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November 13, 2019
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Knockout CBD Review: 5 Fruity Flavors Infused with CBD

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Dave Kriegel
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Knockout CBD

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Knockout CBD is a relatively new addition to the CBD industry. They offer a range of CBD hemp-based products. Today we will be reviewing their CBD vape juice flavors, but they also offer CBD oil, CBD cartridges, CBD pods, capsules and gummies and flower.

All of their products are lab-tested for potency, which is on point. Their CBD e-liquid is isolate-based, so they’re THC-free, but you could also consider them broad spectrum because they contain trace amounts of CBDv (another non-psychoactive cannabinoid). I would like to see more thorough testing for pesticides, solvents, contaminants, etc. but at least the CBD content is accurately labeled.

These CBD e-liquids were sent courtesy of E-Juice Plug for the purpose of this review.

Price: $19.99-$34.99

Strengths: 250, 500 mg

Knockout CBD Flavors

Knockout offers five flavor varieties right now. Three of them come in 30 mL black chubby gorilla e-liquid bottles in 500 mg CBD strength, and the rest come in cartridges, JUUL pods and disposables. Today we are going to be focusing on their five flavors, but we hope to test some of their other products in the near future. I will be testing their e-liquids using a pod vape and their other two flavors using their disposables and pods.

The flavors available in bottles are watermelon, strawberry and mango. All of their flavors are based on single fruits, as opposed to all of the overly complex flavor profiles on the market. If you like keeping it simple, and love fruit, you will appreciate that. I'm interested in how they will compare to some of the better fruity flavors I've reviewed from brands like Naked 100 and Avida. Will they "knock out" the competition?


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So far so good. This flavor has a very familiar taste that is triggering memories from my childhood. It reminds me of sour gummy candy, but very light on the sour part. It doesn't have that crisp watermelon taste like Hemp Bombs, it's a bit sweeter and has more of a candy flavor. And it doesn't have an artificial or perfume-like taste. It's a simple flavor profile, but it is very tastefully done and has a unique taste that reminds me of gummy candy. If you like watermelon gummies, you'll probably enjoy this CBD e-liquid flavor.


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I enjoy a good candy strawberry flavor, but only if it's done well. This flavor is similar to the Juice Roll Upz e-liquid line. I think Knockout did a good job with this one—it’s one of the better strawberry CBD e-liquids I've tried. It has a tangy taste, but it isn't just a plain strawberry. It has a candy base to it. Both flavors I've tried so far were an interesting interpretation of these fruits, and there is a similarity between them. If you like one of their fruit flavors, chances are you will enjoy the rest of the line too.


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This one has more of a natural fruit than a candy taste. It has a little bit of a candy undertone, but it also has a nice ripe mango taste. It's actually pretty close to Hemp Bombs' new Mango flavor, but a little bit on the sweeter side. The flavor comes through really well in a pod system. I'm sure it would be bursting with flavor if I used it in a sub ohm tank or dripper. If you're looking for more of a natural taste, this will probably be your favorite from their line, especially if you like the taste of fresh mango nectar.

Apple (disposable)

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Their Apple isn't so prominent in a disposable e-cig, but I will do my best to explain how it tastes. It has a hint of fruit on the inhale, but you really taste the granny smith apple on the exhale. It leaves a tart apple aftertaste on your tongue and lips. It's somewhere in between a candy and a fruit flavor. I'm guessing it would be a lot more flavorful if they released it in a 30 mL bottle. I'm not a big fan of apple e-liquids, but this one was pretty well balanced, not too sweet or sour.

Grape (disposable)

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There are not enough decent grape e-liquids out there, especially containing CBD. I tried this one in a disposable vape pen, and it wasn't that bad. It has grape candy taste, but it isn't overly sweet—at least not in this device. I would probably enjoy this flavor more in my refillable pod, if they offered it in bottles. It's comparable to the Grape flavor from ERTH Hemp, which I'm a fan of. If you want a natural grape flavor, this isn't going to be for you, but if you love grape candy flavors, this flavor from Knockout is worth a shot.


I like their approach. They are not trying to be too fancy or cute, they are playing it safe. Their e-liquid comes in popular simple fruit flavors, especially if you love candy. For the most part, they're very well executed. I wish they would do more thorough testing in the future, but I’ll give them a plus for having QC codes on their bottles linked to their lab tests.

Their Grape and Watermelon were my favorites. Out of their entire line, there was not one that I couldn't stand. I'm curious to know if Knockout CBD plans to expand their line-up some day and release the rest of their flavors (or possibly new ones) in bottle-form. I plan to review their pre-filled cartridges and vape pens in the near future, so stay tuned.

Have you tried Knockout CBD e-liquid yet? Which flavor was your favorite?

Knockout CBD

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