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20 Legal Herbs You Can Vaporize for Aromatherapy

Dave Kriegel
January 23, 2019

Cannabis with THC or high CBD strains is not the only type of herb that can be vaped. Granted, cannabis is the most popular one, but did you know that vaporizers can also be used for aromatherapy via other herbs? There are actually dozens of herbs that can be vaporized, aside from the obvious one. You might even find some of them sitting in your cupboard right now.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic and holistic purposes. It can be done through a process known as phyto-inhalation. Vaporizers can be utilized to extract and inhale essential oils from various plants and herbs. Though some people believe it can be used to treat various symptoms or illnesses, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor and an aromatherapist before self-medicating with these herbs.

Keep in mind that you can also mix herbs with your cannabis to add a new aromatic element to your sessions.

Top 20 aromatic herbs that you could vaporize

1. Basil: A commonly used herb for seasoning food is also used by people to treat cold and digestive symptoms in addition to improving their mood. Vaping basil is ideal for in the morning and afternoon. It contains linalool which is a terpene also found in various cannabis strains. It vaporizes nicely at 266° F.

2. Blue lotus: Also known as the water lily or sacred blue lily, this herb contains the alkaloid aporphine which is considered to be psychoactive. Vaping blue lotus produces a mildly sedative effect. Keep in mind that it is illegal to possess in certain countries like Poland, Russia and Latvia. Blue lotus vaporizes best at 257° F.

blue lotus

3. Catnip: Believe it or not, mulungu catnip has been historically used (by humans) in China and Europe for various health ailments. Catnip is said to produce relaxing and mildly euphoric effects when vaped. It is also believed to elevate mood and in extreme cases induce the giggles like cannabis. Its recommended temperature for vaping is 302° F.

4. Chamomile: One of the more popular herbs used for aromatherapy has always been chamomile for its relaxing properties. Some people use it to help them calm down and fall asleep. It should be vaped at 257° F.

5. Coffee: Yup, even coffee beans can be vaped. They contain caffeine which is a known stimulant and are known for their robust aroma. Coffee is vaped as a pick-me-up, or as an alternative to drinking it. The suggested temp for vaping coffee is 392° F.


6. Eucalyptus: This herb originates from Australia and is said to help with stress and contains antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus has also been used to treat colds, flus and lung infection. In addition to its purported benefits, it also gives off a pleasant scent. Eucalyptus vaporizes best at 266° F.

7. Green tea: This traditional herb with its roots in Chinese culture can also be vaped. Like coffee, green tea contains caffeine which is said to help with minor aches and depression. When vaped, green tea releases more caffeine than drinking it, which supposedly provides a burst of energy. It vapes well at 365° F.

8. Hemp: The male version of the cannabis plant known as hemp, is legal in most states and although non-psychoactive it still contains cannabinoids found in CBD oil. It’s typically sold as industrial hemp but now companies are selling legal hemp specifically for vaping and smoking. It vaporizes best between 380 to 400° F.

9. Hibiscus: Known for its complex aroma and taste, hibiscus is most commonly used for making tea. It contains flavonoids that supposedly boost metabolism and helps with anxiety. Vaping it does not produce caffeine but it contains various antioxidants and vitamin C. The suggested temp for hibiscus is 347° F.


10. Hops: Hops are flowering plants from the same family as cannabis, and like cannabis hops contain a variety of aromatic terpenes. Best known for being the main accent flavor in beer, hops when vaped can actually produce a mild euphoric effect. There are many different types of hops, each with their own flavor profile, but they vaporize best at 392° F.

11. Lavender: This herb has a sweet and floral smell that is popular for its calming effect. Lavender has been vaped for pain relief and to help with insomnia. It is also said to have antibacterial properties. Lavender vaporizes well at 257° F.


12. Lemon Balm: People with gut issues and internal wounds have used lemon balm for healing. It has also been said to relax muscles, elevate mood and improve sleeping patterns. Lemon balm should be vaped at 288° F.

13. Passion flower: Another herb utilized for its calming properties, passion flower offers a sedative effect when vaped. It has been used for pain management and addiction treatment. Passion flower vaporizes best at 302° F.

14. Peppermint: Known for its fresh aroma and cooling taste, peppermint has been suggested to offer relief to people suffering from colds and body aches. It’s said to deliver an energy boost similar to caffeine and it vaporizes at 338° F.


15. Thyme: This herb is typically used for culinary applications but has also been vaped by people to treat chest colds. It has also been said to contain antibacterial properties. Thyme shouldn’t be vaped any higher than 302° F.

16. Sage: Various cultures believe sage to have spiritual cleansing properties. It can supposedly improve brain function and digestion when vaporized. Sage is suitable to be vaped at 374° F.

17. St. John’s wort: This herb has been used as a homeopathic remedy for depression. St. John’s wort is normally taken in capsule form but can also be vaped at 302° F.

St Johns Wort

18. Tobacco: Vaping tobacco is another way to consume tobacco while avoiding the hazards of combustion. Vaping e-juice is a more popular approach, but it’s still possible to vaporize tobacco at 302° F.

19. Valerian: This root has been used as a sleep aid, to relieve pain and reduce stress. When vaped, it produces a similar effect to lavender. It vaporizes best at 302° F.

20. Yerba mate: Most popular for teas and beverages. It has been used for vaping and is said to increase energy levels and improve overall mood. Yerba mate should ideally be vaporized at 302° F.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.


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Dave H
Dave H

Just bought my first vaporiser, (Fenix 2.0) after smoking joints for however many years. As usual, no instructions on how to actually vape and everything on you tubes in German :/
Came across your site and so glad I did, your advice has been spot on, very much appreciated !!!


Question: do buy dried herbs? Lets say I wanted to use basil or green tea, could I add dried basil (as in the spice or a green tea bag content) to my Pax 3?

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