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E-cigars: The Vape Solution to Cigar Smoking

Vaping360 Team
September 13, 2016

What is an e-cigar?

Cigar smokers have long enjoyed the full, rich, tobacco taste of a quality, hand rolled cigar. Cigars produce thick clouds of smoke, and large amounts of nicotine, in addition to a premium tobacco taste. One aspect of the vaping market seeks to appeal to this class of smokers via e-cigars.

While a true cigar enthusiast may be reluctant to be won over by e-cigars, they have many advantages compared to the real thing and should not be dismissed so quickly. Most non-cigar smokers find the smell of genuine cigars to be distasteful and unpleasant. Some e-cigars do have a noticeable odor, but it is much tamer than the real thing, and dissipates quickly.

Also, e-cigars do not burn, make actual smoke (it’s vapor!), or ash. Like their e-cig counterparts, switching could make a big difference in your health. Not developing smoking related diseases, or dying, may be attractive to new users who are interested in cigars, but reluctant to take up an unhealthy habit. Furthermore, e-cigars are welcome in some businesses that do not allow use of the genuine product, such as some casinos.

Three notable e-cigars further down the page.

Puffing on an e-cigar

Vaping an e-cigar is very similar to how a tobacco cigar is smoked. Cigar smokers generally employ two methods: puffing into one’s mouth or inhaling partly or all the way into the lungs.

If one chooses to puff his/her e-cigar, the vapor may be held in the mouth to allow nicotine absorption and then exhaled through the mouth and/or nose. An e-cigar may also be inhaled wholly or partially into the lungs by taking a small draw into the mouth, and then inhaling. This method is referred to as Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping.

The method of drawing on an e-cigar or e-cigarette can differ slightly in feel compared to tobacco cigars, or it can feel about the same. It’s really all up to the user. Most vapers easily adapt with just a bit of practice.

E-cigar flavors

A variety of flavor experiences await the user of e-cigars. They are available in traditional flavors like Cuban or Havana, or other traditional, premiere tobacco flavors. Some are available in pipe tobacco flavors as well such as apple, cherry, or vanilla flavored tobacco. Furthermore, for those who wish for something different at times, desserts or fruits may excite your palate.

Some e-cigars have refillable cartridges, which opens an amazing assortment of flavors to the user.

The traditional cigar, pipe and cigarette flavors vary widely. For those looking to experiment, the world is your oyster. Currently, e-juice comes in nearly every flavor one can imagine: desserts, fruits, beverages, yogurt, waffles, candy. Aside from improving your health by not smoking traditional cigars, perhaps some of these flavors can may even become more appealing than the taste of burning plant matter.

Special features of an e-cigar

Like a traditional cigar, e-cigars have some “give” to them to allow the user to bite down a bit, or even chew the end. Most light up at the tip using a LED to give the appearance of a burning cigar, and from a distance they appear to be genuine. If you are looking to keep the form factor, e-cigars are a godsend!

Notable e-cigars

Disposable or rechargeable

Which is right for you?

Two types of e-cigars are available for purchase: disposable and rechargeable. A disposable e-cigar is exactly as it sounds. After a limited number of puffs, the cartridge of e-juice has been vaped and it is then thrown away.

Disposable e-cigars are perfect for the occasional user to take to the Saturday night poker game, or vacation to Las Vegas. They are also an excellent choice for those who wish to try an e-cigar, but are not yet committed to switching from traditional tobacco cigars at this time. First time users can pick up a variety of disposable e-cigars for a very reasonable price per item.

Those who wish to use their e-cigar often would benefit from purchasing a rechargeable kit. For those who wish to make the switch to vaping over smoking, or perhaps for driving to and from work each day and who don’t want to destroy that new car smell, a rechargeable is the better option. It has a USB or similar port and may be plugged into a wall charger when the battery gets low, just like a cell phone–and more often than not, again, like a cell phone, you can use it while it charges.

The types of batteries used in e-cigars generally last for about 300 charging cycles. And with most e-cigars being able to get you through the majority of the day without needing a recharge (if it’s rechargeable), that should work out to about a year before you may need to invest in another.

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