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Bantam E-Liquid Review: With 31 Flavors to Choose From

Jeremy Mann
July 9, 2019

Bantam e-liquid intro

Bantam is a premium e-liquid company out of North Carolina, USA. They have a formidable line of e-juice with a wide range of 31 enticing flavors. Choices span beverages, cereals, desserts, menthols, sweets, and tobaccos.

The packaging is colorful and eye-catching but also sophisticated and mature. The website is easy-to-navigate, and Bantam offers batch traceability to authenticate the manufacturing date of any bottle. Wholesale orders are welcome, too.

Bantam sells regular e-liquid at a low nicotine strength and a line of salts for pod vapes and MTL. The regular nicotine is max VG in 0 mg/mL, 3 mg/mL, and 6 mg/mL; the salts are 50/50 and come in 36 mg/mL and 48 mg/mL. Thirteen of their 31 flavors are in the salt line, and every bottle is sold at the same price of $19.99.

Bantam sent me e-liquid free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Apple Pear Press

Bantam Apple Pear Press e-liquid

Fresh-pressed crisp apple and juicy pear flavors come together in this naturally-refreshing vape. As smooth and delicious as the real thing, without the seeds.

My take:
It’s bright, succulent, and well-balanced. For a simple two-fruit based recipe, this juice is crazy good. I’m really impressed that the pear isn’t bullied by the apple. Pear is not an easy flavor to replicate in e-liquid, in part because it’s a weak flavor in real life. Somehow, this liquid lets both pear and apple shine at a fairly high level. It’s like the pear is amplified. I think this juice is great!

Apple Pear Press is available in regular nicotine e-juice.

Fruity Rainbow Crunch

Bantam Fruity Rainbow Crunch E-Liquid

Satisfy your midnight munchies with Fruity Rainbow Crunch. The flavor of deliciously fruity and crunchy breakfast cereal with milk poured on top make this a vape you’ll want no matter what time it is.

My take:
It’s fruity and tangy with the unmistakable cereal flavor that tricks the brain to taste texture. It’s got that sweet citrus note that’s reminiscent of Fruit Loops, though I wouldn’t call it “milky.” Slightly creamy is about as far as I’d go. But that’s okay for me because what it lacks in “milk” is offset by natural tasting fruit flavors, which adds character and brightness. It’s difficult to make out the individual fruits, but it’s fun to try and pin them down—which is why I’ve been squonking this one so much! It’s not the most spot-on fruity cereal e-juice I’ve had, but it’s close enough to do the trick and tasty enough to vape all day.

Fruity Rainbow Crunch is available in regular nicotine e-juice.

Creamy Myst Fizz

Bantam Citrus Myst Fizz E-Liquid

Citrus Myst Fizz is a unique craft soda flavor with class. Combine the time-honored essence of a lemon-lime spritzer with the finest cream soda, and you’ve got a sassy seltzer vape you’ll crave all day.

My take:
It kinda tastes fizzy. Almost like a fizzy candy. That’s pretty cool. And there’s no menthol or anything like that to achieve that feeling. Unfortunately, I’m simply not a fan of the lemon-lime and cream soda mix. Citrus Myst Fizz has a fair amount of flavor, but too much of an artificial taste of lemon-lime. The cream soda tastes good though. However, this one ultimately falls flat.

Citrus Myst Fizz is available in both salt and regular nicotine.

Sour Revenge

Bantam Sour Revenge E-Liquid

Sour Revenge is your favorite sweet and sour fruit flavor, evolved. This zingy, tangy rainbow of fruit flavors offers a ride that you won’t want to end — revenge has never been sweeter.

My take:
A tangy fruit punch taste or something similar to Nerds Rope flavor. It’s hard to say. Sour Revenge is juicy and sweet, and just a little bit on the tart side. Based on what’s suggested in the pictures of the juice, I believe I can taste a tangy orange and cherry flavor. But if there’s strawberry in there, I don’t really taste it. It doesn’t really matter though because I think Sour Revenge is delightful and quite flavorful as is.

Sour Revenge is available in regular nicotine e-juice.

Creamy Milk Bar Crunch

Nobody can say no to Creamy Milk Bar Crunch!  This flavor tastes like a milk and cereal bar, crafted from the classic toasted honey cereal, and dunked in milk one more time for good measure.  It’s the creamy, crunchy vape you’ll want for every meal of the day.

My take:
It’s got a dense flavor that truly is like Honeynut Cheerios and some type of sweet creaminess. I was blown away when I first tried it in a sub ohm tank. I like the salt version too, but I prefer it in low nic. It’s also really good with a restricted lung hit device like the Caliburn. I mixed my salt and low nic versions inside a Caliburn pod for a medium strength and it’s been a pleasure to vape. In general, Creamy Milk Bar Crunch is my favorite so far from Bantam.

Creamy Milk Bar Crunch is available in both salt and regular nicotine e-juice.

Bantam salts

Bantam’s line of nic salts uses a trademarked brand of nicotine brand called PyriSalt. I’ve never seen any other e-liquid brand with this salt, so maybe it’s a branch of Bantam? Either way, PyriSalt touts itself as scientifically designed to deliver ultimate flavor.

The nic salt line comes from the regular line and includes a selection of their tobaccos, fruits, desserts, and beverages. In my experience, the Bantam salt line, even at 48 mg/mL, is on the smooth side with less throat hit.


Based on what I’ve tried, I highly recommend Bantam e-liquids to anyone that buys premium juice. The juice isn’t cheap, but Bantam is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. They’re so confident you’ll like their juice that they’ll refund your purchase if you truly don’t like it. I’m not sure how they weed out the “Richards,” but I applaud the policy!

I was so impressed with what Bantam sent me that I bought more flavors to try. Other winners were Wildberryade, Tobacco Ambrosia (in salt), and Mango Passion. Citrus Bliss and Toasted Tobacco Almond also tasted good to me but weren’t quite home runs. Next, I’m going to buy their Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream, and Vanilla Malted Milkshake. My hope is that they’ll be as good as Creamy Milk Bar Crunch. But at $19.99 per bottle, I’m going to have to pace myself with future orders. This could get out of hand if I’m not careful.

I'm a freelance reviewer here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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3 years ago

How do you know if these vapes are indica, sativa or hybrid

Dave Kriegel
Dave Kriegel
3 years ago
Reply to  Rory

Hi Rory, Bantam e-liquid doesn’t fall into any of those categories because it is not a cannabis product. This is just a review for nicotine e-liquid for people who vape (instead of smoking cigarettes). I hope that answers your question, best of luck to you.