Innokin iTaste Kroma-A Kit Review | Updated and Fine Tuned

We take a detailed look at the new Kroma-A kit from Innokin. A minor update to the Kroma mod, but an all-new tank – the Crios. If you’re in the EU, you get it with the Axiom tank instead.


Same same, but different

Innokin are back, and this time with a pocket-sized device for lovers of temperature control – the new Kroma-A kit. The mod is virtually unchanged, except for a slight growth spurt – atomizers up to 24 mm in diameter will fit on the Kroma-A without overhang issues. Gone is the tank recess of the original Kroma mod.

Innokin have paired the Kroma-A with their new Crios tank. This 4 mL sub ohm tank (replaced by the Axiom tank in the EU) comes with a wide-bore ULTEM drip tip, and takes BVC coilheads. They have a rated resistance of 0.65 ohm and are intended to be vaped around 35 – 65 W.

The kit retails for around $50 online. I’m curious to see if this marriage works better than the Kroma mod with the Slipstream tank. Let’s check it out!

Disclaimer: We received the Kroma-A Kit from Innokin for the purpose of this review.

Innokin iTaste Kroma-A Kit Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Kroma mod
  • Crios tank
  • 2 x 0.65 ohm Kanthal Clapton BVC coilhead
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quickstart guide
  • Replacement tank glass
  • Extras: O-rings | 510 drip tip adapter | Innokin stickers | vape band
  • Available colors: White | Blue | Green | Black | Red

Kroma-A mod Specifications

  • Dimensions: 69.6 mm x 47 mm x 24.4 mm
  • Weight: 146.5 g
  • Internal 2000 mAh battery
  • AETHON Chipset
  • Wattage range: 6 – 75 W
  • Voltage range: 0.1 V – 8.4 V
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.1 ohm
  • Mode: VW | Ni200 | Ti | SS316
  • Temperature Control Range: 150° – 310° C | 300° – 600° F
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Spring-mounted gold-plated 510 thread
  • Pass-thru vaping
  • 5V / 2A fast charging via USB

Innokin Crios Tank Specifications

  • Height: 34 mm (excluding drip tip) | 42.6 mm (inc. drip tip)
  • Weight: 53 g
  • Diameter: 24 mm
  • ULTEM drip tip height: 8.65 mm
  • Drip tip diameter: 9.5 mm (inner diameter) | 13.3 mm (outer diameter at tip)
  • Top fill system
  • Capacity: 4 mL
  • Triple bottom airflow slots
  • Crios BVC coilhead wattage range: 35 – 65 W
  • 510 threaded

Notable Remarks

Build Quality


The Kroma-A kit ships in glossy, Apple-esque packaging similar to what we saw with the Oceanus kit recently. The kit comes with two 0.65 ohm coils, spare tank glass, and a bunch of extras – vape band, stickers, o-rings, and a 510 drip tip adapter. Also included are a quick start guide, battery and safety info, and a micro USB cable.

The Kroma-A is an ergonomic, good-looking piece of kit. In comes in a two-tone color effect. The hand grip has a textured finish in black. The main body panel is smooth and matte. The operational buttons are located on the front of the device in line with the atomizer mount. They are tactile and raised from the surface of the mod. The OLED display runs vertically along the side of the mod, and displays the essential information over two bars.

Torx screws are countersunk into the underside of the mod, and on the plate surrounding the 510 pin connector. The 510 pin has also been improved – it’s spring-loaded and appears to be gold-plated or brass. This ensures good connectivity between the mod and atomizer, and eliminates the gap issue we’ve encountered with other Innokin products in the past. There are no visible venting holes on the mod.

The Kroma-A is powered by an internal 2000 mAh battery and features Innokin’s AETHON chipset. It has the same specs as the original Kroma mod. The battery can be charged via the micro USB cable.

The original Kroma featured a recessed compartment, 22 mm in diameter, which held the Slipstream tank. Oversized tanks and attys would still work, with the additional screw-on tank adapter. The new Kroma-A has done away with this feature, sticking with a diameter of 24.5 mm. A 25 mm atty will have some overhang, but anything under that looks fine.

All About the Tank


The all-new Crios tank is designed for mid-wattage sub ohm vaping. It has a similar form factor and draw to the TFV8 Big Baby Beast from SMOK. It’s made from stainless steel, and comes with a wide-bore ULTEM drip tip. The tank is 24 mm in diameter and sits almost 43 mm tall. It features an easy top-fill method, with two large slots on either side of the chimney. Airflow is provided from the bottom, via three airflow slots. The airflow control ring slides from completely open and stops at closed off. All three slots are closed off concurrently.

A nice plus is that the Crios tank ships with a 510 drip tip adapter. I think the wide-bore ULTEM piece goes well with this type of vape, but if you’re a 510 fan, you have that option here.

The Crios tank takes a single coil type, the BVC 0.65 ohm coilheads. The latest news is that Innokin are working on a SS316L coil for use in temperature control. As it stands, the coilheads are rated for performance between 35 – 65 watts. I find I get a very satisfying vape around 55 W. As an intended range, it’s a good match for a 75 watt mod like the Kroma-A.

