Hohm Tech “Hohm Slice” Preview

An exclusive preview of the brand new HohmTech "Hohm Slice" box mod capable 101W and multiple variations of TC.

OhmTech Ohm Slice
OhmTech Ohm Slice

An (almost) exclusive scoop on Hohm Tech’s latest single 26650 mod, estimated to be available May 1, 2016.

Not satisfied to sit on its laurels as the creator of a dual-18650 mod that can temperature control any metal and withstand being run over by a pickup truck, HohmTech is back with the…(wait for it)…Hohm Slice. A sister product to the revolutionary Hohm Wrecker G2, the Hohm Slice runs on a single 26650 and features a number of improvements over its forerunner.

The Hohm Slice features the latest version of the Flagship Killer (FSK) chip — the FSK TC-XT. The obvious difference between this chip and its predecessor is that way it handles voltage conversion, since it’s working with one battery instead of two. Beyond that, the Hohm Slice FSK TC-XT includes built-in charging, with the “limited edition” of the mod getting a three-amp fast-charging mode.

Next, it includes new onboard options for different grades of wire, including 304, 316, 317 and 430 stainless steel. Since more and more vapers are moving to stainless steel for versatility and safety reasons, this is a most welcomed feature.

Finally, the size and form factor of the Hohm Slice are completely different from the Hohm Wrecker G2. The new mod eschews the hard edges of its predecessor in favor of smooth lines. To make the mod more affordable, HohmTech moved from the high-strength aluminum alloy to plastic.

Speaking of affordability, the MSRP of the Hohm Slice is slated to be $59.99 for the standard edition, and $69.99 for the limited edition.

Stay tuned for more content on the HohmTech Hohm Slice, coming in the near future.

OhmTech Ohm Slice
OhmTech Ohm Slice

Official Specs

OhmTech Ohm Slice
OhmTech Ohm Slice
  • 101W
  • 26650 powered
  • Solo Charge & Update port
  • 4 button system with 3 button layout (united +/- button into 1)
  • FSK TC-XT chip with kanthal (K), tungsten (W), SS, Ti, Ni, and NiCr temperature control
  • Chip TC’s ceramic tanks infused with tungsten and/or kanthal
  • Chip SS update that give users option of selecting 304, 316, 317, or 430
  • A worthy battery door with dual release points (lift with finger at side, or slide with hand at top)
  • 31.9% less surface area than Wrecker G2
  • Ergonomic (yes, no more box mod)
  • Flatline ohm (0.0000001 ohm)
  • Updated 510 with deeper channel and tensile strength
  • Fits atty/tank sizes without overhang up to 25mm
  • Limited Edition has layered and baked ceramic symbols
  • Limited Edition’s has Fast Charge IC installed (up to 3A charge ability)
  • 500 Day International Warranty

MSRP: $59.99 for standard edition, $69.99 for Limited Edition (shown in images)

Release ETA: 5/1/2016

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