Joyetech eGrip II Review

We take a look at the Egrip II, an all-in-one starter kit by Joyetech.

Joyetech eGrip 2

Joyetech eGrip II Intro

Chinese vaping manufacturer/conglomerate Joyetech has recently released two full starter kits that share some similarities and differences. One was the Cuboid Mini Kit, which I reviewed for Vaping360 here. The other is the Egrip II Kit, which is an 80W TC upgrade of Joyetech’s earlier versions of the same mod/tank combo — the original 20W Egrip, 30W Egrip VT, 30W Egrip OLED-CL, and 30W OLED CS — and the subject of this review. The jump from 30 to 80 watts (same output as the Cuboid Mini) represents a kind of catching up to current power standards for temp control devices.

The mods in both Kits are compact and powered by USB-charged non-replaceable internal Lipo batteries — 2200mAh for the Cuboid Mini, and 2100mAh for the Egrip II. Their shapes are different: the Cuboid mini is cylindrical, taller and thinner, while the Egrip II is boxier, wider and more squat. Both are relatively small, however. Each mod provides 80W power output, Temperature Control modes for all three standard wires (Nickel, Titanium, and 316 Stainless Steel), and extra options for user-adjustable TCR/TFR values. Both kits include the same three coil heads to accommodate different vaping styles and power levels — a 0.25Ω stainless steel Notch coil (rated at 30–70W), a 0.5Ω bottom-fed 316SS coil (15–30W), and a 1.5Ω MTL bottom-fed 316SS coil (8–20W) for mouth-to-lung vapers, as well as a pre-built and wicked RBA head.

The regular Egrip II Kit for America and much of the world has a tank capacity of 3.5 mL. A special kit is available to meet the new EU regulations that has 2.0 mL eliquid capacity and a child-proof top cap.

Joyetech is now using variations of their Cubis tank across multiple product platforms, and both Kits come with a Cubis custom-designed to complement each mod. The tank with the Cuboid Mini looks like an extension of the mod itself, while the tank included with the Egrip II fits into the body of the case, so that only the drip tip and a little of the coil housing stick out. All the various coil heads for the Cubis tank are interchangeable from one Kit to the other.

Joyetech has added everything but the kitchen sink to the Egrip Kit. Not only does the Kit come with three coil heads and an RBA, but it also includes an adapter with a 510 connector that allows the Egrip to use other tanks. In addition, the Egrip chip is programmed with a clock function for time and date, and a simple edition of the Flappy Birds video game. Are these extra features worthwhile? I’m not so sure. Read on to learn why I think not.

Joyetech eGrip II Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • one Joyetech eGrip 2
  • mini USB cable
  • BF-RBA section
  • 0.25Ω ss/Notch coil head
  • 0.5Ω BF ss316L coil head
  • 0.5Ω MTL ss316 coil head
  • replacement chimney/510 section


  • Built by Joyetech
  • 80 watts of power
  • Built-in 2100 mAh charge capacity
  • Flappy Bird mini game in easy
  • medium or hard
  • Stealth mode
  • TFTA tank with 3.5 mL juice capacity (also available in 2.0 mL – coming soon)
  • Digital or analog clock readout
  • 25 Notch coil and 0.5 SS coil included
  • Reads resistance down to 0.1 ohms
  • VT mode offers 200 – 600 Degrees Fahrenheit operating temp
  • Three memory settings for TFR
  • Firmware upgradeable (loaded with version 4.03)
  • Temp control supports SS
  • Ni
  • and Titanium
  • OLED color variations include blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • red
  • purple
  • cyan and white
  • Multiple integrated safety features
  • RBA section included

Notable Remarks


Suggested retail list price (MSRP): $62.99
Street prices (online): $30–47.00, depending on the vendor

Discount Chinese vendor sites often include free shipping;
on most American vendor sites, shipping is usually extra.

Initial Thoughts

Joyetech eGrip 2 Other Colors

The Egrip not only shares much in common with the Cuboid Mini, but it looks like a wider version of Joyetech’s popular VTC Mini mod. The extra width allows the atomizer tank to be “hidden” inside the case.

