Herakles Sub Ohm Tank Review

Sense Herakles
Sense Herakles

Sense Herakles Intro

In this article we review the Herakles sub ohm tank by Sense. The Herakles sub ohm tank comes with a 0.6ohm dual coil which works best at around 40-75W, but can go all the way up to 100W.

The Herakles costs around $30 and comes with a spare pyrex glass, two 0.6ohm coils and the tank itself. The coil heads are 100% cotton and look similar to those of the Atlantis and in fact you can use the Atlantis coils on the Herakles as well. The coils are dual vertical coils and parallel wrapped, providing fantastic flavor and vapor production at higher wattages.

This is our first review of the higher wattage range (50-100W) sub ohm tanks and reviews for the Artic, Vapeston Meganus/Freemax Starre (similar devices) will be coming over the next few days, so stay tuned for those! I will compare those to this tank, but for this review I will compare the Herakles to the other sub ohm tanks we have tried so far. Check out our best sub ohm tanks page for info and links to all the reviews we have done so far on the sub ohm tanks.


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Sense Herakles Specs and Features

Sense Herakles Kit Content
Sense Herakles Kit Content
  • One Herakles Sub-Ohm BVC Tank by Sense
  • One additional Herakles BVC (Bottom Virticle Coil) Sense Coil Head
  • One spare Pyrex Tank section
Sense Herakles Disassembled
Sense Herakles Disassembled
  • Price: $29.99
  • Wattage Range: 30-100W (0.6ohm coil) 30-75W (0.2ohm coil)
  • Tank Capacity: 3ml
  • Coils Available:6ohm dual coils or 0.2ohm
  • Wicking Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA available as yet
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Higher Wattage Range

So the Herakles sub ohm tank by Sense, fires best on the 0.6ohm coils from 30W all the way up to 100W. I went up to 110W but the vape for me at that wattage becomes too hot and the drip tip becomes very warm. My brother and I enjoyed the Herakles 0.6ohm coil, best at around 50-60W. You really need more than 30W for this sub ohm tank, as below that, the coil doesn’t t work that well. Even an iStick 50W will be on the lighter side for this tank and I would recommend a device that can go up to 100W. We were using the Cloupor T8 which fires up to 150W and it was a great match for this tank.

The vapor for me gets a bit too warm beyond 60W for my liking, if vaped heavily. On the longer inhales the drip tip will start to get a touch warm, but overall it does a pretty good job of keeping cool with that delrin material.

Price and Low-Cost Replacement Coils

Pricewise the Herakles seems to be priced right in the middle of the market. It is cheaper than the Delta 2 and Kanger Subtanks and slightly more expensive than the SMOK VCT and Eleaf Melo. However compared to the Artic by Horizon Tech, which is also a similarly high powered device, it is the same sort of price.

One big plus is that spare coils for the Herakles cost around $13.99 for a pack of 5! This is a lot cheaper than the other sub ohm tank replacement coils which mostly retail around $22 for a pack of 5 replacement coils. This is a big selling point for the Herakles, for the heavier vapers who will be using a lot of coils.

Delrin Drip Tip

Sense Herakles Delrin Drip Tip
Sense Herakles Delrin Drip Tip

So the drip tip is built quite solidly and sits really securely in the tank, without wobbling around, as we found to be the case on some other sub ohm tanks in previous reviews. The bottom of the drip tip features a delrin material, which is a thermo plastic material, that helps keep the drip tip cool. As mentioned above it does a good job of this and you can fire up to 100W without the drip tip getting unbearably hot. I still found the vape at these levels too warm for my liking, but that’s just my personal preference.

Flavor and Vapor


We were pretty wowed by the flavor on the Herakles at the higher wattages. For the flavor to really shine we liked it at 50W, but it was amazing all the way up to 110W, just the vape became too warm for our liking at the higher levels. I have heard some people enjoying their vape at around 75W, so it really comes down to personal preference.

How does the flavor compare to the other sub ohm tanks we have tried? Well I’d say the flavor on the Herakles is up there with the Subtank Mini, albeit you are firing at a higher wattage than on the Mini. The coil build is a dual wrapped vertical coil with 100% cotton wicking and it seems to be doing a good job of bringing out the flavor and wicks well with a high VG e-juice! Both my brother and I really enjoyed the flavor on this tank.

The vapor production on the Herakles is probably the best I have comes across so far on the sub ohm tanks and really chucks out huge clouds, comparable to that from RDAs.


