iJoy Goodger Starter Kit Review

We take a look at the iJoy starter kit which features the Goodger sub ohm tank and the Solo Mini box mod.

iJoy Goodger Starter Kit
iJoy Goodger Starter Kit

iJoy Goodger Starter Kit Intro

The Goodger Starter Kit is iJoy’s newest offering in the growing all-in-one hardware market, pairing its Solo Mini 80-watt TC mod with its new flagship sub-ohm clearomizer tank, the Goodger. iJoy’s first all-in-one kit paired an earlier version of the Solo Mini (75 watts) with its Reaper sub-ohm clearo tank. While that kit is still available from numerous vendors (as of the writing of this review), the new kit represents a meaningful upgrade and the preferable choice.


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iJoy Goodger Starter Kit Specs and Features

  • Solo Mini 80W TC Mod
  • Goodger Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Two 316 SS coil heads: 0.4 ohm (40-60W), 0.6 ohm (20-40W)
  • Innovative inner circular airflow throughout the coil head
  • MicroUSB cord
  • Silicone sleeve (my review kit didn’t contain a sleeve)
  • Instruction manual
  • Uses a single 18650 high-amp Battery (not included)
  • Wattage output range: 5-80W
  • Voltage output range: 1-7.5V (with step down)
  • Output max current: 35A
  • Chipset designed by IWEPAL
  • Intuitive OLED display
  • Stainless steel and zinc alloy construction
  • Temperature Control for Ni200, titanium, and stainless steel wire
  • Temperature Control range of 300-600° F or 150-315° C
  • Taste Control mode to minimize dry hits on any kind of coil wire
  • Three-button operation
  • T-Shaped adjustment buttons
  • Magnetized battery door
  • MicroUSB port (on the side of the front panel)
  • 510 connection

Notable Remarks


iJoy Solo Mini
iJoy Solo Mini

I won’t detail the numerous operating steps in this review to set up Taste Control on the Solo Mini. The many video reviews for the Solo Mini now on YouTube all do that better then I could with text.

While the sequence of button presses does involve a couple more steps than typical Temperature Control, it’s not difficult. Essentially, the vaper starts out in Wattage mode, selects the desired power, then vapes at that setting for 2-3 seconds. That allows the Taste Control software to “learn” the specific coil parameters for that wattage. These parameters are then locked in by holding down the selection button.

After that, the vaper has the additional option to choose “normal” (100%), “hard” (up to 110%), or “soft” (down to 80%) initial ramp-up wattage in Taste Control.

This is one case, however, where the instruction manual is definitely helpful and should be read. The manual does a good job of detailing the sequence of button presses on the “T” selector necessary to set up Taste Control to lock in the optimum vaping experience and prevent dry hits. Once done, vaping is straightforward, requiring no further adjustment.

Unlike reviewers of the first 75W version of the Solo Mini, I didn’t encounter any aggravating resets that required re-calibrating the Taste Control software. I mastered all the steps and options in five minutes, and from then on, using the Solo Mini was seamless.


iJoy Goodger Top Fill
iJoy Goodger Top Fill

Pairing the Solo Mini with the Goodger Tank is a good match. Performance of the Kit is on a par with any comparable mod and tank, but with the added convenience of an all-in-one system.

I found the standard Temperature Control system for nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire to be very aggressive in reducing the voltage, resulting in a vaping experience that I felt to be somewhat anemic. That may have more to do with my personal preferences than with Temp Control per se. By contrast, though, the iJoy’s proprietary Taste Control technology worked so well that I saw no reason at all to vape in standard Temp Control. In both Wattage and Taste Control modes, the Solo Mini mod (paired with the Goodger Tank) provided a vaping experience that was full and satisfying, with good flavor and vapor production. 80 watts is adequate power to keep most vapers happy, as well as being just about the upper limit for a single high-drain 18650 20-amp battery. Paired with the Goodger Tank, I never felt any need to go above 60 watts.

After using the Solo Mini non-stop for an hour or so, during which I chain-vaped often, I did notice that the metal case of the Solo Mini got warm. It never became uncomfortably warm or hot, however, so I don’t regard that as a significant criticism. I hope I wasn’t pushing the limits of the Samsung INR 18650-25R, however. Whenever any mod gets warm, I think it’s wise to stop using it temporarily until it cools down. Better safe than sorry.

The firing button on the Solo Mini has a slight rattle, but only when shaken. Otherwise, construction seems solid, and build quality is good for a moderately-priced unit.

Some reviewers of the earlier 75W version of the Solo Mini complained that the magnet-secured battery door had some play and didn’t feel solid. Mine snapped on and fit snugly, so iJoy may have refined the production tolerances.


  • Experienced vapers should appreciate the Kit
  • Taste Control works very well
  • Solo Mini is well-designed, with an ergonomic shape (fits either hand nicely)
  • Side-mounted USB recharging jack
  • Well-designed battery door (with magnets) fits snug with no play
  • Swapping out batteries is quick and easy


  • Kit may be too advanced for new or beginning vapers
  • Taste Control Mode has a slight learning curve
  • Top fill slot for e-liquid should be wider
  • Standard Temp Control seems a bit anemic in vape quality
  • No upgrade path
  • Slight rattle of the firing button
  • Both mod and tank get slightly warm during use (but not hot)


As of the writing of this review, the Goodger Starter kit is so new in the marketplace that it’s not yet available from any online vendor I could find. It’s not even listed on the iJoy site, which still shows the earlier starter kit that included the Solo Mini and Reaper tank. That will no doubt be remedied very shortly, though.

This means that I don’t know and can’t list either the retail MSRP or street prices for the Kit, and that’s significant. Although I liked the features and vape quality of the Goodger Kit, my overall judgment will come down to the price/performance ratio. If the price is moderate, then my recommendation will be very positive. If the price is a bit steep, however, I may not feel so enthusiastic. Over the coming weeks, I’ll post prices in the Comments section, along with my recommendation.

In the meantime, I enjoyed trying out the Kit, and I will happily add it to my daily rotation of hardware. Even though I own many TC box mods, I don’t generally use Temperature Control. Although Temp Control has quickly become an industry standard, my personal preference remains the straight power of Wattage Mode. That said, iJoy’s Taste Control system feels like straight wattage to me. I like Taste Control mode very much and will happily use it whenever I vape with the Solo Mini.

iJoy is to be congratulated about coming up with software that minimizes dry hits with any kind of wire coil. In addition, iJoy’s commitment to refining and perfecting that technology shows that they’re serious about innovation, and pretty darn good at it, since no other company has anything like Taste Control.


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