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Are Delta 8 Carts Safe? How to Vape Delta 8 the Right Way

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Hayley Heidelbaugh

We’ve all heard frightening rumors about delta 8 products. Users developing lung damage after vaping delta 8 carts, or instances of fentanyl-laced delta 8 gummies. Cases like these—if they’ve happened at all—are extremely rare, and delta 8 itself isn’t at fault.

It’s generally safe to consume 8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8 THC) carts if you’re purchasing from a trusted vendor with transparent safety testing. Use carts responsibly and don’t buy from manufacturers who fail to disclose their test results.

Here’s how weed vapers can stay safe while shopping for and using delta 8 carts.

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What is a delta 8 cart?

You can find prefilled THC vape carts containing your choice of delta 8 oil, such as delta 8 distillate or live resin. Most of these devices are 510 threaded and can be hooked to any 510 thread battery.

Delta 8 carts feature an oil-filled glass cylinder known as the chamber. The amount of oil depends on the product, although most carts contain either half a gram or one gram. Two-gram and 300-milligram carts are less common (but sometimes available) options.

A coil, atomizer, and mouthpiece are attached to the chamber. When you connect the cart to a battery and fire it up, the coil heats, and the atomizer creates vapor. With your lips on the mouthpiece, you’re ready to inhale and enjoy the effects of delta 8 THC.

How much THC is in a delta 8 cart?

It depends on what you mean by “THC.”

Delta 8 is a form of THC, alongside cannabinoids like delta 10, delta 11, and THC-O (which was recently declared illegal by the DEA). In the same vein as its cousin delta 9, delta 8 THC is a psychoactive compound found naturally in cannabis. It’s seen in low quantities in marijuana, and in its retail form delta 8 is converted from hemp-derived CBD.

This is also where a legal loophole comes into play. Delta 8 isn’t derived from the marijuana plant. Because it can be produced from hemp, it’s considered legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, as long as it contains no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

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Canna River D8 Cartridge

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Canna River’s delta 8 carts don’t starve you of choice. With 18 strains to pick from, customizing your session is a piece of cake. These hemp oil carts keep it simple with just two ingredients: D8 distillate and USP-grade terpenes. Full-panel tested, additive-free, and compatible with any 510 thread battery.

Check the details

Do delta 8 carts work?

Yes, delta 8 carts from trusted vendors will induce the psychoactive effects they promise.

A delta 8 high isn’t as intense as one produced by delta 9, the form of THC dominant in marijuana. Delta 8 vapers won’t experience the same mental and physical heaviness as delta 9 users.

If you’re searching for a cannabinoid to give you a clear high and aid with productivity, delta 8 is a fantastic pick. Plus, some individuals have reported feeling creative or motivated after vaping delta 8, rather than lethargic. Other hemp-derived products, like HHC carts, have similar effects.


Is vaping delta 8 dangerous?

While delta 8 risks have been a hot topic since the cannabinoid’s debut, evidence suggests it’s relatively safe to ingest. Processed correctly, delta 8 is no more dangerous than traditional delta 9 THC. That said, inhaling any substance has some inherent risk that a vaper must accept.

Delta 8 has similar side effects to delta 9. It can lead to anxiety or paranoia in certain users, so be cautious if you’ve had this reaction to delta 9 carts. Delta 8 isn’t necessarily the substitute you’re seeking.

Are delta 8 carts regulated?

Once you get into black market products, health and safety risks begin popping up. While delta 8 is federally legal, the products are currently unregulated. Most states don’t require manufacturers or sellers to test products for toxins or contamination.

Always check a brand's website or speak to a dispensary representative before purchasing new products. Safety test results should be publicly available. If they’re not, run in the opposite direction.

It’s usually easier to buy delta 8 carts or delta 8 disposables online for this reason, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the brand. The internet makes it simpler to do a quick research and know exactly where your products come from. Check them out before you buy—and read customer reviews and comments.

Remember, the last thing anyone wants is to inhale hazardous chemicals. The body absorbs cannabinoids quickly via the lungs, offering delta 8 a fast track to the brain. It’s why vaping THC carts leads to a speedier high than consuming edibles.

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Signs of low-quality delta 8 carts

It’s usually possible to spot a fake or poorly made vape cart before you buy one.

