Sense Blazer Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The Sense Blazer Mini Sub-Ohm Tank looks like a chip off the old (Blazer 200) block.


Sense Blazer Mini Sub-Ohm tank Intro

Sense is known for delivering innovative quality in sub-ohm tanks. Now they’ve released the new Blazer Mini tank that will immediately look familiar to some observant eyes.

At first glance, the Blazer Mini looks very much like a smaller version of the Sense Blazer 200.
In addition to the striking family resemblance, the Mini features the same flip-top fill system of
the Blazer 200: twist the hinged top cap counterclockwise to unlock, flip it open, top off the tank,
flip the cap closed and twist clockwise to lock.

Looks aside, there are some notable differences between these two siblings. The Blazer Mini is
not nearly as brawny as the 200, coming in at 22.8mm in diameter, with a reduced capacity of
3.6ml versus 6ml. The Mini features two adjustable bottom airflow slots while the Blazer 200
boasts four smaller slots, but like most big brothers the Blazer 200 wins that contest too, with
approximately 25% more airflow. One final difference is the lack of an RBA section with the
Blazer Mini.

Lastly, the Blazer Mini ships with two coils (0.4Ω and 0.6Ω) with both rated at 50-100W, or half
the upper wattage rating of the Blazer 200 coils.

Made from stainless steel and available in your choice of brushed or black finish, retail price for
the Mini is $39.99 USD

Sense Blazer Mini Sub-Ohm tank Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Blazer Mini sub-ohm tank
  • One 0.4Ω ceramic coil
  • One 0.6Ω coil
  • Replacement Pyrex glass tank
  • Spare parts


  • Height: 60.6mm
  • Diameter: 22.8mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 3.6ml

Notable remarks


Unboxing the Blazer Mini, I immediately noticed the weight. I don’t have a scale, but I am a sucker for heft and immediately associate weight with quality. The Mini just has the solid feel of a chunk of steel and glass. I’m sure the flip-top cap mechanism adds to the weight, but it feels substantial.

The Mini has a 3.6ml capacity which does not comply with EU regulations, but that will likely be a welcome plus to consumers in other markets.


I left the pre-installed 0.4Ω ceramic coil in the Blazer Mini, flipped open the top cap and filled with my favorite max VG juice. I attached the tank to my VW box and allowed the coil to absorb the juice through its four generous slots for a few minutes.

Starting at the recommended 50W I took my first vape and got decent flavor and vapor. I noticed that the Mini vapes a bit loud, but that is normal with a lot of sub ohm tanks with big air, and this one has pretty big airflow for a mini tank.

Admittedly, I am a lower wattage vaper, but for the sake of the review I dialed up the wattage in 10W increments between suggested range of 50-100W and vaped the Mini for a while at each stop. It performed much like any other sub tank with nothing exceptional, either good or bad. As expected, vapor production and heat increased with wattage, with slightly diminished flavor, and I did not experience any gurgling or spit back at any setting.

Honestly, I tend to chain vape and if I were going to use this tank daily there is no way I could vape it at 100W or even 80W – I find it unpleasantly hot. That is not unique to the Mini, but more about personal taste. My preference would be near or even below 50W. Although outside the suggested range of the coil, this setting gave me exactly the vape I’m looking for: generous vapor (note I didn’t say anything ‘bout clouds) with a bit of warmth.

Also as expected, filling the Blazer Mini was an exercise in simplicity and worked flawlessly.

Quick suggestion

It goes without saying that if you lean towards high-wattage performance, you should probably look at the Blazer 200 first — but don’t dismiss the smaller Mini.

Even with its lower wattage coils and smaller tank the Blazer Mini should be a big hit with the flavor crowd and still deliver respectable sub-ohm performance at moderate wattage


  • Size
  • Weight
  • Nice look
  • Good fit and finish
  • Flip top fill system
  • Good airflow
  • 3.6ml capacity


  • Kind of loud
  • Too hot above 80W
  • Average flavor



A quick comparison: I have a Tobeco Super Tank Mini that is over a year old that I still use. The Tobeco tank can be a PITA in many respects, but it vapes fantastic and accepts several different coils brands including Aspire and Vaporesso ceramic, and the current Tobeco coils actually have a wider operating range (30-100W and 40-100W) than the Blazer Mini. The Super Tank Mini has a larger tank capacity than the Blazer Mini yet maintains a smaller profile, and is available in a variety of colors at bargain pricing. For this review I vaped my Tobeco tank at the same wattage settings and found it to be a bit more enjoyable than the Blazer tank, with great flavor across all settings.

OK, so having said all that, the Blazer Mini is a nice looking, solid tank with a quality heft, and the fit and finish is very nice. The tank gave me good vapor and flavor at 50W but the vape does get warm as you approach the top of the suggested wattage range, especially if you’re chain vaping.

In the end, the Blazer Mini doesn’t really offer much that is truly new, so why bother?

Well, it features the same easy fill system unique to Sense’s Blazer 200, which might be worth considering if you want to add that high-quality mini sub-ohm tank that you lack in your collection, or maybe you’re thinking of replacing that tired, old Super Tank Mini – but personally, I think I’ll stick with my Tobeco.

Gary Joseph
Gary is a retired technical writer residing in the metro Detroit area. Besides vaping, and writing for Vaping360, some of his other interests include motorcycling, watch collecting, bicycling and fitness.

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The blaze 200 and tfv8 coils are compatible. In theory you could put the v8 coils in this mini blaze and have a real “baby” tfv8 because smok baby beast coils are not good at all


That’s good to know. I suspect the so-so performance I got was due to the Sense coils that shipped with the tank.

The Blazer Mini is a very well made tank – I’m just not impressed enough to give up my Tobeco Supertank Mini, which gives me better flavor.

Maybe the SMOK TFV8 coils would change my opinion.