What's the difference between CBD vape oil, CBD hemp oil and CBD e-liquid?


There is a lot of confusion about the difference between CBD vape oil and CBD hemp oil. Cannabidiol, called CBD for short, is derived from hemp, which is the male cannabis plant. CBD hemp oil from this plant may contain trace amounts of THC, but WON’T get you high at all.

CBD has been used medicinally for quite some time in comparison to how recently has it been used for vaping. The term CBD hemp oil was typically reserved for oral tinctures that were not meant to be vaped, but is now commonly misused to describe cbd vape oil, which isn’t a true oil.

CBD vape oil, more appropriately called CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice is specifically made to be vaped. They are typically not extracted from cannabis, but rather industrial hemp which is completely legal in the United States, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Most CBD vape juice can be also taken orally, whereas most CBD made for consumption can’t be vaped. Some CBD e-liquids can be mixed with your existing juice and some are pre-mixed. CBD hemp oil provides people with the medicinal benefits of cannabis, minus the side effects.

CBD hemp oil is available in a variety of different forms including lotions, edibles and dog treats. Yes, dog treats.

Vaping CBD (cannabidiol) oil


There are currently three common methods of vaping cannabidiol. Similar to vaping regular e-liquids, there are disposable products, mixed e-liquids, and concentrated solutions.

CBD e-liquids and concentrated solutions come in different strength levels, just like regular e-liquids come in different nicotine levels. The effects are stronger as the mg of cannabidiol rise. However, the effects vary from person to person, as well as from ailment to ailment.

Unlike nicotine levels, where it’s common to start high and work your way down, rather it’s suggested that users of CBD vape oils work their way up.

“It has definitely not been proven to be by body weight. What has been concluded is that certain ailments require different levels of CBD. In my research I’ve started to put together a list of what has shown to be working for more extreme medical conditions. In general, I would say it’s best to start low and work your way up to what works best for your endocannabinoid system. Everyone is different. There is absolutely no need to jump right to the highest level of CBD you can find.”

Cannabidiol extracts can have a unique flavor. Some describe it as earthy, while others say it’s grassy. The distinct flavor of some CBD extracts can be used as a nice complimentary flavor or it can be masked by other flavors. Naturally, taste is subjective (Jim McDonald™).

Best CBD vape pens and kits

Save 5%
  • Sub-ohm capable
  • Refillable CBD vape pen
  • Organic cotton wicks
  • Micro-USB pass-through charging
  • Quick delivery system for cannabidiol
  • Cons
  • Only available in black and silver
  • The Halo Tracer V2 Starter Kit isn’t marketed as a CBD vape pen, but it is the perfect delivery system for getting your dose of CBD fast. The Tracer tank holds 4 mL of the CBD vape juice of your choice, and comes with a powerful 2300mAh battery complete with micro-USB charging capabilities.

    The Halo Tracer brings some of the best features found in the most advanced e-cigarettes to the CBD vape pen world. Made of high quality materials such as 304 stainless steel, organic cotton wicks and comes with a free 30 mL bottle of Halo’s wide variety of delicious flavors for use with CBD additives.

    Price – $49.99

  • Sub ohm capable
  • Ultra-portable
  • Refillable
  • Micro-USB pass-through charging
  • Cons
  • 2mL capacity
  • The Halo Triton II is one of the smallest CBD vape pens, so it is perfect stealth device for enjoying your CBD oil on the go. The Triton II kit comes standard with two 750mAh batteries and three 0.75-ohm coils, which is a recipe for tasty clouds all day long when using CBD.

    This is a perfect entry-level device for somebody who wants to try CBD e-liquid or just vaping in general. The Triton II tank holds 2mL of CBD oil of your choice, so the flavor possibilities are endless. It’s powerful enough for even the advanced vaper.