Sense Herakles Coils vs Aspire Atlantis Coil
Sense Herakles Coils vs Aspire Atlantis Coil

So as mentioned above the 0.6ohm coils are dual wrapped vertical coils with 100% cotton wicking. I have checked the wicking material inside the coils and they do seem to be cotton. There are 0.2ohm coils available, but we didn’t get to try these. Apparently they work best around 30-75W, but I am unsure if these are dual coils or not.

When using the 0.6ohm coils around 50W, we didn’t get any dry hits at all. Firing a lot higher and heavier you might get the odd dry hit, but at 50W we never got one using an 80% VG e-liquid.

The coils are similar to the Aspire heads and apparently the Aspire heads will also work on the Herakles. The Herakles coils themselves feature 4 juice holes the same size as the ones on the Aspire Atlantis ones. The airflow at the bottom of the coil head is however a lot larger on the Herakles, allowing for more airflow through the bottom.


Sense Herakles
Sense Herakles

The Herakles is 100% stainless steel with a copper 510 connection. The tank itself, I think looks really nice and the airflow has a grill type look to it. Overall it isn’t anything radically different looking to the other sub ohm tanks, but it does look good in my opinion.

Air Flow

Sense Herakles Airflow
Sense Herakles Airflow

As mentioned above the air flow has a slight grill over it. The air flow has 4 different settings and the ring can be easily moved. It clicks nicely into place for each setting. Each setting will have two air flow holes open and has differing sizes. The widest option, which is our preferred setting, has two quite big holes open, which allows for plenty of airflow. There is no tight setting, so no real chance of a mouth to lung hit on the Herakles (not that many people I know mouth to lung on a sub ohm tank anyway!).

Build Quality

Sense Herakles on the Vaporfi VOX
Sense Herakles on the Vaporfi VOX

Overall I was very impressed with the build quality on the Herakles by Sense. Being 100% stainless steel, it feels very sturdy and feels well built. The air flow system can be moved easily and clicks nicely into place and the drip tip sits securely in the top of the tank. The Herakles comes apart easily and we did not experience any leaking, so overall a very well built sub ohm tank.



The Herakles doesn’t yet have an RBA section, which might be a slight downside for some people who like to make their own coils. I have heard that Anyvape do an RBA for their Sega tank which fits on the Atlantis, so perhaps this one fits on this, however I am not sure. Let me know if you have tried this.

More Coils

So the Herakles comes with the 0.6ohm coils as standard, which work really well from 30W up to 100W and the 0.2ohm (haven’t tired them) work well from 30-75W, apparently. I know the Herakles’ selling point is that it fires at higher wattages than the Atlantis or Subtank by Kanger, but perhaps it would be good to see a horizontal coil that can be used at around 25-30W for those with 30W or 50W devices. I think to really enjoy the Herakles you will need at least a 100W device, which not every vaper might have. It isn’t really a negative, as the Herakles is clearly targeting the higher wattage vapers, but perhaps another coil option for other lower wattage devices would be a good addition.

I haven’t heard from anyone who has tried the 0.2ohm coil heads, so if you have tried them do let us know what you think of them in the comments below please.

Tricky to Fill the Tank Up Full

Just a little tip when filling the tank up: If you fill it up normally with the coil in the base you won’t be able to fill the tank up full, as is the case with most bottom filling sub ohm tanks. My tip is to keep the coil in the chimney when filling it up, as it will allow you to get more e-liquid in the tank and get it near full!


So this is the first really high wattage sub ohm tank we have tried so far, but overall we were very impressed with the Herakles. The flavor really stood out as a big positive and the overall build quality of the device seems really good and it comes at a good price point. The Herakles vapes well at those higher wattages (50-100W), so for those who want that type of sub ohming experience, you should definitely consider the Herakles. I was very impressed with the cheap price of the replacement coils, which I think is a big positive for this tank. I will be able to say more once we have reviewed other similar high wattage sub ohm tanks like the Arctic and the Vapeston Maganus, which we will be doing over the next few days!


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Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Brandon

    I have been using the Herakles tank for about a month and a half now and have only been able to run it at 50w tops til Tuesday when my IPV4 gets delivered. I have gone through a couple of .6 ohm coils and today I bought the .2 ohm just to try it out, I’m more impressed with the .6 ohm cool but this one works just fine at 50w as well, flavor just isn’t as potent. I’ve gone through watts 35-50 and still gonna go back to the .6 ohm coils. In retro spec, if you like the warmth and flavor, stick with the .6 ohm and hopefully Sense releases a nickel infused coil for the Herakles so my temperature control can be used on the IPV4 as well.

