Cloupor GT Box Mod Review

Cloupor GT
Cloupor GT

Cloupor GT Intro

In this review we take a look at the tiny dual 18650, easy to use TC box mod – the Cloupor GT. The Cloupor GT is capable of firing up to 80W in wattage mode and can fire up to 80 Joules (200 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit) in temperature control mode.

The Cloupor GT is very simple to vape in temp control mode, as it features a “smart-auto” function. This means the GT automatically sets the joules at the specific temperature that you choose. You can also set the Joules manually should you wish to do so.

The Cloupor GT is also one of the smallest and lightest dual 18650 box mods I have come across (see pics below)!
We have been vaping on this box mod for the past few weeks and it’s an impressive little device.

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Cloupor GT Specs and Features

Cloupor GT User Manual
Cloupor GT User Manual

I have heard that other people got VIP warranty cards in their boxes, but ours did not come with any.

  • Dimensions: 94mm x 53mmx 22mm
  • Net Weight: 99g (without batteries)
  • Material: 6061 billet aluminum
  • Floating 510 pin
  • Batteries: Dual 18650
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • Modes: VV/VW/TC
  • Output power: 1-80W
  • Output voltage:0.5-7.0V
  • Joule power:10-80J
  • Standard Resistance:0.1-3.5ohms
  • Joules Resistance: 0.1-3.0ohms
  • Temp Limit: 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit & 100-300 Degrees Celsius
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Smart-auto temperature control: Cloupor GT will recommend a proper joule automatically according to the current temperature selected. To adjust the joules manually , please hold the fire and up button simultaneously for 5 seconds

Notable Remarks

Using the Temperature Control on the Cloupor GT

Cloupor GT Screen
Cloupor GT Screen

Joules: 10-80J
Degrees Fahrenheit: 200-600
Degrees Celsius: 100-300

To switch to temperature control mode you need to hold down the fire button and the down button. Once in temperature control mode you will need to calibrate the atomizer by holding the up and down buttons together. You can now select your desired temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. We enjoy our vape around 260 degrees Celsius.

In automatic temperature control mode, the Cloupor GT will automatically set the Joules at the temperature you set. We have been using this automatic temp control mode for the past two weeks and found that it works very well. If you find it isn’t working well for you, you can manually switch the Joules of the device by holding the fire button and up for around 5 seconds.



Cloupor GT Buttons/Screen
Cloupor GT Buttons/Screen

This is perhaps the smallest dual 18650 box mod we have come across to date. It is much smaller than the likes of the X-Cube II, Sigelei 150W TC and Cloupor T8. It is only a fraction larger than the Innokin Disrupter for example. I absolutely love the size of this mod and if you are after a box mod with dual 18650s, which fits nicely in your pocket and hand, then look no further.


​My second favourite thing about this box mod, is that it only weighs about 99g without batteries and with batteries it weighs just under 200g! This makes the Cloupor GT a fantastic mod to take around with you and put in your pocket. The lightweight aluminium billet they use, is really light and also feels great in the hand.

Easy to Use Temperature Control

Cloupor GT Buttons/Pin
Cloupor GT Buttons/Pin

I think if you are looking at getting into temperature control vaping and don’t want a really complicated TC chip and don’t want to spend a fortune, then the Cloupor GT is a great option. The TC mode works flawlessly and this has become our go-to mod when testing new TC coils. The Joules are set automatically in auto mode and if you want to change them manually you can. We vape our e-juices around 260 degrees Celsius and the auto feature works very well. We were really impressed by the temperature control on this device given its low price point and did not ever experience any dry hits.

For people interested in the cotton dry burn test. Les does one in his video.

80W in Wattage Mode

Cloupor GT next to the iPV4
Cloupor GT next to the iPV4

The Cloupor GT fires up to 80W in wattage mode, which I think is great, given a lot of the sub ohm coils about these days. For its tiny size and lightweight, I think 80W is a decent wattage, although given the dual 18650s, perhaps they could have got 100W out of it, I don’t know!

Long Battery Life with Dual 18650s

As you have the dual 18650s in this device, the battery life pretty good. Vaping a 0.5ohm at 40W, will give a day or so of decent vaping.


Given all the features in the Cloupor GT and its tiny size and lightweight, I think $60 is an absolute steal. This box works great in both wattage and temp control mode and can fire up to 80W, all for just $60. I think it’s a really well priced box mod and I can’t believe this box mod hasn’t received more attention.

Spring Loaded Hexagonal Floating Pin

Cloupor GT Pin
Cloupor GT Pin

The 510 pin in the Cloupor GT is a hexagonal one compared with the standard circular ones. Apparently this allows for a much better connection. All I can say is that we didn’t have any connection issues with a huge range of sub ohm tanks and RDAs, so it definitely does its job.

No Button Rattling and Removable Magnetic Battery Cover

Cloupor GT Battery Compartment
Cloupor GT Battery Compartment

​The buttons don’t rattle on our CLoupor GT, which is nice and overall this device feels like it is built a lot better than some of the past Cloupor products we have tried. The battery cover also comes off very easily. There is the tiniest bit of movement with the battery cover when putting pressure on it, but nothing major. Some stronger magnets next time would solve this minor issue.


No Battery Venting Holes

Cloupor GT with the Tobeco Supertank Mini
Cloupor GT with the Tobeco Supertank Mini

There are no battery venting holes on the Cloupor GT, which isn’t great. I think box mods using 18650s should always have vent holes in case of a possible battery malfunction or venting.

​No USB for Pass-through Charging or Updates

​There is no USB port for future hardware updates or for pass-through charging. I don’t ever use pass through charging, so that doesn’t bother me, but it would be good to have the USB port, just in case there are any future firmware changes.

Battery Cover

This hasn’t really bothered me to be honest, but some people are complaining that the magnets are too weak. This means there is some movement in the cover when putting pressure on it, especially downwards. This means that in your pocket the battery cover might get caught and fall off. This rarely happened to me, but I agree that the magnets should be a bit stronger!


I have to give it to Cloupor, they have really nailed it with this lightweight tc box mod! For $60 I cannot believe that I haven’t been seeing more people recommending this box mod. We haven’t had any issues with it whilst vaping on it for the past few weeks.

The key selling points on the Cloupro GT are its lightweight, tiny size for a dual 18650, low prize, 80W and a great performing temperature control vape.

If you want a tiny box mod that can fire up to 80W and also has an easy-to-use temp control system for a staggeringly low $60, then this is the mod for you!


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Chris Kendell
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  • Christoph Schüpfer

    Can the Clouper GT in Temp Control mode work with a stainless Steel coil?
    For example with the Aspire Triton default coils.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I don’t want to tell you something I am not 100% sure on but I have heard on forums that it can be used, I would suggest you do some more digging before you try it.

  • Alex Rohner

    You can’t believe it didn’t get more attention? I am so stoked by your review as I bought it from the clearance bin. $10 Canadian. Mages going for $5. I think I’m going back!