Sense Herakles RTA Review (RTA-4)

Sense is back with another product. We take a look at their new two post RTA, the Sense Herakles RTA-4.

Sense Herakles RTA
Sense Herakles RTA

Sense Herakles RTA Intro

The Sense Herakles was among the most successful and popular of 2015’s astonishing second wave of superb sub-ohm clearomizer tanks. Sense followed up the initial release with a couple of upgraded versions: the Herakles V2 and Herakles Plus.

Now Sense has released a 25mm diameter, dedicated RTA version of the Herakles, aiming for a repeat of their previous successes.

Important Note: Sense has altered the RTA and is now selling two versions: the original, now renamed the Herakles RTA-4, and an upgraded version to be offered soon, called the Herakles RTA-2. The designations “4” and “2” refer to the number of eliquid control slots on the bottom circumference of the internal chamber that covers the deck: the original RTA-4 has four small slots that correspond to the four eliquid wicking channels on the deck, while the RTA-2 has two huge slots that correspond to two equally large ganged wicking channels on the deck, designed to hold two wick ends each. The only other difference between the two versions is a re-design of the deck’s air flow to remove the air holes under the posts. The upgrade affects the performance of the Herakles RTA in only one way — by intensifying the vape’s flavor.

As of early May, the RTA-2 is not yet available, but it will be soon, as well as an Upgrade Kit with the newer deck and chamber/chimney to allow conversion of an RTA-4 into an RTA-2.

This review is for the original version, the RTA-4.


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Sense Herakles RTA Specs and Features

Sense Herakles RTA Package Content
Sense Herakles RTA Package Content
  • One Sense Herakles Two Post RTA
  • Additional Glass Tank Section
  • Spare Parts Tube
    • Extra Copper Center Pin
    • Threaded 510 Drip Tip Adapter
Sense Herakles RTA Taken Apart
Sense Herakles RTA Taken Apart
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 6ml Tank Capacity
    • Top Fill System
      • Wide Area Filling Ports
  • Adjustable Wicking Holes
    • Can Be Fully Closed
  • Two Post Rebuildable Deck
    • Two Post Side Tension Applied
      • Hex Keyed
      • Positive Post Can be Rotated
        • Use Extreme Caution when Reorienting Post
  • Dual Terminal Per Post
    • 5mm Diameter Each
  • Quad Interior Airflow
    • 5mm by 3mm Each
    • Primary Dual Airflow
    • Auxiliary Dual Airflow
    • Class Leading Interior Airflow
    • Quad Wicking Channels
    • PEEK Insulator
  • Quad Adjustable Exterior Airflow
    • 7mm by 2mm Each Airslot
  • 10mm Threaded Wide Bore Drip Tip
    • Straight Channel Airflow for Maximum Speed
  • 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Copper 510 Connection

Notable Remarks

Manufacturer’s Product Info

Sense Herakles RTA
Sense Herakles RTA

The Sense Herakles Two Post RTA (now renamed the Herakles RTA-4) presents one of the most performance capable rebuildable tank atomizer platforms on the market, with a massive 6ml tank capacity coupled with an easy to build dual terminal, two post build deck supplied by class leading quad exterior and quad interior airflow.

From one of the most beloved manufacturers of tank systems in the market, the Sense Herakles RTA brings together quality machining along with a class leading feature set in a 25mm diameter chassis. The increased diameter size is designed to be used in conjunction with high powered box mod set-ups, and allows for a 6ml tank capacity that greatly increases time between refills as compared to smaller diameter platforms.

Filling the tank is done easily from the threaded top fill system, working in conjunction with the independently adjustable wicking port system, allowing users to completely seal the wicking ports to eliminate flooding.

The build deck of the Herakles RTA features a two post design with dual 2.5mm diameter terminals per post, rivaling many of the most popular two post RTA’s on market.

