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January 24, 2022
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Avida Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen Review: Six Highly Effective and Terpene-Rich Vape Pens

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Dave Kriegel
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Avida Puff Full Spectrum CBD Pen

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The Avida Puff Full Spectrum CBD pens contain Avida’s USA-grown and hemp-derived CBD distillate. Each rechargeable pen comes with 400 mg CBD and a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids, including up to 0.3% THC. Experience the benefits of the entourage effect in six all-natural terpenoid-based flavors with Avida’s discreet and super-stylish vape pens.

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Product intro and specs

I still remember when Avida hit the scene. First, they had me excited about their great-tasting CBD vape juice flavors. Then, I had the chance to try their CBD tinctures and CBD gummies, and they were really nice. My only critique has been that they should offer more full spectrum products—and now they do! Today I will be testing out their latest full spectrum CBD disposable vape pens.

It looks like they took a detour from the Puff Bar style of disposables. Their new CBD vape pens look more like weed pens that you would get from a cannabis dispensary. They feature an internal 1.4-ohm coil and a 280 mAh battery that charges via Micro-USB.

The products were sent to me courtesy of Avida for the purpose of this review.

Price: $39.99 (from Avida)

Flavors: Mango, Blueberry, Gelato Kush, Banana Kush, Pineapple Paradise, Fire OG.

Size, weight, and feel

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Avida Full Spectrum CBD vapes are just under 16 mm in width, just over 100 mm in height, and around 8 mm thick. They weigh about 20 grams, which is pretty lightweight. On their website, it says that the USB-C cable is not included—however mine came with them. (Likely due to it being part of the review package.)

The pens are all white with a square liquid window. They have a grippy texture on one side with the Avida logo on the bottom. On the other side, it says the name of the strain in small print and the number of milligrams of CBD. They also have a tiny LED light for battery life indication.

The vapes are currently available in six different strain varieties. All of them come with a full gram of oil containing 400 mg full spectrum CBD. They are all thoroughly lab tested, and the results are accessible via their official website. On each box, there is a sticker with the full cannabinoid breakdown. The dominant terpenes are also listed, which is a very cool idea.

Getting started

It doesn’t get easier than this. Just open the box, pull out the vape and remove the rubber plug on top. Once you have done that, all you need to do is inhale. Avida Full Spectrum vapes are draw-activated, so there are no menus, buttons, or switches. Just take it out and start puffing.

If the vape isn’t hitting and the LED starts flashing, it’s time to recharge. I haven’t had to charge any of them yet but sometimes batteries could lose their mAh just from sitting around, especially in extreme weather conditions. And 280 mAh is not a lot of battery to begin with, so the charging port may come in handy.

How does it hit?

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The draw on these vapes is pretty tight. It’s best suited for mouth to lung vaping. You can try to force a lung hit on them, but they’re not meant for that. I think the goal of a good CBD disposable is to appeal to joint smokers just as much as it appeals to vapers, which is what they’ve done here.

The vapor production is nothing out of the ordinary, but the clouds are on the dense side. I feel like the effects are even more noticeable than their previous disposables. Both of them make me feel relaxed, but I get more of a full-body experience with their full spectrum vapes. I wouldn’t call it a “high.” but I get a euphoric tingle throughout my body after just a few puffs.

Are the flavors any good?

The flavors are based on real strains, so if you are looking for a vape that doesn’t taste like weed, these are not the ones for you. But if you enjoy all of the different strain profiles, then you are going to appreciate these terpene-rich vape pens.

Since the vapes are all formulated with the same full spectrum CBD oil base, they all have a similar earthy hemp taste. However, each one is formulated with strain-specific terpenes, so every flavor has subtle differences that real strain connoisseurs will be able to easily discern.


Banana Kush

This tastes a lot like the actual exotic Kush strain. I get a slight hint of banana. It actually reminds me more of the banana peel than the actual fruit itself. It’s more earthy than fruity, but it has an exotic citrusy taste combined with that classic earthy aroma that you get from most Kush strains.


This one tastes more like a blueberry-themed strain than the fruit. If you’ve ever tried Blue Dream or Frosted Kush, then you know what I mean. It has a very dank weed taste with a slight hint of fresh blueberry.

Fire OG

I didn’t know what to expect for this one. This flavor was light and citrusy combined with some earthy and grassy notes. The dominant terpene is d-limonene, which gives it a fruity lemon taste. Fire OG actually stood out from the rest because of its light and refreshing real lemon flavor.

Gelato Kush

I am very familiar with the taste of Gelato and Kush. This strain reminds me more of a Kush than a Gelato. It just isn’t as sweet or creamy as I would have expected. But with that said, it still tastes really good! It reminds me of their Blueberry vape pen, but with more of a grape taste.


If there was ever a weed strain that tasted exactly like mangos, this is it. Unlike the rest of these flavors, this one just tastes like straight-up mango nectar. It doesn’t taste artificial or too sweet, but it does have a very natural fresh mango flavor and less of a weed taste than the other flavors.

Pineapple Paradise

I can really taste the sweet pineapple flavor from this strain. It has a very piney taste combined with exotic citrus notes. It reminds me of the popular strain Pineapple Express, but with a tropical twist. The flavors are sweet, fruity, and tropical and this happened to be my favorite strain out of the six.

Pros / Cons


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Solid performance
  • Recharges in 40 minutes
  • Contains strain-specific terpenes
  • Over 400 mg full spectrum CBD
  • Contains CBG and other cannabinoids
  • Available in six different strains
  • Authentic cannabis distillate taste
  • Very easy and convenient to use


  • 280 mAh battery life (but charges quick)
  • Hits harsher than isolate-based vapes
  • Sativa/ indica/hybrid strains not specified



Well, it’s about time! I am glad Avida has finally decided to make full spectrum vape pens. They have great quality control standards, which is evident in all of their products. These vapes are no exception. Extremely well packaged, high performing, and with enough variety for everyone. They also look great and best of all, they’re rechargeable! There is not much for me to criticize.

Avida’s isolate-based vapes taste great if you enjoy candy and fruity vape juice flavors. But if you want a more natural weed taste with stronger effects, you’ll want to try their new CBD full spectrum vapes. They taste like actual cannabis distillate infused with strain-specific terpenes.

What was your experience like with Avida Full Spectrum Vape Pens? Leave a comment below.

Avida Puff Full Spectrum CBD Pen

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