Apocalypse Mods Jordan Lenz Interview

Vaping360 chats with Apocalypse Mods owner and modder Jordan Lenz.


Age of Apocalypse Mods

Currently one of the hottest brands in the high-end mod market, Apocalypse Mods are exquisitely crafted and made from beautiful materials. At VPX Las Vegas 2016, I had the pleasure of chatting with company owner and modder Jordan Lenz. He spoke about his background as a vaper and a modder, the “Bean” mod that started it all for Apocalypse Mods, and the recent mods he’s been working on.

Making Nice Things For Nice People

Apocalypse Mods Honeycomb
Apocalypse Mods Honeycomb

One of the reasons Apocalypse Mods has been so successful is the company’s simple philosophy. As he mentioned in the interview, Lenz simply tries to make nice things and tries to be nice to everyone. This is evident in the company’s Facebook group, which has thousands of members that are proud to own an Apocalypse Mod or are excited to buy one.

Naturally, the mods themselves have to be great for the hype to be real. The original Apocalypse Mod is a svelte DNA40 vaping device with a smooth shape that’s ergonomically and visually distinct. This was the mod that initially grabbed everyone’s attention. It looks and feels amazing.

At VPX Las Vegas, Lenz showed off a bunch of new products. He had mods with YiHi SX350J v2 and Evolv DNA75 chips. He also showed off the Apocalypse v2, which is like the Bean’s bigger brother. The mod that caught my eye stole my heart was the one that used honeycomb material. As a nerd for A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, I imagined that the honeycomb mod was made from a Targaryen dragon egg.

Check out my chat with Jordan to learn more about Apocalypse Mods, see some of his beautiful craftsmanship, and hear about his refreshing attitude towards flipping. After you’ve done that, kindly share your thoughts on the company’s mods in the comments section.

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