iJoy Solo V2 Pro 200W mod preview | Colorful, flashy and powerful

The iJoy Solo V2 Pro is the updated version of the popular iJoy Solo V2, it has some newly added features and colorful side panels that are user-customizable.


We all joy for iJoy

In case you haven’t noticed, iJoy has made quite a name for themselves in the last year or two. The iJoy Solo V2 Pro is the latest version of their most popular dual-battery mods. This time they have made a few improvements, especially the stylish side panels. More on that later….

The iJoy Solo V2 Pro is a 200W device, with a chip designed by IWEPAL, that provides a user interface that’s easy to use. The Solo V2 Pro does temperature control mode in Ni, Ti and SS in addition to custom TCR modes. iJoy has also added a new feature called “taste control mode”.

iJoy Solo V2 Pro 200W mod Gallery

iJoy Solo V2 Pro 200W mod Specs and features


  • Interchangeable cool sleeves
  • Big size fire button
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Dual 18650
  • Max to 200W

Kit content

  • 1xManual
  • 1xUSB Cable

Styling on 'em


One of my favorite things about the new iJoy Solo V2 Pro mods are the colorful and unique designs. Vaping is all about customizing the experience, and iJoy understands this very well. The plates are actually just stickers, so they can be changed anytime. I’m loving these designs!
The mod just caught my eye instantly as I was searching the web for the latest products. These days, most of the mods that have been coming out look too similar. The iJoy Solo V2 provides a breath of fresh air, or vapor I should say. Which design is your favorite? Leave us a comment!

I personally think the yellow one is my favorite, if I had to choose, but they all look really nice.

But wait… there's more!

The iJoy Solo V2 Pro still has all of the features that made the original Solo V2 so popular. USB charging, and the ability to put out 1-9 volts of power, or 200 watts. It also has a huge fire button on top, and a T-shaped button on the box, to access the user interface.

Last but not least, there is also a screen rotation function, and a spring-loaded 510 connection. If you are looking for a dual-18650 mod that can reach up to 200W in style, than you might want to hold off until this badboy comes out. What do you think of iJoy mods? Give us your thoughts!

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