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April 15, 2024
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ARC DC16000 Review: 16K Puffs in a Double-Barrel

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Jeremy Mann
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ARC DC16000

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The ARC DC16000 is a flavorful disposable vape with the features many vapers want. You have airflow control, complete visibility of your juice levels, a battery percentage readout, and the ability to turn off the vape lights and go into stealth mode. The flavor production is high, and there are 12 options on the menu at 5% nicotine.

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Product intro and specs

The ARC DC16000 is a unique disposable vape with a 15 mL e-liquid capacity inside a completely transparent tank next to a battery and mouthpiece section. It has a double-barrel look, reminiscent of "SBS" (side-by-side) vape mods. 

The DC16000 does a few small things differently than its competition. While other disposables have a “smart” screen that approximates the amount of juice left, the ARC DC16000 lets you see for yourself. It’s a simple but more useful feature than a “smart” screen since those approximations are often wrong. And although there aren't extra power modes like in other disposables out now, the DC16000 can work for various vape preferences. The airflow control takes the draw from an MTL to a restricted direct lung hit, getting close to a direct lung puff. On the menu, there are 12 fruit and candy eliquid mixes, all in 5% nicotine. 

But is this disposable vape for you? Does it just look cool, or is it actually a good vape? Before you buy, have a look at my experience.

Price: TBA
Flavors: cherry lemon, pineapple coconut, blue razz ice, Miami mint, strawberry dragon fruit, cherry strawberry kiwi, blueberry watermelon, paradise sunrise, watermelon ice, kiwi bubble gum, pink lemonade, juice peach ice


  • Puffs: 16000
  • Flavors: 12
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg
  • Battery capacity: 800 mAh
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Battery readout
  • Mesh coil
  • Completely visible juice well
  • 3x airflow settings
  • Airflow control dial

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The ARC DC16000 comes in several colors, including golden, blue-green, and red. Although the colors indicate the flavors, some of the color groups look too similar. For example, the color of the blue razz looks too similar to that of paradise sunset. That makes it a little confusing when grabbing one on the go. Luckily, the names of the liquids are printed alongside the battery side.

Now, about that form factor. The ARC DC16000 design is a throwback to side-by-side (SBS) vape mods. I call it a double-barrel style since "SBS" is probably a lesser-known acronym in the disposable vape market.

The double-barrel body styling feels good in the hand and has that masculine, everyday-carry vibe. As a guy, I admit I like this form factor much more than something that feels and looks like a makeup compact.

The screen on the DC16000 sits up top on the battery side. It shows the battery percentage as you vape. The placement and simplicity of it add value to the device without including more "tech." 

The mouthpiece is a flattened duckbill style, which feels natural. But as soon as you take a draw, you'll be met with a bright light show. I found it interesting for a second or two. The eliquid side glows blue and green when you take a puff. After seeing it repeatedly, I thought ARC Vapes messed up an otherwise cool-looking device.

Then I learned that you can turn off the lights! You don’t have to look like you’re vaping on a miniature rave if you don’t want to. Finally, a stealth mode on a disposable vape! We’re back to cool again.

Getting started

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The Arc DC16000 is a super-simple device to use. As mentioned, the eliquid compartment is completely visible, and the battery readout (a numerical value) is displayed atop the battery side.

Although the DC16000 has an automatic draw, you can change the airflow via a control dial found on the bottom of the device. The dial has three settings. It’s a little flimsy to turn, but it at least clicks into place.

  • Closed: MTL
  • One hole open: Loose MTL
  • Two holes open: Restricted lung hit (close to a direct lung hit)

If you want to turn off the light show, you simply take three rapid puffs. You can do it so fast that you barely produce any vapor when turning off the lights (you don’t have to get nic sick to do it). 

Again, I want to thank ARC Vapes for adding this feature. While it may not seem like a big deal to some, they added the off option for a reason. 

As an aside, the light from the battery readout is pretty much only visible to the user.