    • I also hope they release a nickel coil to use with our IPV4! Thanks for your thoughts Brandon.

  • pete

    ni200 coils for herakles [http://www.vaperoyalty.com/sense-herakles-tank-ni200-coil-heads-5-pack/]

  • James A.

    0.2ohm for a nickel coil is a bit on the high side.

  • Mike

    Just wanted to let you know that the second coil that comes in the box is one of the 0.2 coils, not a 0.6, so you could’ve tested that and reviewed it. At least that is what came in my box

    • We got our Herakles a while back and at the time Sense only produced the .6 ohm coil. Could you tell me how you like the .2 ohm coils?

      • Joseph Baker

        On my Smok m80 plus AND on my Kratos 60TC, the .2 ohm coils read at .27-.32 instead of right at .2. That being said, the .2 ohm coils are fantastic, the flavor is richer and right between 50-60w seems to be the sweet spot to get the right combination of vapor and flavor. They’re all I buy for my Herakles now.

  • Jamison Oxford

    Another thing about the 0.2 coils is they are made of Ni200, so they work for Temp Control devices and gives a great hit around 50 Joule’s. I’m not sure if the 0.6 are kanthal or not, but would like to find out. If you know please let me know, thanks.

    • From what I know, the 0.2 & 0.6 ohm BVCs are kanthal and you also have a Ni200 0.2 ohm coil. Hope that helps!

  • Kacey Weaver

    Hey guys. I just read your review, and it’s pretty spot on. When I got my Herakles, mine came with a 0.2ohm coil as the extra one, and at the time, I liked it more, but I was using an Innokin Disruptor box, which fires only up to 50 watts. I recently purchased an iPV 4S, which goes up to 120 watts, and I use my Herakles on this box with the 0.6ohm coils at about 37-42 watts, and it chucks clouds just as big as my Sapor rda. I haven’t tried the Ni200 coils, or the 0.2ohm BVCs on my new device, but let me tell you, aside from being a little difficult to fill with liquid, this is one of my favorite tanks that I’ve ever tried. I like the Aspire Atlantis tanks as well, but I feel that the Herakles is a better tank for the money, and as you guys said, for higher wattage vapers. I just joined your site, and it’s awesome. Love the detailed reviews and knowledgeable information. Keep it up guys, good stuff!

    • Thanks for the kind words and info Kacey. Glad you are enjoying the Herakles!

  • Nick Jennings

    I have had my Herakles tank for just over 2 months now and I totally agree with your review. I think this tank is simply amazing! The guy at my local B&M wanted me to buy this tank for a couple weeks prior as my go to tank was the Delta II and it was amazing imo. Ever since my purchase of the Herakles my Delta II seen the drawer. I vaped the Delta II forward to a buddy to help him quit smoking and he is still smoke free now for 1 month. Anyhow, depending on which juice I normally vape around the 50W range. I tried a .2ohm coil and didn’t care for it all that much…just not for me. I also tried the Ni200 coil and honestly, at first it was weird but after the first tank it was actually good. I ran my Herakles in TC for about 2 weeks but, I just like it better in wattage mode to be honest. Others may disagree but to each his/her own. Keep up the amazing reviews guys.

  • Matt Fabian

    Hey Nick, was wondering if you ever had any problems running your Herakles in TC. I’ve been running my Herakles in TC for about 2 weeks as well. Today I threw in a new Ni200 to test out some new e-liquid but my joyetech mini vtc wasn’t really firing up the coils too well. Had it set up to my usual 40-45W range at 550F to get things started.. but hardly any vapor and flavor was severely muted. But lo and behold I switched to wattage and it was chuckin clouds like nothin with great flavor. Is this the reason you prefer wattage? I never had problems before until I put in my new coil (primed and all). Just looking for some insight before I contact joyetech lol

    • George Millhouse

      im assuming you mean you switched back to a kanthal coil and not a Ni200 coil since you can not and should not vape on power mode on a Ni200 coil

  • Michael Abrams

    Hey Alex and Nick, can you also keep us posted on the Herakles Plus, just about at the release point as of now? Thanks, Mike

  • \C-Eazy//

    I use a Cool Fire 4 and I just bought a Herekles Plus tank. I’m worried the cashier didn’t know what she was talking about when she sold it to me. I told her that my Cool Fire 4 maxed out at 40W and she said it would work just fine! So far tonight it isn’t working. I’m getting a little bit of smoke but something is wrong. Is 40W not enough for this tank? The coil being used is the one that came in the box.

