Kanger SUBOX Nano Review

Kanger SUBOX Nano
Kanger SUBOX Nano

Kanger SUBOX Nano Intro

Today I will be reviewing the Kangertech Subox Nano kit, the smaller brother to the original Kanger Subox Mini, the nano boasts all the same features in an even smaller package. Let’s see how he stacks up against his big brother and the rest of the competition.

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Kanger SUBOX Nano Specs and Features

Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit Content
Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit Content
  • 1x Kangertech Kbox Nano
  • 1x Kangertech Subtank Nano
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warrantee Card
  • 1x USB Charging Cable


One thing I really like about Kanger products is their packaging and this is no exception, the box is really stylish and everything inside looks clean. There was no damage to either the Kbox nano or the Subtank nano during transit either so the packaging does the job excellently.

  • Size: 82x38x18.5mm
  • Wattage Output –
  • Fires down to 0.3Ω
  • Powered by 1x 18650 (not included)
  • Magnetic back door

Notable Remarks


Kanger SUBOX Nano Color Variations
Kanger SUBOX Nano Color Variations

I’m not too keen on the look of the device. For me it looks a bit too plain. (I was sent the black version for review). Unlike the Subox mini this has black buttons as well which look a little boring and don’t seem to give the device any character like it’s bigger brother.

The device is really small however which is a bonus, for the size, this mod really does perform well. I like how light it is too; it never feels to heavy in my hand or pocket. It feels really comfortable in the hand as well; I think the curved back panel has a big part to play in this. Kanger have done a good job with the feel of the device.


Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit
Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit

I won’t talk too much about the Kbox Nano here, as it is very simple, vapes from 7-50w. That’s it. Nothing special, nothing fancy but does the job. The subtank nano however requires a little more detail. I really enjoyed using this tank. Although it may not chuck huge clouds or win you any cloud comps it’s still a solid tank.

The best part for me was the flavour. The shorter chamber gives this device fantastic flavour and took some of my ejuices to a whole new level; I must say, I was really impressed by the tank. The 2ml capacity was a little disappointing however. I was constantly needing to fill this bad boy up.

Quality Control

Overall I thought the quality control was good. Nothing exceptional but nothing awful either. The only flaw I could find was the screen. It wasn’t particularly great. Whilst it showed everything it needed to, there were some angles where you could almost see behind it. It was a very weird screen, not something I’m used to with Kanger products.

The Point

You might be sat there thinking, what a strange title. But I kept asking myself the question, what’s the point of this kit? And couldn’t really find an answer. At first I thought it would be great for a newbie to sub ohm vaping, but the Subox Mini kit covers that base.

Then I thought well possibly it could be for those of us who want a small mod for work or going out in the evenings, but again mods like the Subox mini have that covered.

What makes this device pointless in my eyes is the 18.5mm width, making it pretty much non-compatible with any other tank apart from the subtank nano. Unless you don’t care about your mod having a muffin top of a tank on it that is.

So really I was left thinking all this kit was for, was for Kanger to bring something else out to gain an extra bit of wonga. It doesn’t do anything more than the Subox Mini, and isn’t as compatible as it. The only thing it’s got is size, but the Subox mini isn’t exactly the largest mod in the world.


Whilst this mod does everything it’s supposed to do, and does it all well, I’m always left thinking why do I need it, what purpose does it serve. I’m yet to find that purpose which puts me off. The build quality is acceptable, the flavour off the tank is great and having a small 50w device is brilliant. However if you want all of that, buy the Subox Mini, you get a larger tank, a better looking mod, and a mod that is compatible with other tanks on too!

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Sam Bass-Cooper

Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.

  • George

    Yay I finally found some decent vaping news! Your site and guides are awesome!

    I’ve had this Subox Nano for ~6 months, and I whole heartedly agree with you, it was an upgrade from an EVOD kit, and it served it’s purpose when I was a noob, it is quite compact (although still dense), gives an ok vape on most juices, until I wanted:

    1. Bigger tank
    2. More power & battery life
    3. Better vape flavour and clouds.
    4. Better looking mod as let’s face it, the Subox looks tame.

    I have just put an Aromamizer RDTA SC200 on a ZNA 50 Clone, and it beats the living cr*p out of the Kanger, there’s so much more flavour, more vape, it’s smoother, double the tank capacity and it looks better, and of course it’s rebuildable (endless benefits there).

    Also, I was spending a lot of money on buying the new coil heads for the Subbox, as the high VG juice i’m using in it seems to ruin the coils after about 1.5 days of chain vaping.

    Also my Kanger leaks juice out of the airflow holes when it gets hot. That’s one day after fully cleaning and using a new coil head. Only with some juices though (Beard vape 88 is the worst).

    I’m going to sell it to a friend, but I feel sorry for him getting this sub-par vaping experience now I’ve seen the mod and rebuildable light, i’ve told him, but he still wants it so I’m doing it for really cheap to get him started.

    If I could go back, I would not buy it again, but if I was on a tight budget and got it for half price or something I probably would.

    Great review thanks!!

    • Matt

      The reason your device is leaking is because you’re not cleaning the threads and rubber seals on each fill up, it has nothing to do with temp. Liquid can escape through 1000th of a millimetre, so even having a tiny bit of liquid around the thread and seal will make it leak. I had the same issue until I worked it out. Tell your friend to do this on each refill, so he’s not drinking the stuff lol personally as a n entry level device I have found it to be very good but will look for something better when I have more cash