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Charging Your Elf Bar: Everything You Need to Know

Jeremy Mann
September 14, 2023

Elf Bar is changing the brand name on its products sold in the United States to EBDESIGN after a federal judge ordered the company to stop using the ELFBAR name until a trademark dispute is decided.

EBDESIGN-branded products will arrive in the U.S. soon after March 10. Product model numbers will remain the same, as will the appearance of the devices. Model numbers will be more prominent on the devices and packaging, and the brand name will be smaller.

Beware of ELFBAR-branded products still being sold in stores. They could be fake (or counterfeit) Elf Bars.

Elf Bar charger instructions

The Elf Bar charging instructions are as follows:

  1. Connect a USB-C cable to the bottom charge port, likely located on the bottom of your Elf Bar.
  2. Connect the USB-C cord’s connector to an available USB appropriate for powering other small electronic devices (phones, laptops, earbuds, etc.)
  3. A glowing light will illuminate while the Elf Bar charges. Once it goes off, it’s fully charged.
  4. You can use the Elf Bar as it charges, a feature called pass-thru charging.

Which Elf Bar do you have?

Did you know that “Elf Bar” is a brand? Though Elf Bar’s first disposable was called the “Elf Bar,” the brand name is responsible for dozens of different products, from some of the best disposables, to pod vapes and e-liquid. But the name “Elf Bar” is how a lot of retailers refer to the devices as a whole.

If you have an Elf Bar branded disposable device, there’s a chance that it may not be rechargeable.

The most popular Elf Bar disposables, like the BC5000, are rechargeable. That said, there are actually more non-rechargeable disposable Elf Bars than there are rechargeable ones. Here are two lists of all Elf Bar disposable products and which are rechargeable. Also included is the mAh (milliamp hours) of the battery, which indicates run times as well as charge times (larger mAh basically means longer battery power).

Rechargeable disposable Elf Bars

  • BC1600 - 1600 mAh - Rechargeable
  • BC3000/3500/4000/5000 - 650 mAh - Rechargeable
  • BC5000 Ultra - 650 mAh - Rechargeable
  • BB3000/3500 - 650 mAh - Rechargeable
  • LB5000 - 650 mAh - Rechargeable
  • CR5000 - 650 mAh - Rechargeable
  • Elfbar 3600/5000 - 650 mAh - Rechargeable
  • TE5000 - 550 mAh - Rechargeable

Non-rechargeable disposable Elf Bars

  • Elf Bar 2500/3500 - 1400 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • PL2000 - 1000 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • Elf Bar 2200 - 1250 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • Elf Bar 2000 - 1200 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • NC800 - 950 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • Elf Bar 1600 - 850 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • MC600 - 550 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • T600/T800 - 500 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • Elf Bar 600 - 550 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • NC600 - 400 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • CR500 - 400 mAh - Not rechargeable
  • Cigalike - 280 mAh - Not rechargeable

Below is a table you can save for convenience’s sake.

table of different elf bars and their mAh

How long does it take to charge an Elf Bar?

The charge time varies per Elf Bar model. The general rule of thumb is 30-90 minutes, depending on the Elf Bar’s mAh rating and how depleted it is. The lowest mAh is in the shortest charge time, and the highest is in the longest. The average time for charging 650 mAh is approximately an hour.

The Elf Bar disposable will blink its indicator light when it needs to be charged, but if you charge before the indicator light blinks, it will obviously take less time than waiting until the battery is totally drained.

All rechargeable Elf Bar vapes have USB-C ports

As with most modern electronic devices, Elf Bars charge through USB-C ports. USB-C charge cables are different than traditional micro-USB cables in that the plug is symmetrical and oval-shaped. Micro-USB cables have an asymmetrical shape with one flat side, which always seems to get inserted upside down on the first try. USB-C cables go in on the first try.

With all Elf Bar rechargeable disposables, there’ll be a visible USB-C port, most often on the bottom of the device—not to be confused with an airflow hole.

The Elf Bar disposables don’t come with a charging cable, though. By now, most people have USB-C charge cables around. If not, you can pick one up from any store that sells electronics, even gas stations and drug stores.

As stated, charge the Elf Bar as you would any other small electronic device. All vapes, Elf Bars notwithstanding, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Practice the same care as you usually do when handling small electronic devices with batteries and their respective power sources.

I'm a freelance reviewer here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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1 year ago

Very well written and easy to understand! Thank you! I burned my first Elf Bar bc500 by charging it overnight (I fell asleep). It tasted awful. As a former Juul user, this is all new to me. Thank you for your help.

1 year ago

Great read, but what about measures to take for maximum usage/minimum burn? Like waiting 5-10 minutes after unplugging it to take a hit. Those type of tips and info would be helpful. We all want to get the most out of our money and we all hate that disgusting horrible burn taste

10 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy Mann

I thought Henry asked was it necessary to wait 5-10 minutes after charging it before taking a puff??

Jessica Whitney
Jessica Whitney
7 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy Mann

There R other factors to consider if your Elf bar is tasting burnt. While overcharging it can be a factor, it’s important to also realize that the vape fluid eventually will start to run out & when this happens the atomizer can easily start to burn the cottony thing inside your vape. One this happens, it can be pretty hard to undo (its better to prevent this than to have to learn how to take ur vape apart + perform surgery on it).

8 months ago

Why am I getting a burnt taste from my BC5000 ELFBAR… the indicator light comes on when I hit it but it don’t blink??

7 months ago

I vape elfbar bc5000 ultra and without fail when I finish the 4th charge it is burnt out. I usually undercharge it a bit. It tastes fine before the 4th charge, but after it’s got that burnt tast. Could that be from using a fast charger? So, what watt or Amp or volt charger should I be looking for. Also, do I look for a slower charging cord or slower wall plug or both? This is so confusing, please help.

Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald
5 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Are you sure it’s not just getting low by the fourth charge? A burned taste is most likely caused by a dry wick (from and empty device). That said, it’s safe to use standard chargers like cell phone chargers that put out 0.5 to 2 amps.

7 months ago

What does it mean when you unplug the changer and your elf bar vape blinks red