    Price: $45

  • Lightweight
  • Stealthy
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for oil cartridges
  • Multiple settings
  • Micro-USB passthrough charging
  • Single button operation
  • Cons
  • Includes only one empty cartridge
  • Specifications

    • Uncomplicated
    • single button operation
    • 4 different temperature settings
    • Ultra Compact Design: Only 4`` High
    • 1`` wide and 0.6`` thick
    • Light Weight: Only 2 Oz.
    • 390mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable with pass-through technology
    • Additional Atomizer Cartridges Sold Separately

    If you are new to CBD, or vaping in general, it can be tricky at first. CBDfx offers a low-key, easy to use device for your oil cartridges. Just place the magnetic adapter ring onto a cartridge and pop it in. Four temperature settings allow you to get that perfect hit each time.

    The CBD Vape Kit makes vaping more convenient with increased battery life, multiple voltage settings and an overall lightweight, sleek design. You can insert your own pre-filled cartridges containing any type of oil or e-liquid, or buy an empty cartridge and fill it up with your own stuff.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners
  • Discreet and portable
  • Fresh minty flavor
  • Made with CO2 extraction
  • Made from organically grown EU hemp
  • cGMP certified pharmaceutical grade facility
  • Made in USA
  • Cons
  • 30 mg CBD per pen
  • Want to try CBD for the first time? This disposable vape pen is your all-in-one solution. You won’t need to buy a vape setup, or figure out which CBD vape juice to buy. Even if you already own a vape, this pen is perfect for when you are on the go, and need your daily fix of cannabidiol.

    Each disposable pen contains 30 mg of CBD extracted from organically grown EU hemp plants. There are no buttons to push, just puff and inhale. Made in a cGMP certified pharmaceutical grade facility in the USA. Experience high quality CBD with a fresh blast of minty goodness.

    Price – $ 14.99 each

    Save 20%
  • Impressive vapor production
  • Good flavor
  • Consistent performance
  • No leaking or spitback
  • Refillable pods
  • Lifetime warranty on battery
  • Suitable for MTL vaping
  • Cons
  • No pass-thru charging
  • No visible liquid monitoring
  • The RUBI is quite impressive for such a tiny device. It looks like your typical pen, but it puts out a bigger cloud than most. The best part is the freedom to use any CBD liquid of your choice. Its 1 mL pods are refillable, so it’s an open system vape. The performance is consistently awesome.

    Kandypens has a great reputation based on their wax pens. Only recently did they start making products for use with CBD e-liquids. Even so, they’ve managed to create one of the best refillable devices, which is why it is on the top of our list. Its 280 mAh battery comes with a lifetime warranty!

    Price: $49.95

    Best CBD vape oils and vape juices

    Here is a list of some of the most popular and well-trusted CBD vape oil brands on the market. CBD e-liquid companies have been popping up out of the woodworks due to its growing popularity. We’ve weeded out the imposters (no pun intended) to find the best CBD oil vapes…

  • Special CO2 extraction process
  • Third-party tested
  • Mixes well with other e-liquids
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • Unflavored
  • What makes CBDfx any different from the rest of them? It has been specially formulated to mix with other e-liquids, unlike others which don’t blend as easily. CBDfx gives you all the benefits of CBD, while allowing you to continue using your favorite pre-existing all day vapes.

    CBDfx utilizes a unique CO2 extraction process using industrial hemp. This three-step process begins with subcritical (low heat, low pressure) CO2 extraction of the hemp plant and ends with supercritical (high heat, high pressure) extraction before they are homogenized together.

    This formula can also be taken sublingually or vaped by itself, but is ideal for mixing with existing e-liquid. In addition to having a strict internal quality assurance system, they use third-party testing for cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, bacteria, mycotoxins and pesticides.

