Youde (UD) Simba Review

We review the Youde (UD) Simba, a sub ohm tank with a unique looking ceramic coil

UD Simba
UD Simba

Youde (UD) Simba Intro

The Simba Tank is Youde Technology’s most recent offering in the crowded sub-ohm clearomizer/RTA tank market. I received what looked like a retail package that contained a black Simba Tank engraved with “Sample.” I assume that this means a pre-production model, so your tank may vary from mine.

The 4.5 mL capacity Simba tank has a number of attractive features: Top fill (nearly universal for new tanks), dual bottom and top air flow adjustment, easily adjustable e-liquid flow control to the head, condensation and anti-spitback protection, and — most significant of all — a new head design embedding a stainless steel vertical coil inside an all-ceramic housing that wicks e-liquid directly to the coil without cotton/rayon wicking.


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Youde (UD) Simba Specs and Features

UD Simba Taken Apart
UD Simba Taken Apart
  • 49mm * 22mm
  • 510 thread
  • 4.5 mL capacity
  • Top filling
  • E-liquid flow control
  • Bottom Airflow control
  • Stainless steel drip tip with adjustable air flow
  • Without cotton ceramic design
  • Condensation collection
  • Filtering impurities
  • 304 stainless steel anti-spit mesh
  • 3 heads:
    • 0.5Ω Kanthal A1 dual horizontal coil in a ceramic cup with cotton wicks
    • 0.5Ω 316L SS vertical coil in a ceramic cup with no cotton wicking
    • RBA head with Velocity posts for single or dual coils
  • includes an Replacement Glass Tank and spare o-rings

Notable Remarks


Currently, the UD Simba Ceramic Tank is offered only as a pre-order. Price on the sites I found accepting pre-orders (in China) is $23-30. A number of American vendors list the Tank, but are not taking pre-orders yet.

Air Flow Design

UD Simba Aesthetics
UD Simba Aesthetics

The Simba tank incorporates dual air adjustments — bottom and top. The air intake from the bottom is a typical design with two opposite slots and a control ring that rotates to open or close off the slots. The top air control regulates the draw from the chimney inside the drip trip, which can be turned to open or close off the air flow. That’s an odd design, since half the air from the chimney is blocked even if the drip tip is adjusted to fully open. When completely closed, the draw is so tight than no vapor comes through at all. Unless the tank is directly illuminated from the top down by a light source, adjusting the air flow with the drip tip is difficult to gauge. With a black tank, it’s dark inside the drip tip!

Coil Heads

UD Simba Ceramic Coil
UD Simba Ceramic Coil

This is the first all-ceramic head I’ve vaped. (The ceramic head into which the wickless coil is embedded fits into a thin metal shell that provides the threading, but I understand why the head is called “all-ceramic.”) I’ve read reports about this style head, with judgments that vary from great to meh. I have to weigh in on side of those who were not wowed by this new technology. For me, performance was OK, but nothing special. I’ll take Crown or Starre vertical coils wrapped in cotton over this wickless ceramic head any day of the week.

The other factory coil has dual horizontal Kanthal coils atop a ceramic base inside a metal housing. These are almost identical to the Youde coils that came with my Zephyrus v1, with performance that’s similar in both cases: pretty good, but not stunning.

The included RBA deck is small, like all such decks in sub-ohm clearo tanks, but was my favorite of the three choices. To prevent dry hits, the wicks have to be short and thinned at the e-liquid channels, as is true of many RDAs and RTAs. The wire holes on the two Velocity-style posts aren’t particularly large, but they’re adequate for 26-gauge, 2.5mm diameter dual coils.


UD Simba SS316 Coil
UD Simba SS316 Coil

The performance of the Simba tank failed to live up to my expectations. Flavor was very muted with both factory heads, and vapor production, while adequate, was nothing to write home about. Basically, I didn’t like either of the factory heads.

The included RBA deck was a different story, at least somewhat. I built the deck with a single stainless steel coil at a resistance of 0.36 ohms, and the vapor production was quite good, even at a modest 30 watts. Flavor was improved, but still seemed muted to me. Given my choice, however, I’d rather vape my single-coil Taifun GT-T v2 FrankenTanks, which are virtual antiques compared to the Simba.

After one full day of constant use, I’ve seen a little leaking of e-liquid from the bottom air slots, but not enough to aggravate me. A quick wipe with a kleenex on the top of my Wismec RX200 and around the base of the Simba took care of it. Apparently Youde recommends closing off both the bottom air intake slots and the inner e-liquid flow control when not using the tank. Personally, I regard that as a pain.

I feel somewhat embarrassed to say this, but for me, the cons of the Simba tank so far outweigh the pros that I don’t even want to list them. So I won’t.


I checked out numerous YouTube video reviews and first looks. Apparently, Youde has sent out a lot of sample Simba tanks for review. Uniformly, every reviewer praised the tank and its performance, emphasizing the high quality of both flavor and vapor.

I don’t get it. Maybe I’m the only reviewer who didn’t like the Simba tank, but I simply wasn’t impressed. Overall performance was OK at best, but leaning toward mediocre. The exception was the RBA deck, which provided a better vaping experience, although still not comparable to the best sub-ohm clearo tanks and RTAs. While the machining is adequate, the tank seemed to me both fussy and fiddly. If this had been my first blind date with the Simba tank, we wouldn’t have a second date.

Were it up to me (which, thankfully, it’s not), I’d go back to the drawing board and re-design the Simba tank from the ground up.


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Save 8% on the Simba below using our coupon code: A360

*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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I thought the performance and taste was pretty good. However my tank leaks uncontrollably… like pours out. Maybe its a faulty tank, but it is not usable. everything i own is now covered in ejuice… thanks Obama


and yes… it leaks even when all slots are closed.


I got one of the sample tank and I wasn’t sure what I thought of it but after using it for a couple days I got better but not that ude have to go through a couple tanks before it breaks in but the rba was better I’d agree



Glad to read that your Simba got better after a break-in period. That’s encouraging.


Great review bill. My other half has tried a couple of the ceramic coil tanks now n left not impressed. I think they all need to go back to the drawing board with the ceramic lol



The wickless ceramic head that came with the Simba was OK, but not great. Judging solely from that one experience, I consider the wickless technology a work-in-progress. I wanted to like the Simba — the simple, clean aesthetic pleased me — but overall the tank felt like a prototype.

That said, the ceramic deck and chamber cap of the Moradin RTA impresses me (my very positive review of that little tank was just posted yesterday…).

Not only is the build deck on the Moradin made of ceramic, but the interior of the chamber cap that covers the coils and connects to the chimney is ceramic as well. Brilliant! That means no shorting if the coils touch the deck or chamber, so coils can be bigger diameter without worry. Now there’s an innovation that actually works!


I will have to read that one. Sounds interesting.

Christian Garnir

Clear and to the point review, thanks Bill