How does it hit?

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The ARC DC16000 has a great draw. Much like most disposables nowadays, the mesh coil inside produces a warm, flavorful hit that’s quiet, fast, and smooth. Of course, the noise level increases with the airflow opening up. 

I should point out that I don’t know if the device is meant to have an MTL draw, despite what I said in the previous section. The airflow control being closed off all the way does produce an MTL hit, even if that’s just happenstance. 

As to which setting is best, that’s up to what you prefer. The airflow all the way open gets really close to a direct lung hit, but with 5% nicotine, it can be a bit much to handle. Personally, one airflow hole open is all I need; it provides me with a nice, robust hit that sits comfortably in the middle. 

I think the ARC DC16000 achieves the experience of having multiple power modes by way of a really effective airflow control.

ARC DC16000 best flavors

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I’m largely impressed with the flavor production and the flavors I tried from ARC Vapes, but I only received six flavors with several duplicates. While I would like to see some dessert flavors or even some tobacco options (and would’ve preferred more flavors than duplicates,) I'm happy to have six examples from their menu. 

The flavors I have tried all have a sweet/tart taste, but most lean toward the tart-er side. There’s a cooling effect in each flavor I was sent, but the level varies. In order of preference, here’s my take on what I’ve tried:

Pink lemonade: Bright, tart, and sweet. It’s easily recognizable as pink lemonade but has a deeper flavor profile than others with the same name. Minor cooling. The sweetest.

Blue razz ice: More tart than sweet, but it does a little peek-a-boo with both sensations. It’s a high-quality blue razz without getting too clever with ingredients. Simple but good candy flavor. Moderate but less cooling than “ice” suggests.

Watermelon ice: A sweet and sour watermelon flavor that, while tasty, misses the mark with watermelon. I like this one a lot, but I have to remind myself that it’s watermelon. Maybe it has an aroma of watermelon candy, but I sometimes get a berry vibe. It’s one of the lightest flavors of the bunch. Minor cooling despite being “ice.”

Paradise sunset: Deep tartness with undertones of sweet tropical fruits. If you like tart flavors, this one is for you. The sweetness comes in the exhale and rounds out the flavor though still dominated by tartness. Light cooling.

Blueberry watermelon: More tart than sweet, with a dominant blueberry flavor. The sweetness it does have comes from the light watermelon flavor. Medium cooling.

How long does it last?

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The DC16000’s 800 mAh battery lasts a long time. One charge can get you through about half the tank. That’s a good deal! It sure beats an extra power mode that drains the battery lickety-split. 

This is where I noticed the efficiency of the airflow control as it (almost) creates the experience of having extra power modes. You get to take big rips with the airflow holes open, and the vape is more flavorful and vaporous, but you're not draining extra battery power. 

To charge the DC16000 after it is finally drained, just plug in a USB-C cord to the port located under the battery side. It takes approximately one hour to charge. While charging, the battery readout flashes a numerical percentage inside a green light tracing around the number. It's easy to read from across the room while the device lies on its side.


Pros / Cons


  • Flattened, duckbill mouthpiece is really comfortable
  • Battery lasts a long time (almost half the tank)
  • SBS design is unique for disposables
  • You can see the entire juice capacity
  • Three distinct airflow options (MTL, Loose MTL, RDL)
  • Good flavor production
  • Battery read out is only visible to the user


  • Flavor menu is just like others
  • Airflow control dial is a little flimsy



The ARC DC16000 is a well-designed disposable with a high level of performance. I am satisfied with the device and how it vapes. And I love that I can turn off the light show. 

I appreciate having instant knowledge about the juice capacity and that the battery percentage readout is right at your face when you take a vape. 

Although the airflow dial is a little flimsy, that's a minor con offset by the performance of the airflow control. It's so high that it's like having extra power modes without sacrificing battery power. 

For its design, functionality, feature set, and performance, I give the ARC DC16000 a strong recommendation.

ARC DC16000

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Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann

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