For a temperature control mod, the jury is out until the SS316L coils get released. The 0.65 ohm coil uses a kanthal Clapton. If you want to use the full feature set of the Kroma-A mod, you’ll have to do it with another tank. For now, at least.

Note that if you are buying the kit in TPD-compliant EU countries, the Kroma-A ships with the Axiom tank, which has a 2 mL capacity.

Feature Set


Although the Kroma-A doesn’t have a menu interface as such, it does cram a few features into a small frame. You can run the mod in variable wattage mode, from 6 – 75 W. It also supports temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel 316 wire types. It has a puff counter, which only resets when you charge the device.

What’s missing are the more advanced functions – TCR, wattage curves, and memory settings. Although you can view your ohm resistance, you cannot tweak or lock it. However, whenever you attach a new tank to the Kroma-A, it asks to confirm the wire type you’re using.

An internal 2000 mAh battery isn’t going to last you very long, even if you are vaping around 50 W. However, you can vape the Kroma-A while it’s tethered to a charging source, a common feature for Innokin. The Kroma-A also offers fast charging, with the right cable. I charge the device with the battery run down. It was fully charged in under two hours, connected to a PC.


Operation of the Kroma-A mod is simple and straightforward.

  • The device powers on and off with three clicks of the fire button.
  • Holding the fire and + buttons simultaneously cycles between VW and the various TC modes.
  • Holding the fire and – buttons simultaneously in TC mode allows you to tweak the output wattage, between 25 – 75 W, in 5 W increments.
  • Holding the + and – buttons simultaneously displays your ohm reading accurate to 5 decimal places, the current battery voltage reading, and the puff counter.
  • Hold the + and – buttons longer allows you to flip the orientation of the menu.
  • To change wattage, hold up or down button for 3 seconds, after which the wattage number flashes, then press up or down again to adjust. Wattage ranges from 6 – 75 W and moves in 0.5 W increments.
  • In TC mode, you can dial in your temperature in the same way. The selection cycles between Celsius and Fahrenheit when you reach their maximum and minimum values. Celsius and Fahrenheit both move in 5° steps.
  • When you screw in a new tank or replace the coil, the Kroma-A automatically prompts you to select the coil type you’re using.



There’s no denying it, the Kroma-A and the Crios tank are a good-looking couple. The kit is pocket-sized and ergonomic. The color choices aren’t adventurous, but the kit looks solid. In any case, it’s an improvement on the original Kroma mod with its awkward recess for the Slipstream. The two-color accenting on the Kroma-A brings a bit of dynamism to the offering.



For this review I’ve been vaping Holy Cannoli, a 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid from Nom Nomz. 3 mg/mL nicotine. Taste those pistachios and cream!

After priming the coil, the Crios tank sprang into action. I started around 35 W, quickly finding that 55 W was my personal sweet spot for the tank. Although it’s a higher resistance coil, performance on the Crios does remind me of the Big Baby Beast.

The Kroma-A uses that AETHON chip, which makes for an extremely fast ramp-up time.

Airflow on the Crios is fairly wide with a little bit of restriction at mid-wattage. This is not a true cloudchasing sub tank by any means. Where it delivers is more in the flavor game. The combination of flavor and thick draw are satisfying. I’d like a coilhead that performs at a slightly lower resistance though, for a bit of variation.

At 55 W I can take longer hits without any risk of the coil drying out or burning. The four wicking holes around the coilhead are big enough to pretty much chain vape. Perhaps that’s why the battery died after half a day.

To test out temperature control, I paired the the Kroma-A with the Digiflavor Bucho tank and an Eleaf EC titanium coil, with 0.5 ohm resistance. Temperature control was accurate, with the chip cutting wattage right down when the tank was empty. I actually preferred temperature control in some ways to direct wattage. It’s just a shame that Innokin doesn’t add some coils to the Crios tank so the kit can be used in this way.


  • Good pocket-sized stealth device
  • Fast ramp-up time
  • Flavorful tank
  • Ergonomic and good looking
  • Covers basic TC functionality


  • No choice of other coilheads
  • Temperature control mod without TC wire coilheads – why?
  • Battery probably won’t last you a day
  • Lack of more advanced features


The Kroma-A is less of a revolution, more of a fine-tuning. You get the same functionality and specs here as in the original Kroma mod. Those features will have most vapers covered for wattage and TC. More advanced functions are missing.

What’s new here is the Crios tank. This is a decent match for a mid-wattage vapers, with flavor and draw being on point. The lack of coilhead options will be off-putting to some. However, I think it’s a good pairing this time around. I can see this kit being popular for vapers who want ease-of-use, and a stealthy device they can take out and about with them.

I like the mod, but honestly, I’m more interested in the tank. I just hope that Innokin expands the range of coilheads for it. That’s a positive and slightly tentative recommendation, until we hear more on that front.

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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