Innokin Axiom Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

The Innokin Axiom has an elegant design and versatile features. Its replaceable coils are great for newer vapers, while advanced vapers will appreciate the versatility of its RBA deck.

Innokin Axiom tank
Innokin Axiom tank

Innokin's East-West Collaboration

The Innokin Axiom sub-ohm tank is the company’s latest East-West collaboration. It was created by product designers in Innokin’s Los Angeles office and is being manufactured in China. The result is a modern, versatile, and affordable sub-ohm with a stylishly clean design. Here’s a closer look at the Innokin Axiom.

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Innokin Axiom Tank Features

Innokin Axiom Atomizer

Here’s the official features list of the Innokin Axiom tank.

  • Ultra compact tank
  • 22-millimeter diameter
  • Integrated top‐fill
  • 3.5 milliliter capacity
  • Stainless steel and pyrex glass construction
  • Replaceable dual horizontal coil
  • Triple airflow control intake
  • High air flow
  • Rebuildable coil head included
  • RBA single- and dual-coil option
  • Available colors:Black, Stainless steel

Smooth Looks, Versatile Deck

Innokin Axiom RBA deck
Innokin Axiom RBA deck

The designers went for a blessedly simple look with the Innokin Axiom sub-ohm tank. It has a super-clean design that’s free of loud logos, exaggerated flares, and excessive knurls. The tank’s creators achieved a smooth look, with simple branding on the coils. Aesthetically, the Axiom reminds me a bit of the Sigelei Moonshot. Under the hood, the products are very, very different.

The Innokin Axiom can use replaceable coils or a rebduildable deck (pictured above). For beginning and intermediate vapers, there’s a 0.5-ohm dual-coil replaceable option. The RBA deck has two posts and can be configured for single- or dual-coil use. Advanced users will appreciate the versatility of the rebuildable deck.

All vapers will appreciate the generous juice holes at the top of the tank, which make refilling incredibly easy. Additionally, there are three airflow slots at the bottom of the tank which, in theory, should allow vapers to achieve big clouds or concentrated flavor, depending on how the airflow-control ring is dialed in.

While the Innokin Axiom has a minimalist look and a common 22-millimeter diameter, the tank holds 3.5 milliliters of e-liquid. When I first saw the tank, I assumed it was a 2.0 milliliter shorty made to comply with European Union TPD regulations. I was surprised to learn that it holds more than that.

More Innokin Axiom Coverage Coming Soon

Innokin Axiom
Innokin Axiom

As a longtime, but lapsed, fan of Innokin products, I’m really looking forward to the Axiom tank. Its design is lovely and it should appeal to a broad range of vapers. Vaping360 will have a full review up in the near future. For now, please share your thoughts on the Innokin Axiom sub-ohm tank in the comments section.

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  • Dick

    What I’m most concerned about is whether or not that mouthpiece will be able to take a 510. It reminds me of other tanks with that stubby look to the mouthpiece which is really uncomfortable.