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March 8, 2024
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Off-Stamp SW9000 Review: The First Disposable with a Magnetic Power Bank

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Jeremy Mann
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Off-Stamp SW9000

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The Off-Stamp SW9000 is a unique, modular disposable vape kit with a tight MTL draw and solid flavors. It packs a total of 1000 mAh with a magnetized charging dock that greatly extends battery life and allows for pass-thru charging. Enjoy vaping with less charging downtime with your choice of eight flavors.

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Product intro and specs

The Off-Stamp SW9000 is a new and unique disposable vape. What makes the SW9000 kit unique is that it’s a modular disposable that comes in two parts: a small 200 mAh disposable with 13 mL of 5% nicotine salt eliquid, and an 800 mAh magnetized charging dock functioning as a pass-thru charge. Hopefully, you didn’t stop reading at “200 mAh.” With the charging dock, you are now packing 1000 mAh.

The SW9000 is sold in two kits: one with the dock and one without it. However, since the SW9000 vape is charged only through the charging dock, you first have to buy the full kit. After that flavor runs out, and you want to buy another, you'd only have to buy a solo unit to go with your charging dock. That’s supposed to make the kit “greener” since you’re throwing away less in the trash (less plastic and a smaller battery). For me, the more important “greener” part is that subsequent purchases of the solo kit will cost a few dollars less than the full kit. The full kit costs $14.99, and the device costs $11.99.

The SW9000 is designed for a tight MTL draw, is rated for up to 9000 puffs, and comes in eight flavor options. Although I’d never heard of Off-Stamp, I was eager to try these out once I learned of their design. It all seemed very cool.  Let’s see just how cool the SW9000 actually is.

Price: $14.99 (kit) $11.99 (disposable) (at Mi-pod)

Flavors: Watermelon ice, sour lush gummy, juicy peach, Miami mint, dragon strawnana, cherry strazz, California cherry, blue razz ice


  • Capacity: 13 mL
  • Puffs: 9000
  • Battery capacity: 200 mAh disposable / 800 mAh recharging dock
  • Mesh coil
  • Dimensions: 88 mm x 22 mm x 42 mm (with dock)

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The Off-Stamp SW9000 is a snazzy-looking disposable vape. It’s got a hip vibe without being too juvenile. Like most disposables, the colors are indicative of the flavors. However, the charging dock is a different color than the disposable section. It’s always going to be a two-toned device when you have the charging dock on. As an aside, it doesn’t really look like a disposable vape when sitting out on a desk. It looks more like an office stamp.

(It took a few days to make sense to me. The name "Off-Stamp" was odd until my phone auto-corrected the spelling and called it "office-stamp." Then it all clicked!)

Additionally, there’s a clever emoticon-like image that’s halfway on the solo device, and the other half is on the charging dock. When you change flavors, the emoticon-like image will change. It’s a subtle but cool detail.

The device and charging dock together are about the same size as most 650 mAh disposables. The SW9000 measures 88 mm x 22 mm x 42 mm. The solo unit without the charging dock is only 32 mm wide (10 mm thinner). It’s amazing that the charging dock is so compact. It doesn’t add much to the overall size, despite adding so much benefit to the kit.

When fully configured, the SW9000 is similar to a box-style disposable but with a rounded top and bottom. You can stand it up on your desk, but it’ll wobble if touched. It’s best to lay it on any of its flat panels. When it’s just the disposable section, it’s closer to that of a lightweight stick-style disposable—which is nice because you can vape it hands-free.

The finish on the disposable is a glossy PC, and the charging dock has a bumpy matte texture for a nice contrast. It’s all manufactured well, but what really impressed me was the strength of the magnets. There are no wobble or fit issues with connecting the two parts. They join perfectly in place with a loud snap. It’s very satisfying! Easily the best magnets on any vape I've experienced. These magnets should win an award. I frequently play with the device in my hand, separating it and letting it snap back together.


A cool hack with the magnets is attaching two disposable sections together. This keeps the device about the same size but with two flavors attached to each other. The emoticon-like image is off, but the convenience factor is high.

Getting started

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As with most disposables, all you have to do is remove the device from the package (stickers and plugs) and get to vaping. You can begin by just using the disposable and then add the battery pack when your 200 mAh runs out, or you can just start with the whole thing put together.

If, for some reason, you only bought the solo unit without the charging dock, you’ll want to order the full kit ASAP. Only the charging dock can charge the solo unit, and with only 200 mAh, it won’t last long before needing to be charged. One of my review samples of the disposable section arrived without a charge. If I didn’t have a dock, I would’ve been out of luck.


