iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Is the IJOY RDTA Box Mini just a smaller version of its predecessor?

iJoy RDTA Box mini

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Intro

In the last year, iJoy has really put itself out there in the name of innovation, most notably with its polarizing all-in-one RDTA Box Mod. Depending on who you asked, that device was either the greatest, most versatile mod available, or an oversized, ugly, unwieldy epitome of vape excess. (Full transparency: I’m in the former group.)

The original RDTA Box certainly stood out against of a slew of smaller, more streamlined competitors. But, what it lacked in subtlety, it more than made up for in customization and performance. With a collection of interchangeable build decks, 12 mL e-liquid capacity, and 200 watts (with firmware upgrade) power, the RDTA Box was an unapologetic, formidable success in 2016.

But iJoy seems to be listening to customer complaints about size, as evidenced by its newest creation, the 100W iJoy RDTA Box Mini. This ultra-portable all-in-one keeps its big brother’s spirit alive, and has a few nifty new tricks up its sleeve.

As we know, tricks alone do not a good vape make. So, how does it perform overall? You’re just gonna have to read on…

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1x RDTA Box Mini device
  • 1x RBM-C2 prebuilt coil head (0.25ohm 30-60W recommended range)
  • 1x Bag of Extras (o-rings / grub screws / 2 kanthal clapton coils / Japanese organic cotton)
  • 1x Braided USB cable
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card


  • Built-in 2600 mAh li-ion battery
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 3 ohm
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Wattage range: 1 – 100 watts
  • TC range: 200 – 600 Deg.F
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Thread: 510
  • Material: zinc alloy


  • Side airflow
  • Resistance: 0.25 ohm ( 30 – 60 watts )
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 6 mL / 2 mL
  • Material: Stainless steel

Notable Remarks

“Judge me by my size, do you?”

iJoy RDTA Box mini

My first thought when opening the package was “Where’s the rest of the device?” When iJoy first announced the Mini, their images certainly hinted at a more compact, pocket-friendly design, and I fully expected something a touch more streamlined. But the company decided to give this one a few extra spins in the dryer, because it is CONSIDERABLY smaller than its predecessor.

Measuring just 100 mm tall, 25 mm wide, and just 45 mm deep, the Mini is a device that looks diminutive, but feels surprisingly hefty and natural in the hand. And, other than the marked reduction in size, iJoy packed quite a bit of punch into small surroundings.

Big feature list

iJoy RDTA Box mini

At first glance, there’s no doubt this is an iJoy product. The company has become very comfortable with bold colors and striking design elements, and this is no exception. Stark, contrasting colors are the name of the game, fully exemplified by my black and yellow test model.

More importantly, the unique built-in tank reservoir and bottom-feeding RDTA deck also returns, with little changed other than obvious capacity reduction. This tiny, palm-sized mod somehow fits 6 mL of liquid atop its compact metal body.

The handy top fill port also returns, now with a convenient raised lip and a slight outward facing angle, making this an absolute breeze to refill without getting stray droplets trapped between the cap and the metal finish. And the removable tank makes this device easy to clean without concern of accidentally frying the hardware.

Also making a welcome return is the top-flight OLED display and user interface. The bright 0.96-inch screen clearly displays battery level, wattage, voltage, ohm reading and puff duration when in use, while the easily navigable menu system will become second nature for most. Users will also enjoy the “hit power” adjustments that have become the rage of late, with Normal, Hard, Soft and user customized power boosts.

Power and more… features

iJoy RDTA Box mini

Coming in with a max power output of 100W, the Mini’s highly touted IWEPAL chipset features a full slate of options, including 200-600-degree Fahrenheit temperature control, handling the usual array of Ni/Ti/SS and TCR customizations. Tested with each type of wire, the Mini performed as expected, with no noticeable fluctuations or hiccups in getting a steady reading and output.