As I wrote in my review of the Cuboid Mini Kit, I’m not a fan of the Cubis Tank. I got alternating flooding and spitback, especially after filling the tank or picking it up to vape after a period of inactivity. Others may get better results, but that didn’t change for me on the Egrip II Kit. It’s effectively the same tank with the same problems. Joyetech does, however, allow the Egrip mod to be used with other atomizers and tanks by providing an adapter that screws into the recessed section of case where the tank normally goes. The adapter has a female 510 connector, which converts the case into a standard tank-on-top mod.

While Joyetech is to be commended for including the adapter, the question remains: Why would I buy a Kit if I don’t like the tank that’s designed specifically for that Kit? Why not just buy the smaller VTC Mini mod, which uses a standard high-drain 18650? I much prefer mods with replaceable 18650 batteries, since I have dedicated chargers and a large stock of 18650 batteries. Swapping them out is quick and easy for me. I really don’t like waiting for hours with the mod tethered to a mini-USB cable while the internal Lipo battery slowly recharges. A vaper who owns no dedicated charger might find the Egrip internal battery perfect, but for me it’s a big fail.

Joyetech eGrip 2 Kit Content

Also, I find the clock questionable. Why drain the battery further with a “screen saver” clock display? Does every single consumer product we buy now have to come with a built-in clock, just because chips can do that? And, as for adding the Flappy Birds video game to the mod, well, that’s just really stupid. The FDA will say, “See? Vaping companies are trying to seduce children into vaping by offering them games.” Folks, vaping is in a fight to the death, and this is not time for silliness (or playing games). Get rid of that Flappy Bird nonsense, Joyetech!

Finally, I have an ongoing gripe with mod manufacturers who seem to take perverse pleasure in programming their chips to make menu navigation as complicated as possible. I own more than 50 box mods, and nearly every one uses different sequences of button presses to access settings and options. Press ABC with the mod turned off to do some things; press XYZ with the mod turned on to make other choices. Time and again, I have to dig out the user manuals to remember how to set something, turn on something, or change the setting for something else. I fully realize that no “universal code” is possible, but the Egrip II has — for me anyway — extremely non-intuitive menu navigation that requires memorizing many button-press sequences. I find that tiresome.


Joyetech eGrip 2 Red

Performance of the Egrip II in all modes, from straight wattage through pre-programmed Temp Control to user-defined TFR/TCR, is effectively identical to any other Joyetech mod — the Cuboid, Cuboid Mini, VTC, or VTC Mini. They’re all reasonably accurate, moderately well made, usually dependable, and each provides a satisfying vape when paired with a good atomizer or tank.

Joyetech and its various subsidiaries — including Eleaf, Wismec, and Beyond Vape — make decent mods. The companies are generally responsive to their customers’ suggestions and/or requests and implement improvements with each new generation of mods.

Performance is probably the one area where I’m completely pleased with the Egrip II. Sure, I could wish for more battery life, but we’re essentially at the limit of the size-to-power ratio with current technology. 2100 mAh is about as much battery charge as can be squeezed into such a compact mod.


I’m not sure that my criticisms of the Joyetech Egrip II Kit will apply for everyone. If you don’t get spitback and flooding from the tank, if you like the idea of the clock, and if you look forward to playing the Flappy Birds game, then by all means pick up an Egrip II Kit. You’ll be happy.

For me, however, the Kit has too many issues that rub me the wrong way.

No recommendation.

Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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this is one of my favourite mods to use, granted i dont play the game. But the clock is very useful when out and about and the 510 adapter is brilliant ive not used the coils that came with it so i cant comment on spitback or leaking paired this with a Wotofo mini serpent and never looked back myself would recommend this if you can pick one up cheap.


Totally disagree. The spitback is a non problem if you know what you are doing. The notch coils are awesome. Great and good looking set.


I agree with your review, Bill. The first incarnation of the eGrip was one of my favorite mods ever–I owned two. With the easy-to-use RBA head it was peerless for flavor (and I HATE rebuilding). The CL version that used the eGo ONE heads was pretty great too. This version is poor…the NotchCoils are spitty and short-lasting. My eGrip II is serving as a base for another sub-ohm tanks from a different manufacturer.