How does it hit?

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The SW9000 has a fantastic MTL draw. It’s tight, warm, and fairly silent (just a tiny bit of airflow noise.) There’s a 1.2-ohm resistance mesh coil inside that works quickly and without issue. No juice dribbling in the mouth, no dry hits, and no loud pops or obnoxious coil sizzling.

The SW9000's nice mouthpiece aids in the MTL draw. It’s a flat whistle-tip style with a fairly wide bore that provides solid flavor. That normally would be contrary to a strict MTL, which historically has smaller bores, but the wider opening works well in this situation (likely because the airflow holes are so very small.)

As stated, the SW9000 comes in 5% nicotine, like most disposables sold in the US. But even with that common percentage, throat hit is not the same across brands’ devices. The throat hit from the SW9000 is at a comfortable, medium level. Not aggressive or weak.

Off-Stamp SW9000 best flavors

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It seems like flavors are getting better across disposables. The SW9000 is no exception. I’ve tried all eight flavors and enjoy almost every one (I don’t care for the California cherry as much, though I would vape it in a heartbeat if that’s all I had.) Thankfully, there’s no mung bean flavor!

All the flavors have a light to medium cooling sensation, regardless of whether they have “ice” in their names—but if you vape disposables, you’re used to the cooling sensation by now. These are my five favorite flavors from the SW9000.

Watermelon ice: This flavor is more vibrant and juicy than typical watermelon flavors, with the ice adding a refreshing touch without being overpowering. Super good.

Blue razz ice: A tasty punch of sweet and tart. This is the best blue razz ice flavor I have tried, delivering the authentic taste of the candy profile but somehow with a personality of its own.

Dragon strawnana: A flavorful blend that highlights strawberry and banana, accented by a faint fruity sweetness that's intriguing yet hard to identify (guessing it’s the dragon fruit.) It's got a sophisticated taste.

Sour gummy lush: This flavor leans more towards the tangy sensation of a sour patch kid than the sweetness of a gummy bear, which is an interesting twist.

Miami mint: A mix of spearmint, peppermint, and wintergreen. It’s heavier on the peppermint and wintergreen, with the spearmint being less pronounced.

How long do they last?

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The battery life and charging for the SW9000 are different from those of other disposables. If you’re using the disposable section by itself (with 200 mAh), the battery life is laughable. You can drain that battery in a couple of hours. But when you add on the charging dock, not only do you get to charge the disposable section, but you can also get back to vaping with an additional 800 mAh. With both sections charged, I can get a couple of days of vaping.

The charging dock enables the disposable section to be vaped as a wireless pass-thru. I can’t say how long it takes to charge the vape section because it’s charging while I’m vaping. When the vape section is totally depleted, it only takes a minute or so for the charging dock to get you back to puffing away.

When the charging dock is depleted, it is charged via a USB-C port like any other disposable vape. It takes about 90 minutes to charge, which is a long charge time in my opinion.

Besides the long charge of the charging dock, another con is the battery status indicator. It's a little confusing. See, when you snap on the charging dock, the indicator light (which is located on the charging dock) turns green to let you know it's connected properly, but that doesn't mean it's fully charged. You have to look at the light after you take a hit. Green is high, blue is medium, and red is time to charge.


Pros / Cons


  • Unique two-part design
  • Quality MTL draw (warm and silent)
  • Great mouthpiece for MTL
  • High-quality construction
  • Super strong magnets
  • Compact size (even with the charging dock attached)
  • Pass-through vaping
  • Lightweight enough to vape hands-free
  • Charging dock extends battery life by 800 mAh


  • Disposable has a very short battery life by itself
  • Charging dock is necessary
  • Charging dock takes 90 minutes to charge
  • Battery status indicator is a little confusing



I am smitten with the Off-Stamp SW9000. For those times when I want something stealthy, I just rock one disposable section. When I want two flavors, I connect two together. When I need battery security, I can snap on the charging dock. The flavors are tasty, and the draw is a strict loose MTL (which I like.) The form factor is pleasant to hold, and did I mention those magnets? Just wait until you experience them!

It's really nice to have a disposable vape function more like a box mod with removable batteries. But I have more than one dock, so I keep them in rotation. That's why I recommend buying at least two full kits before buying just the disposable section by itself.

I think the Off-Stamp SW9000 is an incredible disposable for numerous reasons. The major pain point of disposables (or any vape, for that matter) is that a dead battery interrupts your vaping. With the SW9000, Off-Stamp has practically removed that from the equation. Good job!

Highest recommendation.

Off-Stamp SW9000

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