  • Low price: Very cheap delta 8 carts are probably too good to be true. At their absolute cheapest, high-quality carts will cost around $15 or $20.
  • Sketchy packaging: Black market retailers aren’t likely to invest in expensive original packaging. Beware of stolen IP or famous cartoon characters.
  • Poor labeling: A lack of labeling can point to untested, unsafe products. Delta 8 products should display clear information about THC percentage, batch number, and ingredients. The manufacturer’s name and contact info should be on the package.
  • Oil consistency is off: Poor quality delta 8 oil tends to have an odd consistency; it will usually be thin or thick. Avoid oil that’s sludge-like or oils that rush from one end of the chamber to the other.
  • Dark, dull oil: Delta 8 oil will never be yellow, dark brown, or black. High-quality oils range from clear (some distillates) or light amber, to a rich, deep honey color.
  • Unpleasant smell: Generally, untrustworthy products will have a pungent, chemical, or burnt smell. A reputable delta 8 cart will provide a light herbal aroma, and it shouldn’t be aggressive or off-putting.
  • Unexpected effects: If you’ve vaped delta 8 before, you know better than anyone how your body responds. Experiencing abnormal effects (including nausea, vomiting, headaches, or vision problems) could mean your oil is contaminated.
  • Why are sketchy vape carts risky?

    Maybe you’ve heard of “e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury (EVALI),” the 2019 outbreak of lung injuries from delta 9 carts diluted with vitamin E acetate.

    This is the serious lung condition that’s been linked to vaping — but there’s a catch. When you vape products from trusted vendors who provide test results, the risk of EVALI is low to zero. Vaping contaminated delta 8 carts is another story. Carts from unknown manufacturers could contain vitamin E acetate, which they use as a cutting agent to save money in production.

    At the end of the day, there’s no way to be certain of the cart’s ingredients. Even if a product is labeled, there’s no testing to confirm that the label is accurate. A generous price tag isn’t worth serious health risks. Buy only from manufacturers and retailers willing to provide third-party testing that proves the product is clear of contaminants.

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    Koi Delta 8 Live Resin 5g

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    If you vape through oil in no time, you’re ready for the Koi live resin disposable. Enjoy a whopping five grams of D8 live resin and botanical terpenes. Despite its size, this long-lasting disposable fits snugly in your pocket. Top it all off with pre-heat functionality and a rechargeable 380 mAh battery.

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    How to safely use delta 8 vape carts

    We’ve established that the delta 8 cannabinoid is generally safe, but are sketchy carts the only danger? Maybe not. After all, user error can introduce additional risks.

    Follow these tips to use delta 8 carts safely.

    • Start at a low dose: Start low and work your way up. It's the mantra to use every time you vape a new THC cart. Start with a single puff of your vape, drawing for one to three seconds.
    • Monitor your response: After taking your first puff, wait between ten and twenty minutes for the effects to hit. Assess how you respond mentally and physically before drawing again. Repeat this cycle until you reach the desired effect.
    • Choose the right voltage: Vaping at higher voltages can boost the potency of your delta 8 cart. This could lead to a more powerful high than anticipated. Also, excessive voltage settings (over 4.0 volts) may increase irritation and coughing. It can oxidize and burn your oil too.
    • Prevent contamination: If you have a prefilled delta 8 cart, don’t open it. These carts are meant to be vaped as-is. Disassembling a prefilled vape cart can put you at risk of contamination.
    • Stop using after a bad reaction: While many vapers use delta 8 to relax and focus, these carts aren’t for everyone. If you experience adverse side effects after using delta 8 (including panic attacks) put down your vape right away. You might prefer a nonintoxicating option, such as a CBG or CBD cart.
    • Abstain before a drug test: Drug tests, including pre-employment screenings, often test for THC — this includes its delta 8 form. Switching from delta 9 to delta 8 before a screening won’t help you pass.
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      Use delta 8 responsibly and avoid low-quality carts

      When it comes down to it, delta 8 is as safe as other cannabinoids to consume through carts, edibles, or tinctures. Vaping only becomes a risky activity if you turn to unknown, untested vape carts.

      Delta 8 carts from untrustworthy vendors can contain vitamin E acetate, an infamous filler linked to lung damage and EVALI. There’s no way to know what’s in an untraceable, low-quality cart. It may not even have accurate labeling.

      Additionally, please vape responsibly. Pace yourself and gauge your body’s reaction. Care for your carts, store them correctly, and don’t boost your risk of contamination by disassembling prefilled carts. If you have a bad reaction, the session needs to end.

      With these rules in mind, you can enjoy a low-risk delta 8 experience.

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