Ijoy Asolo 200 Watt Review

iJoy Asolo 200W
iJoy Asolo 200W

iJoy Asolo Intro

Today I am taking a look at the Asolo (200w) mod from Chinese manufacturer iJoy. I have already reviewed the iJoy A160 and was very impressed so I am expecting big things from the Asolo! Let’s take a closer look at this mod that boasts to be able to control the temperature of any type of wire!


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iJoy Asolo Specs and Features

  • 1x iJoy Asolo 200w mod
  • 1x Ego threading adapter
  • 1x Warrantee card
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Silicone sleeve
  • Dual 18650 device
  • Capable of 200w
  • Stable down to 0.05Ω (Temp mode for Ni and Ti), 0.05Ω (watt mode) and 0.1Ω (Temp mode for common coil)
  • Coil resistance up to 3.0Ω
  • Size: 90*50*24mm
  • Spring loaded 510 pin

Notable Remarks


The iJoy Asolo came very nicely packaged in a sleek but cool looking presentation box. Inside the mod sits within a foam insert, which did a good job cushioning the mod during transit, mine came without a single mark on it.

Underneath this you can find your warrantee card, user manual and protective silicone sleeve. Mine came with a sky blue sleeve which I liked as I haven’t had many colourful mods so this gives me the option to give this mod some extra colour.

Also included were 2 stickers for the side panels, these stickers have a computer chip style to them which look cool on their own however I’m not sure on them when you put them on the mod.

Ergonomics of the iJoy Asolo

The feel of this device is fantastic; it has a curved edge, which makes it feel really comfortable when holding the device. The buttons are nice and clicky as well and are easy to press so nothing to be worried about there either. I would like to see the screen slightly larger as there is a lot of information on it and it can get a little crowded. Overall though I really like the feel and design of this device.

Build Quality

iJoy Asolo 200W 3D Model
iJoy Asolo 200W 3D Model

The device feels well built and sturdy however there are a couple of issues I must address. First up is button rattle. There’s quite a lot of button rattle, granted you have to shake the mod which a lot of us don’t do but it is still there and it’s hugely annoying. I really cant see any reason why any device on the market right now should have button rattle, it’s 2015 and the vaping market is becoming more and more competitive so button rattle is a simple no no in my books.

The second thing is the battery door. With no batteries in the mod this thing is loose as hell! Forget sliding it out, the battery door will simply fall out if your not careful! It is located on the bottom of the mod and is a slide in type door, similar to the back of a TV remote so no batteries to hold it in place.

When you insert batteries it becomes a lot more stable but that’s if you haven’t already lost it whilst your batteries are charging!

The Chip/New Features

iJoy Asolo GUI
iJoy Asolo GUI

Okay, I better not waste any more of your time, you want to know what this temperature control on any wire is like. Well… don’t get your hopes up. It’s not really temperature control, more setting control. From what I can work out, if you consistently vape a tank at around 60w then activating this function (by pressing and holding the bottom of the T button) your mod will go into some kind of temperature control. Every time you take a hit your mod will put around 60w through your tank and will cut off if your e-juice is low or you stop taking a hit.

It’s kinda like a taste preference control, once the mod gauges your preferred setting it will do the rest of the work for you. You can now increase in % rather than watts, so you will increase from 100% (that original 60w) up to 110% (you’ll now get 66w of power through your tank) and down to 80% (48w of power). This is similar to Yihi’s SOFT, NORMAL and POWER modes on their devices.

iJoy Asolo TC GUI
iJoy Asolo TC GUI

Now whilst this new feature is cool and innovative it doesn’t really work the same as temperature control, but it is definitely a step in the right direction to getting a better vape with less burnt hits out of regular wire! A pretty cool feature I think! As for the other features on the device you have the option to vape in temperature control mode with both Nickel and Titanium wire and these both have their own individual settings which is nice.

You can vape between 300 and 600°F. To get into temperature control mode you have to tap the bottom of the T button 3 times, however in reality you have to mash this button about 5 billion times before it actually loads up the TC menu, that’s REALLY annoying. Finally you have the option to put a password on your mod, a 4 digit password so that whenever you turn the device off, when you come to turn it on again you must enter the password before being able to vape your device.

To set this up you need to turn the device off by pressing the power button 5 times, although again I’m not sure who iJoy asked to count to 5. And then press and hold the power button as well as the bottom of the T button. Then you simply enter the password you want by changing the numbers with the up and down buttons and you’re good to go! To turn the password function off just set your password blank.


Great Ergonomics

The device feels fantastic and works really well! I also love how the 510 is the opposite side to the buttons and screen so there is no danger of any juice getting in the circuitry.

Innovative TC feature

Although the TC on regular wire didn’t really work like expected it is a great step in the right direction and something I’m sure companies can now build on and make even better!


Quality Control

Button rattle is simply not acceptable nowadays in vaping mods so this needs to be addressed, also the battery door, give it some damned magnets!

​Screen Size

Sometimes, especially in the TC modes the screen becomes very clustered and hard to read, either iJoy need to make the screen bigger or maybe cut out some of the information on the screen, like the big droplet do show e-liquid level, is this really necessary?


iJoy have done another fantastic job with this mod, although there are a couple of little flaws regarding the build quality and screen overall I can look past those because this device is kickass! The innovative feature of attempting to control temperature of any wire is a great effort and although it needs refining is something all of us should be really excited about! If your looking for a new high power box mod and want something different than yet another DNA200 then definitely take a look at the iJoy Asolo!


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Sam Bass-Cooper
Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.
  • Damon

    Taste control mode has worked flawlessly for me with kanthal and aisles stainless coils in tanks, not quite as well with RDAs though…

  • Vivian_IJOYCIG

    droplet do show e-liquid level, is this really necessary?

    it is not show e-liquid level, it is warning you will getting a dry hit.

    • Sam

      Hi, thanks for the feedback.

      In the manual for the iJoy ASOLO it says the droplet is an e-liquid indicator and will flash if the device does not have enough e-liquid.


      • Vivian_IJOYCIG

        thanks very much for the reply, it is their fault didn’t say it clearly. they mean the droplet is an e-liquid indicator and will flash if the device does not have enough e-liquid in the coil or you will getting a dry hit or the coil is too hot.