    Price – $19.99-$74.99 (60mg – 500 mg CBD)

  • Well-crafted flavors
  • Premixed
  • Subtle aftertaste
  • Can be taken sublingually
  • Also available unflavored
  • Third-party tested
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • The creators of Koi CBD had prior experience making e-juice, so it only made sense for them to step into the booming market of CBD vape oils. What separates Koi from the tons of other CBD hemp oil companies? Aside from their quality, Koi CBD’s biggest selling point is the flavors.

    Originally Koi started out with two standard flavors to satisfy most vapers. Yellow Koi is a vanilla custard and Red Koi, a strawberry cream. Now they have Blue Koi, a blue raspberry dragonfruit, Green Koi, a watermelon green apple flavored e-liquid, and White Koi, a flavorless additive.

    Koi CBD e-liquid doesn’t have the same harsh, bitter taste that many other CBD vape juices have. Koi e-liquid is made with the flavor chaser in mind. Their e-liquid is available in 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 mg doses. Each of them can be either vaped or taken under the tongue.

    Koi CBD publishes third-party test results on their official website for their entire line of e-liquids. Koi uses a natural CBD isolate process that helps eliminate that strong, earthy aftertaste that is frequently associated with other CBD oil vapes.


    All Koi CBD e-liquid flavors come in 30mL bottles and contain a 60/40 VG/PG ratio.

    250 mg – $39.99

    500 mg – $59.99

    1000 mg – $99.99

  • Provides full-spectrum CBD
  • Clean Green Certified
  • Can be taken sublingually
  • Made from European hemp
  • Third-party tested
  • Variety of potencies available
  • Cons
  • No additional flavoring
  • Not cheap
  • CBD Drip manufactures a CBD hemp oil in a variety of ways. One of them is in a pill form, and the other is in an e-liquid, so they give their customers the option to take it, or vape it. All of their CBD e-liquid products (vape oils) can be vaped alone, mixed with other flavors, or taken sublingually.

    Gold is CBD Drip’s entry level e-liquid. It contains 14.5 mg of active CBD. Platinum, the next step up, is 58 mg and Onyx is 140 mg. CBD Drip also has the RIX line, comprised of three concentrates: 500, 750 and 1500 mg of active CBD from the finest european industrial hemp.

    CBD Drip provides full-spectrum cannabidiol, which means they extract all of the cannabinoids out of the hemp plant, instead of using isolated CBD like other brands such as Koi. They also do third-party testing on products to ensure that they maintain their Clean Green Certified status.


    The Gold, Platinum and Onyx line comes in 7mL bottles:

    Gold (14.5 mg CBD) – $12.99

    Platinum (58 mg CBD) – $34.99

    Onyx (140 mg CBD) $54.99

    The RIX line gradually increases in bottle size and potency:

    RIX500 500 mg CBD per 10mL – $99.99

    RIX750 750 mg CBD per 15mL – $139.99

    RIX1500 1500 mg CBD per 30mL – $259.99

  • Mixes with your favorite ejuice
  • High quality organic CBD
  • Extracted from EU Hemp
  • Can be taken sublingually
  • Mixed in a pharmaceutical-grade lab
  • Ideal VG/PG ratio for vaping
  • Available in 3 strengths
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • Take a shot to good health. CBD Headshots is a vape additive that mixes perfectly with your favorite ejuice, especially fruity and dessert flavors. Made from the highest quality organic CBD, extracted from European hemp. Utilizing CO2 extraction in a cGMP certified, pharmaceutical grade-facility.

    It doesn’t just come in a cool bottle. CBD Headshots provides a superior blend of organic CBD mixed with the perfect ratio of VG/PG. Optimized for vaping, but also suitable to be administered orally as a regular tincture. This cannabidiol vape additive provides the smoothest and best experience possible.

    Price – $22.99 – 59.99 per 15 mL bottle

    Available in 90 mg, 180 mg and 400 mg CBD

  • Pre-mixed flavors
  • Mild aftertaste
  • Unflavored additive available
  • Third-party tested
  • Can be taken sublingually
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • Blue Moon is a Swiss e-liquid company that is doing something very similar to Koi. Their CBD vape juice is pre-mixed with flavoring, for people who “ain’t got time for that”. Blue Moon’s CBD hemp oil is also extracted from the finest hemp cultivars to provide the purest, cleanest taste.