The Herakles RTA integrates quad interior airflow with each measuring 4.5mm by 3mm in size, providing the most internal airflow capable currently on the market. Paired with the quad exterior airflow, the straight channel chimney, and the build deck, the Herakles RTA can be utilized in greater power ranges than practically any other current RTA on the market. In order to effectively supply the high output capacity of the system, the 510 connection is manufactured out of copper to ensure high conductivity.

With a large tank capacity coupled with class leading airflow and an extremely capable build deck, the Sense Herakles 25mm Two Post RTA presents itself as one of the premiere high wattage platforms in the tank market today.


Sense Herakles RTA Pin
Sense Herakles RTA Pin

I’ve begun to wait for a moment — the moment when this avalanche of amazing vaping products will stop, or at least slow down a bit. Hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve never owned nor vaped a Sense Herakles sub-ohm clearo tank. In the year before I began writing hardware reviews for Vaping360, when I was buying new gear like there was no tomorrow, buying tanks and increasingly high-power mods whenever I found a good sale price, I guess I just never saw the Herakles on sale, and no one ever came out with a cheap clone. So, I contented myself with a bunch of Crown and Starre tanks, among many others.

All I can say now is that if the Herakles clearo tank was anything like the vape I’m getting right now from the Herakles RTA, then I was really missing something.

I thought the SMOK TF-RTA was a beast (and it is). I thought the Augvape Boreas was amazing (and it is). The Herakles RTA is every bit as good as either of them, but I can’t call it an amazing beast, since both those words of praise are already taken. Maybe I’ll just keep it simple and say that the Herakles is good. Really good. Ridiculously good.

The design is smart. Build quality is impeccable. The two-post Velocity-style deck with two large wire slots on each post and side hex screws is large, spacious, and a dream to build on. Air flow is massive (and has been altered but not restricted).


Sense Herakles RTA Deck
Sense Herakles RTA Deck

I did a simple dual-coil build using 26-gauge stainless wire and organic cotton wicking that came in at 0.21 ohms. I could have used 22 or 24 gauge, but I wanted a build that would ramp up quickly and not require massive power. I re-assembled the tank, closed off the quad internal slots of the eliquid control and the four cyclops air intakes, and filled up the tank with Fruit Shortcake DIY eliquid.

After re-opening the flow control and air intake, some minor leaking occurred, but not much — four or five drops total, which I cleaned up quickly as the internal tank pressure equalized. I set the Wismec RX-200 to 40 watts and took a pull. Wow.

I upped the wattage to 50 and took another draw. Holy cow. Plumes of vapor and sweet, cakey fruit flavor. Do I dare crank it up another 10 watts?  Shoot, why not try 20 watts more? OK, 70 watts it is. Ah, even better. Smooth, still not too warm, but even more density and flavor.

Sense Herakles RTA Deck
Sense Herakles RTA Deck

In the realm of oversized, 25mm diameter RTAs, I don’t see how it can get better than this: a full, saturated vaping experience with major league vapor and bangin’ flavor. (If reports are correct, however, the Herakles RTA-2 does indeed improve the flavor.)

I’m very impressed, and I expect to be even more impressed with the Herakles RTA-2, since it’s exactly the same tank, just tweaked for to squeeze out more flavor from the vape. As good as this original version is (Herakles RTA or RTA-4), the RTA-2 should be even better.


  • Just about everything


  • Almost nothing; only the minor and temporary leaking after filling


Don’t buy the Herakles RTA-4. Wait until the upgraded Herakles RTA-2 is available (starting in late May of 2016), and buy that. Trust me, it should be well worth the wait.

Highest recommendation.


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Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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Great review Bill,
Hello from Gold Beach


I have a new favorit tank. Sir Bill you have to stop you’ll make us broke ?


Sorry about that.

Maybe that’s what the FDA is really trying to do — keep us from spending money on vaping gear. LOL.


Nah I’ve just orderd and bought some e juice. They can eat my shorts. It’s just hard to make choice. You buy something and than comes out something even better. Sweet troubles…