Innokin Disrupter 75W TC Box Mod Review

Bill has a look at the latest Innokin Disrupter mod which now goes up to 75 watts and is capable of temp control.

Innokin Disrupter TC 75W Black

Innokin Disrupter 75W TC Intro

Innokin is a Chinese vaping hardware manufacturer known for the quality of its products. When the sub-ohm, higher power movement began two years ago, Innokin fell behind the curve. Recently, they’ve made serious efforts to catch up with new products that maintain Innokin’s reputation for high quality design and manufacturing but with updated and competitive specs and performance.

The Disrupter Series is a two-part mod. One section houses the “control body” with chip, firing switch, display screen, adjustment buttons, and 510 connector. The other section is a slide-on LiPo battery pack that recharges via USB. When paired, they look like a normal box mod about the same size as one containing a single 18650.

The Disrupter 75W TC is the second upgrade to the original Disrupter. This new version offers higher wattage (75 watts versus 20 watts on the original and 50 watts on the first upgrade) plus Temperature Control for nickel, titanium, or 316L stainless steel wire. In addition, the Control Head has been redesigned for better aesthetics and uses the Aethon board/regulating chip that is also used in the Coolfire 4 Plus 100W TC mod.

The Disrupter 75W TC control body can be paired with either of two Innokincell power supplies: the C50 (2000mAh) or the more powerful and larger C50 Plus Curve (3300mAh).

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Innokin Disrupter 75W TC Gallery

Innokin Disrupter 75W TC Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Engineered for Superior Vaping
  • 300 Full Charge Cycles
  • Real 2000mah Capacity
  • Tri-LED Touch Power Indicator
  • 20Amp Max Continuous Output
  • Standard MircoUSB Charging Port
  • Vape While Charging Technology
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Unique Identification Number with Online Verification


  • Temperature Control Compatible with SS
  • Ni200 and Ti
  • Total T.C Dry Hit Prevention
  • Ultra fast 0.2 second Vape
  • Variable RampUp Wattage Pre-Boost
  • VDC Output With Clearwave noise cancellation
  • Uniform Coil Heating Eliminates Hot Spots
  • Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption
  • Intergrated Charging Safety Protection
  • 2AMP micro USB quick charge
  • Requires Innokincell C50 or C50 Plus Curve Battery

Notable Remarks


The two parts of the Disrupter system are sold separately, with the Disrupter 75W TC Control Body priced from $35-40, the Innokincell C50 power supply from $10-15, and the Innokincell C50 Plus Curve power supply from $16-20.

As of the writing of this review, few American online vendors sell this newest version of the Disrupter system. More vendors should have the components in stock within a month or two.


Innokin Disrupter TC 75W Innocell

I’ve always been impressed with the heavy-duty, industrial quality of Innokin products, especially mods. They’re built like tanks and feel indestructible. On the other hand, the designs are sometimes clunky, with features that could hardly be considered cutting edge. In fact, Innokin has a history of being late to the party.

To a large extent, the Disrupter 75W TC mod remedies that. While it continues Innokin’s tradition of seeming indestructibility, the technology is current.

I like the size, shape, and ergonomic feel of the Disrupter. The slight curve of the face with the firing button is conservative and refined, but it’s just non-boxy enough to make the mod feel really good in the hand.


Innokin Disrupter TC 75W With Blue Innocell

Performance can’t be faulted. Innokin put a lot of work into development of the Aethon chip, and it shows. Firing is immediate, the power seems accurate, and temp control is remarkably good for a chip with no adjustable TCR. In fact, the chip has been praised as performing as well as high-end Evolv or Yihi temp control boards, but with greater simplicity. I cannot attest to that, since I’ve never vaped a DNA200 or top of the line Yihi mod, but I pass it along as an impressive opinion I’ve heard more than once.

Some reviewers have commented that the battery life of the Innokincell C50 2000mAh Lipo power pack was significantly better than expected. In fairness, that wasn’t my experience. Battery life was average for me, almost precisely what I would have gotten from the Sony VCT-4 2000mAh 18650. That’s not a knock on the battery, just a realistic appraisal.

I like the new layout, with the firing button alone near the top of the front surface, with the display and adjustment buttons on the side. Menu navigation was easy enough and simple once learned


I like the Disrupter 75W TC system. It’s altogether a quality piece of kit, and my review is almost entirely positive in singing the praises of the Disrupter. As a result, it may come as a surprise to many readers that I cannot recommend the mod. Why?

The reason is simple. Innokin’s new Coolfire 4 100W TC does everything the Disrupter does, but better — providing one-third more power (100 watts versus 75) and a much larger battery (3300mAh versus 2000) — all at a price that is significantly cheaper than the Disrupter.

If someone gives you a Disrupter 75W TC system, vape the heck out of it happily. It’s a very good box mod that should provide users with many years of contented vaping.

Otherwise, buy an Innokin Coolfire 4 (or IV) 100W TC.

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Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.