Additionally, the Mini features overheating protection, low power alert, atomizer short warning, and both low and high coil resistance notifications. And like the RDTA Box, there is an LED light you can activate inside the tank to let you see your juice levels. [Note: This feature is not enabled by default, so be sure to activate it in the menu. Ask the author how long it took him to figure this out.]

Most impressive of the new features is the Mini’s ability to quickly change into a solid standard box mod. By removing the installed build deck, and reattaching the ring base, the Mini is capable of supporting virtually any 510-threaded tank or RDA around. All but one of my tanks and drippers performed admirably here, and didn’t look out of place on the Mini, either.

(I won’t be so bold as to name which tank DIDN’T work correctly on the Mini, because that would make me come across either as a Big Baby, or just a Beast of a person.)

A mini list of complaints

iJoy RDTA Box mini

Surprisingly, the Mini features a modest 2600mah internal LiPo battery. Clearly, space and simplicity were the name of the game here, but for a product line built around large liquid storage, volume vapor, and “all-day” convenience, the battery has a somewhat disappointing capacity. Though users can adjust the screen timeout, internal LED light, etc., not much seems to improve the use time.

Fortunately, the Mini does charge quickly with the included USB cable. Hopefully, a firmware upgrade can squeeze a little more life from the battery, but those improvements would be incremental at best.

Also, the 6mL max capacity is notable when considering the size of the Mini, but isn’t as impressive when compared to today’s larger tanks. Whereas the 12.5mL capacity on the original RDTA Box was more than enough to handle even the heaviest vapers, the reduced capacity may be a hindrance if you’re caught without reserve liquid at the ready.

Massive Performance

iJoy RDTA Box mini

The only way to truly gauge the success of the RDTA Box Mini is by how it vapes. In that sense, it’s a knockout success. Whether using the included pre-built (and rewickable) coil head, or the spare Velocity-style deck, iJoy has come up with a tank/atomizer combination that flat out works.

Perhaps the prebuilt coil has a touch too much cotton, which occasionally muted the flavor when not completely saturated, but a few snips took care of that issue. The spacious deck is equally comfortable with simple coils and large, complicated builds, never once giving me any lapse in flavor, vapor or satisfaction.


  • Extremely pocket-friendly form factor
  • Phenomenal vape quality
  • Improved juice fill port
  • Reversible 510 for use of any tank
  • Solid build and feel
  • Highly responsive buttons and interface


  • Perhaps TOO small
  • 2600 mAh battery doesn’t last long enough for high-wattage vaping
  • 6 mL juice capacity doesn’t present distinct advantage over modern tanks
  • Included pre-built coil needs tweaking to work properly


The iJoy RDTA Box Mini is one of the most surprising devices I’ve tried in some time. On one hand, its diminutive size and streamlined design certainly make it stand out against a growing sea of same-y competitors. On the other, the ultra-compact form factor might be a little too far removed from the original RDTA Box, which was all about function over flash.

I hope iJoy “splits the difference,” and releases a larger, external battery-powered RDTA Box that marries the convenience of the original with the style and pocketability of the Mini. That would be a device worthy of a much longer discussion.

But, with great portability, easily navigable menus, and a truly unique design aesthetic, iJoy has created a worthy — if not a little surprising — successor to the original. If you feel the original RDTA Box was too unwieldy, and didn’t look to the slimmer Smok Skyhook for the same experience, then your day has arrived.

Brad B
Brad is a writer, editor and content marketer who brings nearly a decade of industry experience to Vaping360, having completed long-term contracts for three major e-cigarette companies over that time. In addition to managing his full-time work and an ever-demanding family, Brad also enjoys freelancing for sports and gaming sites across the web.

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How much do you think will last the battery vaping at 40-50 watt?


Giuseppe, I use mine consistently at 57 watts, with 0.3 ohm coils, and am getting 3 (maybe 4) hours of moderate vaping. But, your mileage may vary, depending on how long your drags are, or how often you puff.