Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA Survival Kit Preview

The Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA is a unique four-in-one atomizer that offers an unprecedented amount of versatility. On paper, it's the only atomizer you'll ever need.

Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA modes
Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA modes

Crazy Versatility

The Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit is a unique four-in-one atomizer. On paper, it’s easily the most versatile atomizer I’ve ever seen. It can be used as a replaceable-coil tank, a genesis-style tank, a side-airflow RDA, or a top-airflow squonking-RDA. For vapers looking for maximum versatility or vapers that are on a budget but would like to experiment with different vaping methods, the Aspire Quad-Flex is tantalizingly dreamy.

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Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit Modes

Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA parts
Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA parts

As I said in the intro, the Aspire Quad-Flex can be used in four distinct ways. Here’s a rundown of the atomizer’s various modes.

  • Replaceable Coil: The atomizer can be used as a replaceable-coil tank that uses Nautilus X coils. This is the easiest way to use the Aspire Quad-Flex.
  • RDA Mode: The atty can be used as a fairly standard side-airflow rebuildable atomizer.
  • Squonking Mode: The atty can also be used with a squonker pin and top-airflow configuration for use on squonk mods.
  • RTA Mode: Lastly, the tank can be used as a so-called genesis-style tank, similar to the Wismec Theorem or iJoy Limitless RDTA.
  • In all of the rebuildable modes, the atomizer uses a Velocity-style deck for convenient building.

    As you can see from the list above, this is a novel atomizer with enormous potential. If all four modes work well then it will give vapers four distinct vaping experiences in one package. That would be remarkable if Aspire pulls this off.

Closing Thoughts and Image Gallery

The concern with products like the Aspire Quad-Flex is that it will end up being a jack of all trades and a master of none. Personally, I’m wary of any product (not just in vaping) that attempt to be multiple things and prefer products that excel in one area. I’m also reminded of the Itsuwa Rage three-in-one atomizer, which offered three ways to vape, but wasn’t spectacular at any of them.

Having said all that, Aspire has a strong track record. As a big fan of the company’s Cleito sub-ohm tank and an admirer of its NX75-Z box mod, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I am (perhaps naively) hopeful that the Aspire Quad-Flex will vape well in all four modes. Stay tuned for the full review of this ambitious atomizer, coming to Vaping360 in the near future.

For now, feast your eyes on the photos below to see the Aspire Quad-Flex in its various modes and leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

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  • Dave @ Vaping 360

    Wow! Aspire never made an RDA before, to my knowledge, so they just jumped right in head first with this one.

    I too am skeptical of do-it-all products, but if this thing works as a decent RDA and RDTA then that would be pretty impressive, considering the Nautilus X is already a winner.