultimate +1.


Even then they’ll get ultimate +1 mini with mini ultimate +1 RDTA Subohm ceramic chip coil free atomizer. That’s good after all we get some good products. Btw the Limitless PLUS is really plus in each directions but an hungry rdta by the power, coil size and juice direction. To bad they ship without a proper drip tip would gave ’em 10/10. Instead top cap and 510 drip tip adapter are forming an short mouth piece. I don’t know do we need all 7 decks but options are good to have. Hope the price is like for a one deck rdta?


If you bought the other limitless plus RDTA it had a drip tip i have both the first plus an revision cersions ,not the limitless rdta but 2 different plus types one came with a drip tip other came with 510 adapter https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4035b445cbe1d5f7da45e5e396f45e75154bc4f37709db2cafeabd940c5b7d22.png


Thanks benley123 that clears out things. I’ve just read the article on reddit that the v1 from limitless plus had the drip tip and v2 only an adapter. The v1 batch we all saw on yt was in order why the hell did they had to change it and than forgot to include the drip tip. Won’t even try goon or kenedy drip tips that cost half price of the rdta. The succers owe us at least an aftermarket drip tip in sale by all vendors that are selling limitless plus. But it won’t happen ’cause they “listen” and say go f yourself. No drama but if the top cap doesn’t need an adapter than I could buy any 510 and it wouldn’t look kinky like with that adapter.


But the dtill ise the first pic to advertise every where it’s misleading i think , theres a slight top cap difference so maybe using up older stock of the very frist limitless rdta none plus , as that jas no ss inner cap so you coud never see if it was air flow open or shut , so the plus gave us ss so when closing air hole can see the ss inner cap , tjen they chanhed the top cap an forgot the drip tip , lol


That I didn’t know. I understand what you mean the SS “wings” are clearly visible on my black LP. But when the cap uses with bore drip tip that is no standard and than they don’t include one… they can screw themselves the 510 adapter. It’s awkward with it and 510 dt on it like Mad Max style or garage RDTA.


The missing drip tip is involved in the row with Limitless, although it could just be being used with Limitless as a reason to bash iJoy- But what i read was Limitless were angry about the drip tip missing and wanted it included wheras iJoy said they had input it was decreasing flavour so went without for the second run or V2 of the plus, Limitless’ response that the excuse was BS, that iJoy told them the Drip Tip not inc was to save money, and Limitless said-‘Thats the mentality we are dealing with, that a couple cent drip tip was too dear’ !! My input now- Bit rich from Limitless who wanted to price the Lux at over 100 and iJoy wanted and have managed to get down to 60-ish depending, I believe iJoy thought they were doing something we’d be happy with, just using the chuff or putting the 510 adapter in as a ‘drip tip’ because feedback did tell them the longer drip tip reduced flavour and it was a mistake by them, but Limitless are trying to use that mistake to make out that iJoy ae to stingy to inc a couple cent drip tip for us !


azeroth and vgod trick tank pro is also looks good


combo must have a filling hole.. i dont like the quadflex cause it did not have a filling hole in the rdta mode


The filling whole is on the side, good Sir.


I wonder if the top cap from the RDTAPlus will fit on it? looks like I’m ordering a new RDTA lol


Looks like a tornado style chuff to me an that tornado chuff is great


like the look , like the idea of being able to change the decks does look like something from the harry potter lol

like the black and gold makes it stand out