  • Dan Bicera

    Hi Chris, was wondering if you could answer this for me.
    i have an ijust 2 kit, but i have gone through 2 tanks already as they keep breaking when they fall and the glass isn’t replaceable as i have to get the whole damn tank again. so my question is, can i use ijust 2 EC head coils with a herakles sub ohm tank? ijust 2 coils are 0.3 and 0.5 resistance will it be compatible? since i have extra coils from my ijust 2 tank and i want to try using a herakles sub tank with my ijust 2 but also use the ijust 2 EC head coils. Also i plan to use the herakles tank with a Sigelei 75w with i just2 EC head coils as i have extras.

    • Hi Dan, Unfortunately I don’t have any iJust 2 coils lying around any more to test that. However, according to VapeNW: The iJust 2 EC Coil Heads are cross compatible with the Atlantis, Atlantis 2, and Melo Sub Ohm Tank. No mention of the Herakles unfortunately. Hope that helps!

  • Michael Mizell

    I have tried the .2 ohm ni200 coil head and it is amazing so far no dry hits at all and ive got it on the eiffel t1 set at 80watts and 500F which gives me awesome flavor at a somewhat middle of the road temp. For those looking at getting one for a temp control device like mine a would highly recommend it.

  • Christian Verreault

    You said and I quote you: “I have checked the wicking material inside the coils and they do seem to be cotton.”

    Why are you saying such a stupidity?

    Obviously, you didn’t check the Wicking material of these coils at all because if you had you would immediately have noticed that they are totally different from any other coils on the market.

    The Wicking of the Herakles coils are composed of 3 layers in comparison of the single layer of all the other coils I’ve seen so far.

    The first layer, the one in contact with the wires of the coils is a relatively thick fabric contrarily to all other coils on the market and if you would have used a magnifying glass, you would have noticed the braiding of the organic fabrics yarn used to manufacture this particular tissue.

    The last layer is also made of the same tissue than the first layer.

    The middle layer is made of plain cotton like we find in all the other coils on the market but one.

    The name of the company making this particular wicking material is Fiber Freaks. This wicking material is not made of coton at all. Instead of coton, they are using a type of Wood Fiber Cellulose.

    I don’t know if Fiber Freaks is the company manufacturing the special tissue used in the first and last layer of the Herakles coils.

    This rather thick tissue is most probably what explains the extended durability of Herakles coils because it seems to support much better the temperature of the coils than the plain cotton.

    I’ve been looking everywhere in order to find this particular tissue and I found nothing at all.

    As a matter of fact, I didn’t even found a Vaping web site talking about it, not a single one and it makes me wonder if I’m the only one who tried to rewick an Herakles coil…lol

    • Hey Christian, thanks for the comment. I just spoke to Michael from Sense on this exact topic, here is what he wrote:”For the Herakles coil, the wick material is Japanese organic cotton.” Hope that helps.

      • Source:

        • Christian Verreault

          Ok about the wick material being organic coton but what are made of the two layers of braided fabric between which is sandwitched the organic coton wick??? I used a powerfull magnifying lens to get a close look at this fabric and I could see the vertical and horizontal braiding very clearly. I never saw such a braiding in any other wicking material before and given the fact that this fabric is much much more resistant when we’re pulling on each side of it compared to all other standard organic coton wick that I’ve seen so far. If this is a manufacturing secret just tell me that this information can’t be disclosed and I won’t bother about it anymore.

          • Hey Christian, I followed up with our contact at Sense and got the following response: “I know what this comment mean, it’s 3 layers, that’s true,
            but all 3 layers are cotton, the middle cotton is Japanese Organic cotton. The first and last is also cotton, but a special material. That’s why it
            wicks better than other coils. It’s just a special type of Cotton.”
            Hope that helps!

          • Christian Verreault

            Yes, great.There is finally someone acknowledging the 3 wicking layers of the Herakles coils where the first and last layers are a special braided fabric also made of organic coton.

            Now, the question is: Who is manufacturing this organic coton braided fabric and who is selling it because we need to buy this fabric in order to be able to replace the old one of a coil that became out of usage for all the reasons you could think of like Dry hits for instance…

  • Malibu_Gurlie

    I might get this but now I am hearing from a lot of ppl that it leaks alot