    Blue Moon offers a few flavors in addition to Pure, their flavorless extract. The flavors come in Quarter moon (100mg), Half moon (200 mg), Three quarter moon (300 mg) and Full moon (400 mg) strengths of CBD. Each of them contain plant-only VG and bio-based (non-GMO corn) PG.

    Red Devil is a strawberry-vanilla flavor with hints of tangerine and mango for tropical fruit lovers. Black Kat is a marshmallow-cereal flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Blue Moon also has Flan, a caramel-vanilla custard and Pure, an unflavored additive to be mixed in with your all day vape.

    All Blue Moon Hemp products are raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy free, nut free, and free of artificial coloring and flavoring. They also publish third-party test results on their site.


    Blue Moon e-liquid comes in 30mL bottles and are a 70/30 VG/PG blend:

    Quarter moon (100mg) – $29

    Half moon (200mg) – $49

    Three quarter moon (300 mg) – $59

    Full moon (400) – $69

  • Delicious candy flavors
  • USA-made ingredients
  • Affordable pricing
  • Available in 4 strengths
  • Attractive packaging
  • Cons
  • Only three flavors available
  • Love raspberry? Get your cannabidiol in style with a dose of razzmatazz! Savage CBD offers three delicious candy flavors: candy apple razz, blue razz and pink watermelon razz. Discover the benefits of CBD first-hand, while enjoying premium blends mixed in California, the world’s capital of vaping.

    Using the finest ingredients, Savage CBD provides quality at an affordable price. Using the best manufacturing practices and USA made ingredients. Ideal for vaping, but suitable for sublingual usage. Discover two unique, lip-smacking flavors straight from Orange County. Savage mode ON.

    Price – $39.99 – 99.99 per 30 mL bottle containing 750-1000 mg CBD

  • Exciting Caribbean-inspired flavors
  • Made from organic hemp
  • Made with CO2 supercritical extraction
  • Can be vaped or taken sublingually
  • Trusted brand vigorously tested
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Available in three CBD strengths
  • Cons
  • Only three flavors available
  • Julian lives up to the Marley name with his line of CBD vape juice. Produced using a supercritical CO2 extraction, and made from the finest organic hemp. Experience three Caribbean-inspired flavors including guava strawberry and pineapple, strawberry banana cream and sour apple mango flavor.

    Juju Royal CBD e-liquids are suitable for vaping with your favorite devices. For non-vapers, they are suitable for sublingual usage as well. Each 30-mL bottle contains up to 800 mg of 100% natural cannabidiol. Treat your taste buds to a tropical feast, whether you vape it, or administer it orally.

    Price – $59.84 – $109.66

    Each 30-mL bottle is available in 300, 500 and 800 mg CBD strengths

  • Can be taken sublingualy
  • Mixes with existing flavors
  • Sweet
  • neutral flavor
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • No flavoring
  • Green Roads has made quite a name for themselves in the CBD vape juice market by maintaining a commitment to quality. By using pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate combined with full-spectrum CBD oil, Green Roads produces extremely potent and clean-tasting CBD e-liquid.

    All of Green Roads’ products are made to be mixed in with your existing e-liquid flavors, but can also be taken sublingually. They’re sold in various concentrations including 100 mg, 250 mg, 350 mg, 550 mg, 1500 mg of CBD. All of their cbd vape oils have a sweet, neutral flavor to them.

    Green Roads proudly publishes third-party test results for all products on their official website.


    Green Roads CBD e-liquid comes in 15 mL bottles with various concentrations/pricing:

    100 mg – $30

    250 mg – $50

    350 mg – $69.99

    550 mg – $94.99

    1500 mg – $169.99

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