Vaporesso NRG Tank Preview

A lot of questions, and a lot to prove in a crowded sub-ohm tank market

vaporesso NRG-Tank

Vaporesso NRG Tank Intro

Today’s sub-ohm vape tanks are all about excess. More clouds. More flavor. More e-liquid. More money. That’s not a damning criticism of the industry – sales figures alone indicate that these high-performance, high-demand products are what many of today’s vapers want.
But when a company comes along with a tank that highlights a competitive price point alongside massive cloud production, we take notice. Enter the Vaporesso NRG Tank.

Let’s see what it has to offer.

What makes the NRG different?

Truth be told, the “unique” factor is a little light with this one (at least at the time of this preview).

Initially available as a bundle with Vaporesso’s Revenger mod, the NRG Tank comes in two versions – the 2 ml capacity Mini or 5 ml capacity standard edition.

Sporting a similar design aesthetic to its companion Revenger, the NRG is a sleek, if not a little standard-looking tank that should feel right at home on any of today’s most popular devices.

Vaporesso is touting three primary differentiators for the NRG. First is the slide-and-fill top cap design, which is expected to make e-liquid refills a breeze.

Interestingly, the description also describes the top cap as a “twist open” mechanism. It seems to be a take on a proven design, and something that should benefit ease-of-use.Secondly, the fairly wide-bore drip tip features a mesh insert to prevent e-liquid spitback during use. This is not exactly a new feature for drip tips, but we have yet to see it on a wide-bore setup for a sub-ohm-focused tank. How this extra layer of resistance will affect flavor and vape quality remains to be seen, but given the amount of e-liquid spatter most high-wattage vapers experience, this could be a nice addition.

Finally, the tank sports a “bottom heating insulation layer” which we assume provides extra protection between the coil and the bottom of the tank, protecting devices from higher heat during max-wattage vaping.

It should be noted that Vaporesso is also claiming enhanced airflow with the NRG, but the jury is out on this feature until we give it a test run of our own. Currently, it appears to have a fairly standard bottom adjustable airflow ring, but nothing from the provided photos shows anything markedly different than what we’ve seen before.

A coil conundrum

The tank employs its new GT Core system, which are pushed as long-lasting, economically priced coils that cover a wide range of wattages and capabilities. Though it’s difficult to get excited about another proprietary coil head, the fact that these will be sold in 3-packs seems to be a confident statement from Vaporesso about their longevity and performance.

Surprisingly, Vaporesso did not expand upon its EUC coil design, which were compatible across the Estoc, Drizzle, Veco, Veco Plus and Attitude tanks, and allowed users to replace coils without having to wastefully toss metal housings when only the heating elements needed to be swapped.
The EUC replacements had strong lifespan, and came in VERY economical 10-packs, for less money than most of today’s 5-pack replacement sets.

Considering the wide range of devices designed around these coils, they represented the best value on the market.

Perhaps it’s a performance issue that drove this decision, but all the same, it’s very surprising that Vaporesso didn’t attempt to build upon the EUC concept for its higher-performing tank.

Another item of note is that Vaporesso claims the GT Cores will be available in a “variety” of styles, yet the device only comes with two standard Kanthal and cotton setups – both of which rate at 0.15 ohms. While we certainly expect Vaporesso to expand upon this line, and include their Ccell ceramic coils as an option, we’re not clear on how two ultra-low resistance heads reflect a “variety” of anything.

This preview was written before we had more information on the coils. Please have a look through the gallery – you’ll find a picture for the coils there.

Vaporesso NRG Tank Specs and features


  • Size: 26.5 x 56mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Coil: GT8 – 0.15ohm (60-110W) / GT4 – 0.15ohm (30-60W)

Kit content

  • 1x NRG Tank
  • 1x GT8 0.15Ω (Pre-installed)
  • 1x GT4 0.15Ω
  • 1x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card

Final Thoughts

As of this writing, we’re torn on the NRG Tank. On one hand, Vaporesso is at the top of their game of late, with the company producing some exciting mods and tanks alike. We expect the NRG Tank to be at worst, a solid performer, especially when paired with its Revenger sibling.
But the bigger issue with the NRG – at least for right now – is how limited the offering seems to be, and how many questions remain. Is this solely designed for cloud chasers, or will the “variety” of GT Cores include setups for restricted lung and mouth-to-lung vapers? Have any enhancements been made to improve flavor while making these clouds? Is an RBA deck coming down the line?

Finally, after all the goodwill created by the eco- and wallet-friendly EUC replacement coils, these new GT Cores seem like a bit of a letdown.

While the GTs may prove to be top performers, the EUC concept was an innovative new approach to consumable vape items, and something we had hoped to see Vaporesso employ through all its products over time.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to form an opinion right now. And we probably won’t know until we give the NRG Tank a thorough test run. Again, we don’t expect Vaporesso to let us down, but first impressions are lasting impressions. And this first impression was a little disappointing when considering just how strong the company’s recent output has been.

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Greg, thanks for writing. We did receive the press materials, and yes, the mechanism appears to be similar to the Smok TFV. But the description also mentioned a “slide and fill” top cap, which makes us think there might be more to it.

In the end, there’s only so much we can derive from static images. We won’t know until we have it in our hands. Thanks again!


As to the filling, did you guys look at the press material? it clearly shows that it has a mechanism similar to Smok TFV tanks for filling.